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I like it long on you

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hello all! i was hoping someone could help me make a decision on how to get my hair cut and colored. i have long curly/wavy plain brown hair at the moment..
heres me (in both of these pictures i had straightened my hair):

credits: me

i was thinking about getting it dyed more reddish brown, possibly something similar mary kates color here:

credits: MKAworld

and a cut along the lines of these:

credits: another hair thread on TFS

but im still unsure on what to do exactly. i want something that is relatively low maintenance and works with my curl. any suggestions? thank you so much in advance!

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petiteshou "credits: another hair thread on TFS" cannot be used as credit please provide the credit listed in the original post or the pictures will have to be deleted.


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mingminglei -- both cuts look adorable on you. i think since your hair is so thick and shiny, long might be more striking. the short haircut is nice too, though, because it looks more modern.

petitechou -- i think something to frame your face might be good. i like the idea of cutting in some layers like ashley's haircut. bangs might also do the same trick. in the pics above, your hair looks shapeless around your forehead, so lightening it up with layers might be nice. i also think that you might want to take a few inches off the length.

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petitechou you have a very stunning smile and I really think it would flattering to have some face framing layers, and cut about 4-5 inches off. It will be much more managable as well. As for the colour, I think what you have looks great. If you're looking for change, my personal opinion is to maybe lighten it up a bit with some chestnut brown low/high lights, not so much a red tone. That way you wouldn't have to dye your eyebrows ! Best of luck

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I'm loving that MK red! Go for it, it'll be a nice change for the end of summer/fall.

Here's my dilemma. I've had this hair:


since I was 16. It's been quite some time. I have an appointment soon and am looking for a change, but had the crazy layered/choppy look and am trying to grow out my side bangs because I like the longer layers in front.

What should I do to myself that is still fun and glam, but different? I've been wanting to just tell my hair guy to let loose, but I'm scurred. What do you all suggest?


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Okay, here's my issue.

My hair is like this:

(pictures from my facebook)

and it has been for a few years. It's black, layered, and my bangs go to my left.

On Wednesday, I am going into NYC to film something for MTV. I want to style my hair (since its too soon to get it cut or anything) in a way that will stand out and look really great both in person and on film.

any suggestions?

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i like your current hair!

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Could you curl it? Like, nice tight curls?

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I also need some help. I have my best friend's weding in 3 weeks time and I want to change someting. I think I look very plain and colorless, but I don't know what color would suit me. Please help
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I need help with my hair... mainly the cut and how to style it but if anyone has any color tips just tell me

The problem is, my face shape is really asymmetrical and I like one side better than the other (I sound crazy) but I would like a cut and style that goes well with my face shape and big nose.

I pointed out some of the asymmetry in this picture:

Below is the side I like to turn to in pictures (From the picture of me facing forward, this is me turning to the side marked left in the picture)

Below is the side of my face I absolutely hate - So I was thinking I could get a hairstyle to kind of hide it - (From the picture of me facing forward, this is me turning to the side marked right in the picture)

Oh and a picture of what my hair currently looks like down:

Thank you all so much for the help! I will give karma to whoever replies with suggestions

Picture Source: My photobucket account -

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^I honestly think Ashlee Simpson's hair style would suit you...

You can have side swept bangs. I think you should keep the length and just do a trim and style around your face. The side swept bangs will give you a softer look. And if you color your hair like one color it will give you a cleaner look. Either all blonde or a light brown color?? maybe

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I need to do something new with my hair. I have a round face, thin hair. What style would look good on me? and should I do highlights? I need something that will bring my face out more. I feel I look kind of dull with one hair color. any suggestions?

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Originally Posted by fauxxaffliction View Post
any suggestions?

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What next?
I feel it is time for a hair change. I need your help though, I don't know whether to change the length, the style or the colour?
I am not sure I like my hair long as when I g out with it down I am never keen on the pics I see, but I don't know if I would suit short (I like Katie Holmes new hair). I like my red colour, but too many people I know are starting to do it, so waht colour could I do instead?
Help me out hair lovers! Heres my pic so you know what would suit me etc.
I am the not blonde one! Hair down
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