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^^ Oops, The book is called Twentieth Century Fabrics
European and American Designers and Manufactures
by Doretta Davanzo Poli published by Skira
(I took the photo cause I don't have a scanner)

There are too many beautiful things to show but I took a few photos of featured works.... the first is a Gunta Stolzl wall tapestry I the colours

No artist is named for the black red and white one which is from the Hirshhorn Musuem in Washington. I love the texture of this one. Composed of "irregular stripes, disrupted by serpentine brocade work in coarse red and white wool" I love the heavy built up effect this creates...

And then brown one by Marisa Bronzini which is the complete opposite. So delicate with many empty spaces in the work (it says, "hand woven on a double heddled loom") I took a photo with and without the flash but neither really showcase how interesting this piece is...

I love this book so much
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I tried to find some time to go to the library to check that book out, but all in vain.. I have seen it before though! Our college library had really awesome textiles books. We had a bunch like that where strangely it was full of print designs than wovens. So I'm very glad to see wovens here
Can you believe the Stozl one is a tapestry? That must have been insane to make! And I remember reading it is a huge size too

The red+white+black one is by Anni Albers !! She is from the Bauhaus. I am fan of her work.. She has a couple books on theories about design and weaving, and also about her work. Some interesting thoughts she has.. such as her philosophy of how a fabric shouldn't bring attention to itself. Rather it should meld with its environment in terms of design...

I'm also fond of Bronzini I think it was Gegia Bronzini that I saw in a book though.. It was a really lovely fabric in these same subtle neutrals, hard to explain... Like a tapestry.. a weft-faced plain weave but the yarns are all in different thicks and widths so it's almost like there is a hand-drawn/stitched line over a padded fabric...
They have a website http://www.gegiabronzini.com/eng/main.htm

Is it hard to find yarn there? I am surprised your instructor was shocked when you said you would get your own.. I haven't found a shop that sells really interesting yarns, so I often like to make my own or I will work from ready-made yarns. We have a local shop here where you can buy raw wool fibre and another with silk fibre.. The place has also mix of seaweed with silk and soy I think
Do you like spinning your own yarns?

Fortunately my weaving instructor was very lenient.. She went through hardcore traditional weaving training and probably got sick of specific processes lol.. So we were allowed to "cheat" in the pile if we wanted to. I know that I got a good mark on mine anyhow lol
The crochet jungle, a lot of it crocheted and then placed in --I also crocheted a part and then moved the thread over to another spot and crocheted something else.. just as a way of really anchoring it in the plain weave

I always get asked this.. what am I going to do with the fabrics I make
I guess I just make them without thinking.. I like making different 'looks' and textures
But I haven't woven a fabric to be used in clothing or anything-- I do want to eventually
It's interesting, no, the way people think of textiles.. When they see some of mine, after a pause they say "So.. what is it..." LOL. "A scarf? A towel?".. to which my reply is "It's just a fabric." "Do you hang it????" "You can if you want" (this was a conversation with my boss at work lol)


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Thanks for all the list of books btw !
.. We have aisles full of Handwoven at the library with also Fiberarts Magazine and Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot
Selvedge has a lot of sources for material in the UK ..very random, all conerning fibers...
The thing with magazines is there is too much info I agree, who knows where to start :p But when I was doing research for paper fabrics and crape for my history class, I often went through these ones using the computer search. So I guess they have a lot of good info if you have something specific
I def find articles on techniques and history inspiring.. like they provide a foundation to work on your own ideas. I also see some books by American weaver Jack Lenor Larsen .. Near the end of my school year I was trying to find info on wovens as a career, and his bio was one I liked/read (and also Anni Albers and Randall Darwall)
And I also get inspired by functions of fabrics.. constructing something with a purpose in mind, so this Fabrics for Interiors by Larsen and another writer is great.. Talks about for ex., what kind of woven can only work for a window.. like thinking about dyes which resist the sunlight or the way there is gravity/weight coming from above, so an open mesh with inlay would work better than a loosely spun mesh.. (something like this, I forget exactly how they wrote it)

from selvedge-bookshop ; furniturelibrary

Randall Darwall's work...



Also here are some more pile
I found it at miaentemostre whilst looking for Bronzini

Thomas de Falco (left) | Monica Riva (right)


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i just posted some more photos in the textile design thread at Art&Design forum



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