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Style My Hair #2
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Thank you.

I wanted to ask: does somebody know how to make this kind of hairstyle?

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I want to get a hair cut to cut in some bangs, but I cannot, for the life of me decide which bangs would be the most flattering to my face. Does anyone have any insight?

Pretty please?

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Uhh, i have new hair problems. im getting really tired of it and its driving me crazy!
If anyone has any suggestions i would be veryyyy glad to hear them!
so, i have an oval face with no real definition meaning no high cheekbone or sunken cheeks. I dont have a small nose either --' but kinda big eyes, and small mouth. Anyway my hair at the moment is under the shoulder and one length and i have "bangs" that are at cheekbone level. Its pretty thick and theres a lot.
To give an idea of the styles i like, id say lily donaldson, erin wasson, elisa sednaoui, abbey lee and noot seear.

Idk if i should just try to include my bang in with the rest of my hair or just get different length everywhere or even just trying light waves to make my hair less bland.

(ps: also when trying to grow out a color what do you guys do?)

thanks in advance!

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So I've had black hair for almost 3 years now...I've dyed it red to light brown but it never turned out right and ended up dying it back to black. There was always a red orange-y tint to it which makes my skin even yellow and sickly looking. I really want to go softer and find a natural shade like a rich brown shade. I'm going to have a friend color my hair but I need to find a picture of the shade that I want. Any suggestions of which actress/model who have yellow-red skin tone with brown hair? I'm looking for light and dark brown shades.

Here's a pic of me, I actually have reddish brown hair now because I was trying to achieve a brown/bronze color but it didn't turn out right haha that's why I'm going to a friend to do it for me.
This second pic shows my skin color I'm still a little tan.

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Should I go brunette?
Hi All,

Im after some advice, at the moment my hair is massively bleached blonde but I have a natural brown colour. I am thinking of going brunette to make it look healthier. I have included pics so you can see my skin tone etc as I am unsure if it will suit me and have thought about it so much now I can't make a decision.


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Your hair looks really healthy as a blonde. If you are after change, perhaps a light brown? A light shade would be easier to change, rather than go dark and regret it .

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If you do definitely use a non-permanent colour, try one that washes out with 8-10 washes. Maybe be go for a light ash brown? I think that wouldn't be too drastic. I think it would suit you, you have a great complexion and pretty eyes so they'll stand out more with a slightly darker colour. I wouldn't go dark brown, at least not it one step.

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I think blonde does not look natural on you... brunette would be better.

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Thanks for the feedback, I think I will try with a dark blonde first and take it gradually to a soft golden brown. Does anyone know if the dark blonde needs to have golden shades so my hair doesn't go green ?

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Hair Help !
I'm a guy , my hair is thick , curly , frizzy and dry ! it's a bit tall , reaches my eyes , it's always up like crazy , never looks good , the hairstyle is never right never stays in its place , i used hair gels , mousses , creams , hair sprays but still my hair moves and gets up , i dont know what to say it , but it gets higher !
when i blow dry it , it becomes like a rug it becomes straight but somehow afro ! i havent vut my hair for some months , the last time i did i went the best hair salon but the hair dresser wasnt so good and cut my hair short while i told him i want it long as it was , do you have any idea what products i should use ! and how can i take care of it ?

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I don't think I could assist you, but could you post examples with pictures of how it is now, and how would you like it to be, so that it is more clear, and make it easier to think of something?

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I'm a real hair disaster at the moment, so I'm sure you guys will have fun with me, lol. For personal reasons, I haven't left the house in a really long time and my hair has grown out quite a lot. At this point, I'm not sure whether I should touch up the ashy platinum, make it even whiter, or change the color completely. Sometimes I entertain the thought of brown hues, but I'm just so fearful of looking plain and blending in too much, though that doesn't mean I will ever try an unnatural color (pink/purple/blue/green/etc). I just like a striking look, but I'm surely open to suggestions as I'm terrible looking at myself objectively. What do you guys think?

PS: My real eyes are emerald green, NOT red :p

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Jammar190-I think you would look beautiful with a glossy chocolate rinse (Kaite Holmes and Angelina Jolie are good examples) and maybe taking some of the ends off. And with emerald green eyes I don't think you'd look plain at all

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How about for me? This is my natural hair color and current length. It has long layers in it but still looks so boring.


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I have lots of fine hair and I don't know what to do with it. It's naturally very straight. It's long atm and goes just past my boobs. I want to keep it long-ish but I'm not sure what haircuts would work with it! It's hard finding any photos of fine straight hair to show my hairdresser. Can anyone help?

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