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Atelier Versace Haute Couture S/S 2001

I've uploaded this on YouTube for my fellow early aughts Versace lovers, as that show was nowhere to be found there. Enjoy!

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Seriously, she deserved a standing ovation for that one.
Even to this day, i think that this is her best Atelier runway collection. Everything is flawless: the cast, the styling, the energy and THE CLOTHES!

I don't think that in Couture and particulary on the runway, she has been that adventurous in terms of techniques, style and craftmanship.
The biais cut is flawless, the corsetry the colors...It's beyond! With this collection she had really found the right way to mix Gianni and her own style. Gianni's daywear used to be very classical and bourgeois, very inspired by the masters.

Her own heritage is much more pop culture inspired than Balenciaga and Courreges and it shows. The daywear is fabulous!

If i was a stylist (even today), i would put my client in a lot of pieces from this collection.
Such a good memory!

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^ Completely agree with you! This has become my favorite Atelier collection of Donatella's in spite of the fact that it wasn't love at first sight. I remember first seeing it when it debuted and finding the colors, patterns and styling kind of challenging and even ugly in spots.

It's almost as if "interesting" or "bold" were the primary qualities Donatella was after, with "sexy" and "glamorous" just happening to work their way in thanks to the waist/hip/butt-centric silhouette and very polished finishes, respectively. I mean c'mon, vertical stripes combined with a wasp-waisted '40s silhouette and colors from Toulouse Lautrec's paintings?! It shouldn't work at all, but it totally does.

This definitely was Donatella's best collection, even though some of her previous ones had been beautiful as well. This one more so than any other she had done before or has done since really struck that "Haute Couture" note in that it's presenting a concept -- and presenting it in a very clear, complete and confident way no less -- more so than just presenting gorgeous, luxurious clothing.

You need to move fashion forward when there's a reason to move fashion forward - Tom Ford

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Fat Karl
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Fabulous! I love Donatella's early 00's Versace, especially the Couture collections.

In many ways, I prefer these particular shows to anything Gianni himself ever did. While I certainly can appreciate from a fashion history point-of-view the importance and impact Gianni had (and continues to have) on fashion, the actual work itself has never been my favorite. It wasn't until Donatella came in and gave the whole brand identity a bit more of an edge and a more transgressive spirit that I really fell in love with Versace. Gianni's work was always too cheerful for my liking...Donatella gave all that kitsch and camp a dead serious sex appeal and a darker, Euro night-clubier spin that I think made for really fabulous collections...from the drugged out discotheque soundtracks to the more androgynous casting, to the distinctly Meisel-esque hair and make-up choices...all of that made for such compelling shows and collections. Most of her Atelier collections are so garish, but they're presented in such a serious and glamorous way and with such confidence, that you can't help but fall hard for everything in all it's oddball glory. It's a perfect contrast.

Thanks for posting! Makes me want to go revisit the vampy and vulgar Fall/Winter 2002 Atelier show as well as the Spring/Summer 2004 Atelier show (probably the most ridiculously absurd Versace show...and probably my all time favorite one, too).


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fashion elite
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This one is the one fashion show that made me fall head over heels in love with fashion.
It was one of the first fashion shows I've ever watched; by accident, on fTV. I was completely and totally mesmerized by the whole thing, the sheer beauty mixed with killer attitude.
It was electric, and still is, and ever since then I'm obsessed with fashion.

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