US Vogue September 2005 : Sarah Jessica Parker by Annie Leibovitz - Page 3 - the Fashion Spot
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whatever, hoarseface needs to go back to her farm

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i wud love to see the karen elson editorial!!!!!!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by classic1908
Models, in an ideal world, should rate covers of fashion books. But Conde Nast's role is to make money for the Newhouse family, etc. When you are talking Vogue and the like, commercial considerations do come into play -- actresses have wider appeal.
Pretty good issue. Found the "selling of the socialite" article rather amusing.

thank you!!

what is it exactly with the fascination here? i mean we get it ms. wintour, lauren, aerin, brooke et al are just so fabulous and rich, and we're, not as fabulous and decidedly poorer. and? i am so tired of these types of stories in Vogue.

just breezed through the issue, some initial thoughts....

OK, so i liked the SJP edit for one reason: the location. something about a classic hotel like the Plaza in NYC undergoing renovation is just so romantic. but found myself wishing it were elise crombez or natalia or eugenia or my personal fave at the moment, diana dondoe in this story. typical annie stuff. so i liked, didn't love.

the natalia story by steven klein is wonderful as is the meisel edit with giselle. i know, i know, giselle is so over (for me anyway) but she is perfect for this story - very athletic jumping poses - and damn, if that girl doesn't have a vertical leap! wow.

liked the daria edit shot by steven klein too - but the whole starlet behind the scenes plot is a bit tired. i mean how many times are we going to see that?

the karen elson edit is ehh, kind of boring, imo. but she is perfect casting in this tribute to "grey gardens".

the best story is the "magnificent seven" with the designers marc jacobs, muicca prada, stefano pilati, oliver theyskens, narcisso rodriguez, nicholas ghesquiere and alber elbaz (shot by steven meisel in beautiful sepia) - this is what a fashion editorial should be. models are lily cole, gemma, karen, natalia, freja (?) and eugenia. gorgeous.

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^i can't wait to see all editorials!!

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Some of the edits sound pretty good.

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cover: sarah jessica parker in narciso rodriguez by annie leibovitz

pure turquoise ralph lauren: new fragrance 4 pg. foldout (valentina)
dior 2 pg.
gucci 8 pg.
st. john 6 pg. (gisele, looking stunning!)
vuitton 6 pg.
bill blass 2 pg. (elettra, isabella rossalini's daughter)
ysl 4 pg.
gap 2 pg. w/booklet (john legend, alanis morrissette, michelle williams, liz phair, keith urban, brandon boyd, jason mraz, joss stone)
guess 2 pg.
bottega veneta 2 pg.
michael michael kors 3 pg. (erin wasson)
david yurman 6 pg. (amber, daria)
marc jacobs 2 pg.
burberry 4 pg.
de beers 2 pg.
prada 4 pg.
andrew marc 4 pg. (aurelie)
tiffany 6 pg. (shalom)
blumarine 2 pg.
jones ny collection 2 pg. (brooke shields)
kenneth cole 4 pg. (leticia)
calvin klein collection 8 pg.
isaac mizrahi for target 8 pg. (kiara, liisa winkler, hannelore)
boss hugo boss 4 pg.
ports 1961 4 pg.
elie tahari 1 pg. (nicole trunfio)
ralph lauren 5 pg.
miu miu 2 pg.
jil sander 2 pg.
dolce & gabbana 6 pg.
chanel 4 pg.
asprey 2 pg. (kiera knightley)
tods 4 pg. (polina k.)
balenciaga 4 pg.
versace 2 pg.
rimmel 2 pg. (kate moss)
carolina herrera 4 pg. (nataliya gotsyii)
bcbg 6 pg.
ann taylor 2 pg. (yasmin lebon)
chloe 4 pg.
jones ny signature 2 pg. (karolina k.)
salvatore ferragamo 4 pg.
sean sean john 2 pg. (penelope cruz, p. diddy)
nars 1 pg. (lisa cant)
alberta ferretti 2 pg.
dkny 1 pg. (anna j., lydia hearst, helena christensen)
hermes 5 pg. (raquel zimmerman)
nine west eyewear 2 pg.
gianfranco ferre 4 pg. (elise)
bebe 12 pg. insert
oscar de la renta 4 pg.
strenesse 1 pg.
valentino 2 pg.
escada 4 pg. foldout
cole haan 3 pg. (sara ziff, ana d.)
brioni 1 pg. (guinevere)
fendi 6 pg.
givenchy 2 pg. (maria carla)
roberto cavalli 4 pg.
ungaro 1 pg. (anja)
nicole farhi 2 pg. (julia stegner)
mulberry 2 pg. (caroline trentini)
tse 2 pg.
bally 1 pg.
nicole miller 1 pg.
ramosport 1 pg. (tetyana)
liz claiborne 2 pg. (heidi klum)
keds 2 pg. (mischa barton)
arden b. 2 pg. (luciana)
gloria vanderbilt 4 pg. foldout poster (kate, daria, gisele)
dennis basso 4 pg. (maggie rizer)
chanel makeup 1 pg. (michelle buswell)
bulgari 2 pg. (julia?)
j. mendel 4 pg. (caroline!)
zanotti 1 pg.
stella mccartney 1 pg.
jimmy choo 2 pg.
lanvin 2 pg. (even better in person!)
missoni 4 pg.
baby phat 4 pg.
diesel 1 pg.
rocawear 2 pg. (jessica white, ana beatriz)
moschino 1 pg.
akris 4 pg. (maria d.)
jean paul gaultier 1 pg. (gisele)
longchamp 1 pg.
pollini 1 pg.
donna karan 1 pg.
a/x armani exchange 4 pg.
ck calvin klein 1 pg.
movado 1 pg. (kerry washington)

"the m.v.p." by steven meisel. gisele in day dress plays with the new york metro stars soccer team. very action focused...gisele jumping around with the players. but not looking like one of the guys. she wears lanvin, fendi, balenciaga, michael kors, oscar de la renta, max mara, ralph lauren, roland mouret, dolce & gabbana, chanel and marc jacobs. the best shot is her wearing this balenciaga dress, hair loose, b/w shot, beautiful:

"the magnificent seven" by steven meisel. vogue names the designers pushing fashion into the future. a page of introduction, followed by one page for each designers' inspiration for their f/w collection.

lily cole wears marc jacobs and vuitton:

gemma wears prada (the second look in blood red):

karen elson in ysl (the second look in white):

natalia in rochas:

hana in balenciaga:

eugenia in narciso rodriguez

lily donaldson in lanvin

"a grand affair" by steven klein. natalia takes on the 1870's romantic heroine with her husband justin portman in tow...he plays surf bum while she plays in gorgeous gowns.

"pillow talk" by annie leibovitz. sarah jessica parker talks life after sex and the city and the locale is the plaza hotel, home to her 40th birthday party. pics can be seen earlier in the thread...there's a great one with her and tony bennett.

"fuzzy logic" by tim walker. karen elson on the british countryside in warm knits. similar to the madonna ed in last month's issue.

"that's a wrap" by steven klein. daria plays mom (sort of) in the coats of the season. a wonderful 8 pg. ed that could easily be the main piece any other month. best shot is daria in another of the balenciaga toggle coats (fur collar only)


"natural selection" except from an upcoming biography of carmel snow...can't wait to get the whole book!

"hiding in the spotlight" piece on hats accompanied by an irving penn shot of lisa cant in dior haute couture

"in the mood" photographer eric boman recreates the poetry that goes into making a manolo blahnik shoe. 6 pg. of photos and a column by julia reed

"the selling of a socialite" how lauren davis, aerin lauder, amanda brooks, fernanda niven, and brooke deocampo are using their socialite status to help their companies earn big bucks. includes portraits of each by jonathan becker.

the view: "seeing dollar signs" why do clothes cost what they do and what's worth it, includes a feature on "commercial lines" by prada, oscar, etc. (what doesn't hit the runway), vogue picks from $17 to $18,000; getting the new looks from vintage, juicy couture's bag and jewelry line, how to score on ebay, why does a roland mouret suit cost $2,300

"the italian job" a woman recounts being emilio pucci's muse in the late 50s

"life with andre" has three parts, part 1 is about the movie pride and prejudice, with kiera knightley, and the costumes. part 2 is on the couture shows and part 3 is on ralph lauren's fall collection inspirations.

"wedding of the month" on the nuptials of jemma kidd and arthur mornington.

vogue index "8 fresh coats" tinsley mortimer, jacquetta wheeler, liya kebede, karen elson, sally albemarle, tory burch, roopal patel and lauren dupont pick the best coats from the runway (plus some affordable options) and what to wear with them.

verdict this issue is absolutely jammed packed and i thoroughly enjoyed pouring through it. all the model eds are good (with "the magnificient seven" clearly ahead of the pack), and the other features (especially on carmel snow and manolo) are great reads too. plus you've got every ad under the sun. my only negative would be the sarah jessica parker piece (such a letdown imo...i would have loved to see her do something more adventurous, something more along the lines of what i'd see in vogue paris), and the daria ed gets a bit lost (but pleasing nonetheless). i'd give this issue 4.5 out of 5. now let's see what bazaar has up their sleeve!

j'adore couture (life in fashion and in print)

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wow thanks SO much kimair. i know this issue is MASSIVE so thanks so much for taking the time to list all that

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the cover and sjp eds: it's not TERRIBLE, but it is awfully boring...

kimair, thank you so much for the runway looks and list!! curious to see the other eds now..

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i scanned the vogue cover:

j'adore couture (life in fashion and in print)
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Originally Posted by Matt-Vogue'r
Hi Mizblue,

tell me about it! I was watching re-runs of the last series, and I was like noooooooo, bring it back! Those girls worked it like no other's.

Funnily enough, I'm a subscriber to Vogue here in the U.K, but wish I could sub to the U.S edition - i lurve the American issues the most, it's nice over here as the Editor put models on our covers, (more than that though, the models seem to rotate and crop up every few issues, but I still like the Kate Moss, Nick Knight collaborations) but sometimes, it would be nice to see 'celebs' - that's where yours is best, Anna. W goes for the top of the picks, I mean, look back at the covers this past year - amazing!

And belive me, once I here that the SJP/ Fall issue has landed in Boaders, I shall run like my life depends on it - ha.

Take care,


have all the Dvd's..I love SATC for fashion and of coure it was so funny..
too bad Kim( Samantha) wanted more money or as much as SJP..they could have done a movie..

I Hear that B.. Vogue is the BIBLE

And US vogue follows suit or wants to be the bible...

I think most of here in the states really want to see models on the cover and not celebs..B. Vogue concentrates on fashion and models that is why some here in the US like British vogue.. I can understand your point though

Life works like that we always want what someone else has..

Maybe I could subscribe to US vogue and send you my copies and vice versa..he he

Susan xx

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Hi Kimair, thanks for the detailed look into this issue, I can't wait to get a copy!

and a HUGE thanks for scanning the cover, personally, I have to say, that while I am slightly dissapointed that it's not a sprawling couture cover, I do like the 'classic' aspect of the SJP cover, and indeed the shoot layout.

Take care,


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I like last years cover way better. This years plain and last year actually had models on the cover.

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I'm flipping through it right now, although I bought it yesterday, it's all right so far, but I wish there was a more "model prominant" cover, sort of like last year, only not a bunch of models crammed together. I want models back on the covers the way they used to - SJP's getting dry for me. The edits are pretty good so far, though. Crapload of ads, some of which are lovely and amazing, but part of me wishes that there'd be a bit more "flesh" and less adverts - I pay for the fashion edits and the articles, not for bebe ads.

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the eds sound good, but I was looking so forward to SJP and got disapointed again. Boring. No donnut for Anne Wintour

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