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I think I ruined my hair. I used to have nice, almost natural golden-ish blonde hair, which I occasionally colored a bit lighter than my natural shade (hence "almost natural"). I have used market colors with success for years, only occasionally going to professional hairdresser. Well, now I wanted to try L`Oreal`s Platinum Blonde, that one which tones up to 6 grades... I ended up nothing like platinum, at first it bent to yellow, silver shampoo and conditioner helps little. It shines weirdly, it is like the opposite shade of silvery platinum... weird, because I have had more silvery blonde before by home coloring even with lighter products, I tought these platinum things were pretty hc stuff. Or maybe that excatly is the problem, hc stuff

Question is, I want t dye back to darker blonde, but do they just make darker hair lighter, can they make very blonde hair a tiny bit darker? And how long I have to wait, I know I can`t do it right away. I am ready to cut my hair a bit and have already...

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Hello my lovely fellow blondes!
After years of golden hair, I'm drooling over cooler, ashier shades. This is my goal hair at the moment:


I think the slight ombre is perfect and looks low maintenance. I have two years worth of healthy, dye-free hair right now and I'm terrified of doing anything to it...even considering going to the stylist who posted the picture to be safe!

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Has anyone tried Olaplex yet?

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^ Olaplex looks really, really cool. I don't think my salon has that, though. I'd be real happy to try it out!

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I used to have bright red hair and over the past year and a half been transitioning into a blonde. First I let the red grow and fade until it was so ugly I couldn't take it anymore. I went to the salon and they put in all kinds of blonde highlights. The ends were still tinged with a warm orangey shade. I've had it cut 2 times since and highlighted again. There's maybe about 2-3 inches left of the golden tinged brassy color leftover from red. I use purple tint shampoos to toned out the yellow which have been working quite well. My favorite is the John Freida one or silver/blonde hair as well as Rusk.

I ask the hairdresser to add in highlights that'll look good as theyre growing out cause I love the ombre look. My natural shade is a medium blonde.

My hair muses at the moment:


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Oh Rosie's hair is so beautiful
I am back to platinum! I had ombre about a month but it just wasn't for me at all... and now after cutting my hair to a long bob, I decided that icy blonde suits the cut the best.

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I did it - I went platinum. I feel so, so weird.

I am getting a correction tomorrow though. My hair came out so white at first with a silvery tinge that I got scared and my stylist asked me to wash it in 24 hours, so he could correct the shade to something that won't scare me. But, I washed today and I'm missing the whitish hue.

Either way it's really weird. I hadn't colored my hair in over 2 years since I was growing out an older, reddish tone. I sometimes feel like I have a wig on, it is such a big change going from my black hair to super blonde.

Three inches is such a wretched height to be!
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Hi guys! This is my first time on this thread, but I am very glad I found it. There are so many different types of products for blonde hair and so much contradictory advice on what products to use for your shade of blonde (not to mention the difficulty in figuring out what shade of blonde you are exactly) -- it's ridiculously confusing.

I apologize if this has been asked before, but has anybody tried these products?:

1. Rita Hazan Ultimate Shine Blonde Gloss
2. It's a 10 Five Minute Hair Repair for Blondes (conditioner)
3. Serge Normant Meta Blonde Reviving Shampoo

I'm also not entirely sure what shade/tone my hair is -- I have highlights only, and while I would say I'm closer in color and tone to Rosie Huntington Whitely and Blake Lively than Michelle Williams (so I guess gold>platinum), I do also have some baby blonde, very pale highlights around my face which I love and want to maintain.

Does anyone have advice on the best products for me? (Shampoo, conditioner, gloss, etc.) I want to keep my hair bright and as light as possible (and ward off the brass!), but I'm worried about using stuff that is for 'golden blondes' because I'm worried that it will end up looking brassy and will dull some of my paler highlights. Likewise, I've tried those shampoos and products that are purple and I don't think they've done my hair any favors either. It just ends up looking kind of dull and dry. I use John Frieda Everlasting Blonde shampoo most of the time (and sometimes the conditioner) because I figured it couldn't hurt, but I have no idea if it's actually working in preserving my blonde color. Has anyone used this?

Sorry for this essay long post, but any help would be much appreciated!

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