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I used Caca Rouge from Lush after seeing Emma Naomi's post, and while it didnt come out as red as hers, it still came out very nice!!! I'll def be using it again =) Thanks girl!

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I like taylor tomasi's red hair, but do you think it'll work on a medium olive skin(think jessica alba)? am east asian btw and am not fair by any means. will it look weird?

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Originally Posted by Versace-Goddess View Post
I would love to change my hair color like Cheryl Cole. I know she did it with the Loreal product , because she´s the face of this brand. Which number is her color, any news about that? Any help?
The name of the product is Casting Creme Gloss in 550 Mahogany. I don't know if you found the answer (the post is a bit old) but in this article you"ll find it

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Anyone know how to get rid off a red tint in your hair?
I dyed my hair reddish brown or purple red a few times but want to get lavender streaks in my hair and I can imagine the lavender would totally clash with the red tint I'm going for a chocolate brown but fear the red will still shine through.

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a product called 'color zap' ^

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^Thanks. I've heard about that prdouct before, but since it's not on the European L'Oréal site and I've never seen it in stores I assume I can't get that anywhere here. Is it worth ordering it from the US or does anyone know a similar product?

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In the red
By Amy Lawrenson

Red hair is not a new trend but in the last few months it has reached stellar proportions. Amy Lawrenson (a natural red head) investigates why this hair colour is so popular right now, whether it will last and most importantly how to get the look right.

Where did it all start?

It started with Mad Men and Christina Hendricks, a natural blonde who has been dying her hair copper since the ripe old age of 10 (she recently revealed she recommended Karen Elson to do the same to her mousy brown hair back in the ‘90s). And two of the biggest music stars to emerge in the last couple of years, Florence Welch and Paloma Faith both have fiery red hair. Florence has been dying hers since the age of 9, inspired by Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Now Rihanna and Cheryl have ditched their sensible brunette hues and jumped on the flame-haired bandwagon.

‘Our customers feel more confident to ask for red hair because there are celebrities out there now that they can take inspiration from’ says Sibi Bolan at Hersherson’s.

But it’s not just the A-listers who are turning red. ‘Celebrities have certainly prompted more clients to ask for reddish hues. However, I wouldn’t say they were solely responsible for the trend; styling seen on the catwalks, trend predictions from last season and the time of year are all factors’ explains Nick Malenko, Senior Stylist at the Royston Blythe salon.

Tom Ford features a red head in his lipstick adverts, while Karen Elson had a comeback in the recent Louis Vuitton campaign. And the trend sees no signs of waning, even though red is traditionally thought of as an autumnal shade; every model at the S/S 11 Mulberry show flaunted a coppery red ‘do, inspired not by Florence, who was sitting front row, but a new girl on the scene, model Julia Johansen.

Is the look for you?

‘Women are more confident nowadays. Red is a more adventurous and unique shade to opt for. There is a sea of women with highlights and brunette hair; red makes a real statement’ explains Sibi. Red is a rare hair colour with only around 2% of the population estimated to be born with it, so if you don’t have it, fake it.

If you want to go red it’s worth knowing a few things before getting started. Hairdressers will offer guidance on different reds suiting different skintones, but Sibi has an easy trick so you can find your perfect red fast. ‘Try on red lipsticks. If you find you suit orange reds then you have a warm skintone and if you suit more blood reds (with a blue undertone) you have a cool skintone. From there you can select the red you want to be. Florence and Paloma are warm, while Cheryl and Rihanna are cool’.

The Celebrity Barometer

Next, look to the stars as inspiration for the type of style you want to emulate, for example Rihanna is far edgier than Christina’s 50s style; great references for a redhead barometer. Christina Hendricks’ shade is relatively easy to achieve especially on blondes, followed by Florence and Karen in the middle and at the more difficult end of the spectrum sits Rihanna and Cheryl, whose hair colours suit people with naturally darker hair.

‘Christina Hendricks has more of a coppery-red which is an easier shade to pull off – it suits the classic cool English complexion as well as sitting nicely with some warmer skin tones’ explains Andrew John, Colour Director at Percy & Reed. ‘Cheryl’s red typically suits darker skin tones and it’s a similar story with Rihanna’s colour’ he adds.

Getting it right

The easiest way to get the look right is start subtly. ‘Use your natural hair colour as a base; don’t try to go more than a couple of shades lighter or darker. Cheryl’s red hair works because the colour has the same depth as her natural hair shade – it just infuses some warmth’ explains Sibi.

If you want to go for a big change, find a good colourist. Jo Hansford has had a couple of customers go to her asking for ‘Rihanna Red’, ‘I will only do this if I genuinely think it is going to suit them’ she says. If you want to go bold but you’re not sure it will suit, Jo advises trying a wig in your chosen colour first.

You also need to make sure your colourist knows exactly what you’re aiming for, sometimes what you want can get lost in translation during a consultation. ‘Take a collection of magazine cuttings and pictures of looks that you like, and take them with you so the colourist can advise you’ says Nick Malenko. Sibi agrees, ‘by seeing pictures that you like your colourist will get a feel of what you like and can adapt it to suit you’.


While all hairdressers will maintain that you should visit a salon, your budget won’t always stretch to this – there are new shoes to be bought after all. If you’re brunette and want to DIY your red hair Sibi recommends you use a ‘temporary colour that will just last a few washes, stick with just adding a hint of red. If you like the shade you can go for a semi-permanent, but anything longer-lasting should be left to the professionals.

For blondes going red it’s really tricky to get the look right at home. You should first use a vegetable dye in a dark copper or blonde to get rid of any really white highlights, to even out the hair tone and help the colour stay red (rather than going a washed out pink) for longer. Then dye over that with the red colour of your choice. The same process will take place in a salon if you go from blonde to red, you’ll always need a base colour.

Caring for your Colour

‘Red hair colours do have a tendency to fade quicker than others’ says Nick Malenko, so you really need to take care of it. ‘Red hues always fade faster because of the chemical makeup of the colour pigment, the red pigment is slightly smaller than a normal pigment therefore fades quicker’ explains Christel Lundqvist at HOB Salons. Whichever stylist you ask they will recommend a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for coloured hair. ‘The best way to keep colour bright and vibrant is to use all product that are geared toward coloured hair. Look for words like colour preserving, colour safe, sulfate free’ explains Ursula Stephen, Rihanna’s hairstylist.

L’Oreal Professional, Kerastase and Redken all have great ranges and it’s worth spending a little more on your shampoo and conditioner as red can fade so quickly. ‘With superior quality ingredients in each and every product and substantial money allocated to research and development professional hair care sets a definite standard in hair retail and allows you to trust the product as you should’ says Christel.

Schwarzkopf has just launched a new, more natural range specifically for coloured hair. The Essensity Care Collection is really gentle which means the products won’t strip the colour from your hair and in turn should fade more slowly, plus the in salon colours are vegetable dyes so you can go a vibrant red even if you’re sensitive to traditional colour formulations. It’s also worth noting you need to protect your hair from the environment – UV and pollution can dull and fade the hair faster – Frederic Fekkai’s Technician Colour Care range works well.

When it comes to heat styling, Jo Hansford recommends you ‘minimise damage from heat styling and blow drying wherever possible’. Use a heat protector every time you style and make sure to use an intensive treatment on the hair every week.

Eventually the colour will fade, but there are a couple of tricks to really boost the colour in between sessions. Visit your salon for a glossing treatment. Cheaper than an all-over semi or permanent colour it will add a hint of colour and lots of shine to your hairstyle. Alternatively, head to Hersheson’s for its Gloss Shine, £20 for 100ml. The formula contains colour pigment that enhances the red, ‘they’re great for adding vibrancy to your hair before a night out’. Choose from Russian Red for warm tones and Gypsy Red for cool tones; if you’re a customer they can tailor make your own shade.

some inspiration:

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I'm so bored of my red hair now and tried to dye it dark chocolate brown so I can maybe get lighter brown put in over christmas. Now my hair is basically the same colour as Cheryl Cole's which isn't what I wanted.
Better stop playing with it now as it'll probably get too dry soo. Will get my usual hairdresser to have a look when I go home for christmas.

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Caroline Trentini

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Is there any way to stop the red dye from staining my nail polish?

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^^Wear gloves?

Erika Van Tielen, belgian tv personality and actress, completely unknown in the rest of the world:




I love her hair. I'm a light brunette now atm but whenever I see her hair I feel the urge to dye it red. I love the orange as well as the dark red, but I don't think it would suit me as good as it suits her.

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I have reddish-blonde hair - strawberry blonde, I suppose.

Has John Frieda's Color Glaze been mentioned in this thread? I'm considering it...

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loooooove. just had it dyed at a new place tonight. he did a wonderful job and it's so insanely bright i can't believe it.
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Originally Posted by Erin View Post
I have reddish-blonde hair - strawberry blonde, I suppose.

Has John Frieda's Color Glaze been mentioned in this thread? I'm considering it...
Is that anything like Clairol's Shine Happy which is meant to brighten your existing ( natural or dyed) hair color? I got that a couple weeks ago on sale at Target and gave it a try. I do think it made my hair shinier but not noticeable to anyone but me.

I have natural red hair that is starting to get a bit ashy and want to kick up the color without actually stepping over the line into hair dye.

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Rachelbojangles that looks gorgeous! Your hair looks really healthy too!

I read in Harper's to deep condition red hair with tomato juice (then rinse) to 'brighten' the color naturally. Has anyone tried this?

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