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^ 6-15 are all from

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Yeah, I've heard about this band before, surprisingly!

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seagreen serenades
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blood type is now considered basic info?... I don't even know my own!
thanks for the thread, nice to have more diversity in this section...

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you are welcome strawberry daiquiri! apparently in japan, blood type is extremely important!! the fans MUST know their celebrity's blood type!!! apparently, there was a believe that your blood type will tell you what kind of personality you have. obviously it's a whole wack of **** today but the tradition of asking your blood type in japan continues today :p

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haha..the blood type thing. yea it is very important when it comes to finding a job in japan. coporations usually dont like AB and B type bloods
luckily im A. wouldnt expect a gackt thread on this forums.
im not a fan of him..but my friend is extremely extremely in love with him. once she sworn to kill someone because somebody wrote 'gackt is gay' on her desk as a joke or something. never seen her that mad before.
i wonder if mana got mad at gackt for going such...different route after their band broke up. =T
i used to like j-rock...the indie, visual kei kind.

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I used to like him when he had that Dracula/Jareth from Labyrinth thing going on... now, not so much. He's sort of become a joke. His music with Malice Mizer used to be excellent, but today he puts out very generic J-Rock music that could be sung/"produced" by any other commercial Japanese singer.

I've read so many amusing theories and stories about Gackt's background... he's a real mystery.

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dude has amazing androgyny style. he looks better than most girls in mid 30's. Didn't like him in big costumes in the malice mizer days, but he looks amazing after going solo.

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