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ooooh Silla that sounds gorgeous!! That's what I was thinking of going for, quite a small section at first to see whether I like it. I know what you mean, it's quite a dramatic cut - but hey it's hair, it grows right?? That's what I'm thinking. I've had long hair my whole life & it's time I stopped being so boring!! I've always worried about work etc.'s my I'm gonna do it!! Get your camera out Silla!

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Originally Posted by lafindesiecle View Post
having part of your hair cut quite short is one of those 'indicators' of things that are 'more common among the queer community' while preserving the longer hair and 'feminine' appearance that's more comfortable to you
Heh yeah, I've always known this as a queer femme haircut and I feel a bit sheepish about contemplating it. At home I'm visibly queer through being active in queer community, but currently I'm travelling and I wouldn't mind having some kind of signal (I flag too but sometimes it just doesn't go with my frock).

Also agree on being more interested in things that embody some kind of desired ambience or reference a particular moment or mood than simply being pretty. I have this quote from Miuccia Prada stuck on my dresser at home, it's something like:
I try to introduce something that is wrong, something that is different. Beauty by itself is too easy.

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Also cf. this hilarious zine called Dykes and their Hair:

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hmm... I shaved the side about a week ago. One of the most "liberating" experiences of my life. I almost wanted to buzz my whole head and most likely will sometime down the line.

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After saying I wanted to do this forever I finally took the plunge! I've had one side not totally shaved but super short (clipper cut) on one side for about 2 months now and love it! It's more versatile than I originally thought it would, I can make it look really punk rock, or curl the rest of my hair and make it look really feminine.
The only thing that sucks is that the last time I got a trim she cut way too many weird layers on my 'long' side so now it doesn't look as cute to me it's all choppy So I've been trying to grow that out.
Other than that I love it, it's sort of got a tank girl/mad max look to it.

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i've had this hairstyle (the one side shaved) for over a year and I still love it.

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