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Ive done it to one pair of jeans and a skirt (seriosuly one of the best skirts ive ever seen due to me cutting it ) But my jeans were done accidently because i tripped and fell on a nailll And it ripped them and then my sister wore them and tripped over drunkkk so she made another hole on the other legg.. So at the moment there very "punky" but i still wear themm...

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You wil need one straight razor blade and sandpaper. Lay jeans flat on surface and begin to to tear the vertical layer of the jeans by stightly cutting horizontally. Once the denimbegins to ball up next you will rub with sandpaper just play with this process and you will eventually get the drift. The gratter is just to inconsistant. I would not advise it. You can the follow the steps that judy respondd to..

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Ripped jeans
Hey everybody! Hopefully this is the right forum.

So I have TWO pairs of jeans (both Citizens coincidentally) that have eventually thinned out in the crotch area and developed a 1-2 inch hole/rip in the exact same area. It's not noticable from behind when I wear them, but if I sat down cross legged the hole would be quite obvious in the top area of my inner thigh. I have absolutely no idea what to do with this... whether the tear is even repairable since the denim around the area has thinned out over the last couple of years. It just feels like a waste to get throw these jeans away because I've only had them a couple of years. Other than the tear, they're in great condition

Any advice? Would you continue wearing them or sew on a patch? I just don't want to give everybody a peep show

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Hey Hey.
You know what, i'd wear some funky tights underneath and add is as part of the look, i dont this when a rip i made went too far!!!
Alternatively, i'd patch them up . .maybe some lace, perhaps black . . maybe add a little peice elsewhere too to bring it it,but i dont think too much as could go too far and look tacky, im sure you can save them :-)

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You can make a skirt out of it. I can't say if it would work without seeing where the hole is though.

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Let's distress!!! our jeans of course
Hello everyone!!!

I just bought an amazing pair of Levi's from a thrift store and I am planning to make them into boyfriend jeans... but the thing is, I need help trying to distress these jeans without making it look like I just got scissors and cut holes in them.

Has anyone distressed their own jeans before and have any techniques that work the best?

Thanks so much

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ooo I was looking for a thread like this... Thanks!!!!

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my brother's used a cheese grater to denim

looked pretty good


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I distressed a pair of plain old jeans I found today. Im pretty happy with the results.

Ignore the mess behind me haha

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i tried cutting my old jeans with scissors and it ended up like jeans that were cut. i tried to cuff it since the ripped part was ugly but it ended up too tight for my leg. my legs looked like sausages when i wore it.

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