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5 Days Ago
Fugue's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2015
Location: United Kingdom
Gender: homme
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Men's Grooming: Hair and Beards
Hello Everyone,

I am not a member of many websites and when my application to tFS was accepted I was quite surprised. I feel quite intimidated by tFS and the community as I normally am well versed in the matter at hand. I find it hard to talk about fashion the way people do here.

I have a problem I wondered if you could help me with...

I've always had my hair slightly longer than what one would consider average since the age of 14 I'd say. At around the age of 18 I began to get it cut shorter and as of last month I had an undercut that I wore back "short" formally almost. For personal reasons the hair had to come off. So it was shaved and I was bald; That was two weeks ago...

How does one go about growing one's hair in properly? I see this is a chance to undo all the damage I had done before with the blowdryer and GHDs. So I want to do right by my hair and right past wrongs. Should I get it cut often? I know this won't make it grow faster (it's growing fast enough) but I won't to avoid split ends etc. Any advice on a style would be greatly appreciated as I've been told to leave it short by a lot of people but on the other-hand I've been had people tell me they miss my longer hair and now I'm not sure what to do as there are good sides to both.

My second dilemma is that people react so differently to me shorter hair. I've also just lost a close friend so I've had some time off work and I had let my facial hair go unchecked (I'm normally clean shaven and wet shave every morning). The beard thing if you can call it a beard is very popular. I know beards are the in thing right now apparently (I think?) but the reaction is quite startling.

In the end it will come down to what I like I know that. However I'm not an overly outgoing person and I like to hear the opinions of others before I make a big dissension like this and for me this is a big decision

I'm also interested in your opinions on the hair vs shaven/clean=shaven vs. beard thing from a sociological point of view of.

I can provide more personal info if helps, thank you very much for reading.


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3 Days Ago
Phuel's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2010
Location: Canada
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Without knowing much about your current hair length and type, I would recommend to have your hair trimmed every few weeks to maintain the style you're trying to grow into. I good hairstylist would be a good investment. Just remind the hairstylist to not get scissor-happy and trim too much off, especially the top.

If you'd rather just let your hair grow in naturally without a hairstylist's help, keep your hair in control by using a product rather than just let it be wild and free. So many guys with longer, unruly hair can instantly look so much better if they just learn to take five minutes to style their hair.

Same with the beard. Keep it trimmed so that it doesn't overwhelm your face.

I have very thick hair and at one time I kept my hair longer-- at chin length. My hair is wavy at that length and I had to keep it down with products-- just five minutes in the morning slicked back and that was it. I also had a beard until just a couple of years ago and I kept it trimmed closed to my face, otherwise I'd be mistaken for a hobo.

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3 Days Ago
BetteT's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2003
Location: Los Angeles
Gender: femme
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Welcome to the Fashion Spot, Fugue! It's actually a pretty friendly place around here ... so no need to be intimidated.

Secondly ... I am going to move this post to the "Hair Care" forums ... just a better place to discuss this topic. And I'm going to change the title a bit, to focus on men's hair.

And I agree ... keeping it trimmed neatly will make the growing out process easier ... and you will not look like you just rolled out of bed. (unless that's the look you are going for ... some guys like a rough look.)

Beards ... now that's another thing altogether. I would say the beards have always represented rebellion, toughness and masculinity. They go in and out of style all the time. A lot of young men experiment with them ... it's almost as a rite of passage.

As to how others feel about them ... that's very subjective ... some people love them, some hate them. But you are right ... that people who do not know you will judge you by how you look. So you have to sort of figure out how you want to present yourself to strangers.

** It's All in the Details! **
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3 Days Ago
BetteT's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2003
Location: Los Angeles
Gender: femme
Posts: 21,200
Note: I also pinned the thread. It's a great topic and I think we need to bring more talk about men's grooming to this forum ... so this way the thread is always near the top.

** It's All in the Details! **
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1 Day Ago
fashion icon
CommanderTMugler's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2011
Location: USA
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Great Topic!

I'm so over beards, I guess part of me is a bit jealous since I can't grow one and would like to experiment with it a bit but alas no, even my cat has more whiskers than me.

As far as hair, I've tried growing it out by myself but I have so much of it and it's so thick that it's hard to manage when it gets longer. I don't want to spend 20 minutes in the morning styling it much and using a blow drier and what not. Just to save time I'll just have it short and neat. Since I don't have a beard I don't really spend too much time grooming, just go get a decent haircut every 2 or so weeks and in the morning use a bit of product just to keep it a bit neat and decent for work.

It would be nice to grow it out and try something new but I'm too impatient by myself. I would need somebody, a decent hairstylist that would kind of guide me through, they would know what to do better and be a bit of support. Ideally I'd want hair like Jon Kortajarena, one can dream right?

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