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Olive oil would actually work as well! I use both olive oil and coconut oil as deep conditoners and they work amazingly. Good luck!

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I've had scalp problems for years from swimming and then because my hair is quite thick, it doesn't always feel like shampoo gets to the roots. I have literally tried nearly everything on the UK market from Polytar (worked for a year or two but the smell is minging} to Keratase {awful} so I finally e-mailed HQ Hair and they reccomended Phillip Kingsley Flacky/Itchy shampoo and the scalp tonic.

Honestly, right now my dandruff is clear. The tonic stops me from scratching {partly due to OCD} and from flaking and the shampoo has cleared me up. I don't think I even have to use it every other day, I might begin to co-ordinate between VO5 and Kingsley to make sure it stays away.

I really say you should try Phillip Kingsley if you are at the end of your teather with dandruff.

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I had probles with dandruff for 3 years,but I would get it only in winter.I used lots of products,but I have to say that Vichy Dercos Anti-Danruff Nourishing Treatment Shampoo has worked wonders.It is little more expensive that normal shampoo's but it's definately worth it.After first use I saw the difference and maybe after 2 weeks it has gone completely.

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Nature's Gate has a great dandruff shampoo.I first noticed it last winter,barely noticeable.and massaging olive oil on your scalp once a week and leaving it on over night is great too.

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tried both T-Gel and the conditioner and it works for a short while... T-Gel also makes my hair incredibly dry!

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I messed my scalp badly somehow, not even Nizoral would help anymore. Nizoral used to work perfectly in the past, was pretty much the only thing that did, no tea tree oil, tar or other stuff would help, maybe I become resistant to ketoconazole in Nizoral. I don't know.
Then I tried Kerastase Bain Gommage, it has salicylic acid (like in Rx stuff) and zinc pyrithione (like in Head&Shoulders, which alone is crap, imo, doesn't work) and it took 2 washes to normalize scalp, no more dandruff. And hair is incredibly shiny, other anti-dandruff shampoos leave hair dry. Kerastase is perfect, works beautifully and is lightyears better than anything else I've tried. Joico has nice scalp shampoo, but it took a couple week show effect and it wasn't as good for hair.

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I had problems with dandruff for many many years. Like, from the age of 12 to 23 or something. It sucked so bad. I tried every dandruff shampoo there is and it all would work temporarily and didn't have any positive effect after using it a few times.
I haven't had any problems in the last two years and I believe it's because

1) I drink more water so my skin and scalp don't dry out,
2) I've stopped taking super hot showers,
3) I stick with one shampoo instead of using different ones all the time,
4) I don't blow dry my hair anymore,
5) I don't use any other products on my hair other than my favorite shampoo (Syoss for dyed hair) and the matching conditioner once a week (no styling gel or mousse or hair spray or anything)
6) I drink lots of white and green tea and eat lots of exotic fruits like papaya and pineapples which I believe helps keeping my skin and hair healthy.

I'm so glad I don't have to deal with this problem anymore. It made me feel so dirty and I'm someone who's overly obsessed with personal hygiene so that was really embarassing for me.

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The secret: Apple cider vinegar and oil.

Massage scalp w/a dilute apple cider vinegar solution (diluted as far as it doesnt sting).
Then, massage scalp w/oil (olive, grapeseed, coconut, whatever you prefer).
Leave for an hour or overnight before shampooing, and it will be fine.
(But be careful, apparently if it's a certain kind of rash vinegar is not good, so make sure it's just dry scalp. )

Once, long ago, some blasted "extra cleansing shampoo" (I think it was Mod's Hair or Vidal Sassoon) really irritated my scalp, and although neither dandruff shampoos nor the dermatologist could help, this solution cured it for once and for all. Never had to use it since!

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