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Join Date: Oct 2009
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I desperately need to figure out what to do with my fringe. With each trip to the hairdresser I alternate between having a side fringe a la Nicole Richie to having a straight-cut fringe over my eyes... I can't decide what to do with it!

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I've been growing out my shortest layers so I can get curls! My hair is SUPERstraight, and if I use a curling iron my curls won't even last 5 minutes. My stylist wants to do a perm with some straight pieces (which I don't really get, I'd rather have curls all over). But it'll be a while before my hair is long enough.

Which also presents a problem, since I like changing my hair periodically and I haven't really done anything with it recently, now I've gotten a craving for cutting off a bit of the allover lenght, maybe go for a bob...

I have the weekend to think it over, I have my appointment on Monday!

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I've been trying to grow my hair out for ages. I'll forever regret the day I went to a hairdresser for first time and had her talk me into getting layers and a fringe. They've grown out quite a bit now but I'm sure they'll never get back the strength they've had before. I just wish I had stuck to cutting my hair by myself, but I had to listen to my friends of course.

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I'm removing my extensions tomorrow and I can't wait !!!
I want my natural hair back and I want to change the color , right now im brown-red I want to be blond I think !!!

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getting my fringe cut again today! i've been growing my hair out for months and months and it's finally almost at a decent bob... it's been a bit awkward but i'm excited becuase i think today is going to be the final haircut where i end up with like, a real haircuit and not some half-in-between awkward thing.

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Join Date: Jun 2009
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Straightening my hair next week. Hope this will help my face look a little less chubby

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growing out my hair. want it long enough so that the waves start coming out again.

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I was TOTALLY convinced of cutting all my hair off, some days ago... But now I'm a major scaredy-cat. It's about waist lenght now and I'd love to have it cut like Freja Beha or Anja Rubik. But I guess I'll just have a little touch-up on my split ends and that's it

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Join Date: Apr 2009
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Woho, tomorrow I'm finally getting some colour in my hair. It's going to be two ashen shades of blonde and I'm sure that it will look great.

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Straightened and a trim.

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I am trying to gather the courage to dye my hair this colour. It is totally different from anything I have ever done before (I have brown hair naturally), but I adore it, so I think I will just be brave go for it.


Plus, I will also continue to grow my hair. I just got it trimmed a couple of weeks ago, but it is the longest it has ever been before; it is nearly down to my elbows, but I am loving it because it has gone all lovely and wavy.

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^^Great colour!

I think I'm going to grow my hair out again. As much as I like it being short, I miss being able to put it up off my face.

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Location: victoria canada
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^ I agree that is a great colour! That's actually very similar to my current hair colour right now, I'd say go for it, you'll get loads of compliments on it but is a lot of upkeep.

My roots are coming through really badly and I can't decide if I want to stay red or go back to my natural haircolour (dark mousy blonde) I'm leaning towards my natural colour because I think I just want the change (been red for years) just having a hard time figuring out the best and least damaging route to change it. I think I'm just going to suck it up and make a consultation with a stylist.

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My avatar (which is me) shows my current hair. I want to try out other styles but I'm limited since my hair's too thin. Would hair color look great? I'm planning to have my hair dyed.

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Nouvelle Vague,that is the colour that I am going tomorrow! Have you done it before? Cos you'll either love it on yourself,or not.

So tomorrow I am going the same colour as Florence posted in the photo above,and having my fringe trimmed.

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