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Originally Posted by rip_ian curtis View Post
I think it does.

I find the real problems are that the creativity level has dropped tremendously, and that's why fashion looks like one big thing at the time more than ever before. There's one or two "leaders" of the pack at the time (for example Phoebe Philos Céline for a prolonged period of time now) and that is what majority of the designers imitate simply because they have no time to sit and think themselves. Also, ecologically thinking it's alarming to think what avalanche of production can one innocent small-scale resort or pre-fall collection create when all the high street chains copy them at the scale of 100 compared to the original collection. If there's four or six show seasons to copy per year we can all imagine what amount of clothes are produced per year, luxury market and high-street combined. And clothing production from scratch is a big, BIG factor in pollution and natural resource consumption.

I think Raf Simons is spot on when he talks about appreciation of clothes today. Internet for the most part is one to blame for this phenomenon, as we can see everything right the second they're shown, and next week we are already bored with it. And it's dizzying how all this has happened in the last 8 years. Come to think of it, living in the 90's I didn't even know when exactly fashion weeks were happening and what was shown there. Maybe French and other fashion capital people saw a couple of pictures in the newspaper next day, but I had to wait for Vogue catwalk issue for several months after the collections had been shown. There was real magic there. I'm not sure if we will ever get back to those days Raf was talking about, internet is here to stay.
Except the fashion world could have chosen to use immediate internet consumption differently. Rather than interpret it as 'instant gratification, need to produce more now now now,' they could have instead brought attention to the details, to the WHY we should all want this or that item now, why we should VALUE said products. And want it for months. It was the fashion world that choose instead to think they had produce more, make more, and have more collections. They went for the quantity approach instead of the quality approach. What's ironic is that the net is available to basically everyone, making the quality approach so easy had they chosen to use it.

And, media will always transform things. We went from mailmen who took months to deliver letters on horseback across a continent to telegrams/wireless where things got send in a matter of hours, to the TV, to the internet. Fashion was always going to be more... accessible... as media transformed to enable people to know about the broader world. However, (high) fashion prides itself on being elite and INaccessible and so rather catch up to the times, they instead have chosen to give up cheapness and higher prices for stagnated creativity rather than a more inclusiveness. (I don't feel I have explained myself very well, but hopefully the gist of it makes sense.)

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