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^Yeah I'm worried about the stainless steel too... The pots I have here are stainless steel--I want to use them for tea dyeing, although they're not mine What else can I use that won't get stained? I have pots lined with teflon... I wonder if that is alright

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The tea shouldn't have any effect on the stainless steel if you're only doing it the once. Our teapot is stainless steel and it took months for it to colour. If you're really concerned about the pots, boil the water in the kettle or in the pot, put the teabags in a plastic bucket, pour the water on the teabags.

You could buy a bucket for pretty cheap so you wouldn't have to worry about staining it.

I've got some teabags steeping on the stove right now, I'm going to have a go colouring some singlets.

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Wow all the things people have stained look great and antique-y and cute. I don't think I have anything that would look good if I did it.

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barack the vote
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ah this is so cool i remember i did something with tea staining for a science project at school five or six years ago

i really want to do this but i have no idea what to stain...

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I just bought a vintage lace dress that I think was tea stained... because when I handwashed it, all the color came out, turned the bucket the color of light tea and now it's like 3 shades lighter... I liked the color beforehand, maybe I will stain it again.

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this is fun- i just made one some weeks ago.


my blog: http://www.ediot.org/
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whoa that turned out great ^ You've inspired me now..

searching for a heart of gold
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eDiot-how did you get the tie-dye effect with the lighter areas? Did you knot the fabric before staining?

"I'm European, I wake up in heels." Julia Restoin-Roitfeld
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These are amazing, I never even thought of tea staining... I've got an oldish crocheted shrug that I might just try this to...

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sweet thread!
I found this recently and was wondering how it was done!

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It's just tie-dye

You can hold it up from the collar/neck hole

Wrap a strip of saran wrap around the neck hole, to the width of the 'white area' you want
and tie the top and bottom of this strip down

You can either dunk the whole thing in tea
or just the neck and then the rest of the body


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thanks that's a great idea !!!!!!

i recently bought a transparent sort of caramel sweatshirt - very delicate material and you can see my tits if i wear it with nothing under !
NO WAY some perverse watch my tits ... and the white shirt option is kind of boring me right now ... I thought some sort of ivory/écru/skin colours would be good ...

I just did find a solution !!!

i just have to go to H&M to buy some white tank top

great tips everyone ...

the process isn't longer than 1-2hrs right ?
ie i can start it tomorrow morning for tomorrow evening ?!

what sort of tea do you consider good ? i'm not a tea drinker ...
is it better green or black tea ?

my sweatshirt is this colour
http://www.thefashionspot.com/forums...8&postcount=34 (last pic runner posted) so i need something a touch lighter ...

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i've got a shirt staining right now, will report back once its finished, it seems to be taking a while though, been in 45 minutes and im not seeing much color change

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