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I may have gone off subject ... I'm sorry but sometimes the titles are so misleading sometimes ... This should probably be copied/pasted in a thread like Fashion Insutry evolution or something ...

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The latest Dolce&Gabbana collections (Sicilian included) are not boring in my opinion. But yes, I quite agree that fashion is becoming boring. I'd like also to add that there are not many people in the streets that dressed in D&G (i.e. not necessary in high end clothes but dressed according to some style or idea. There is just grey mass of people and a person with imagination and creativity catches the eye immediately. So if everyone wore clothes from runaways it would not be boring at all. The question is, are those fashion shows made only to reveal a dream and fantasy ? Should they connect in some way with reality? Fashion seems to me a dreamland with everything beautiful in which one can escape from boring life. Leaning from the point a bit, celebrities in my opinion wear clothes from well-known and seen collection not in a proper way they break the spirit of the collection /seeing those sicilian dresses on everyone that don't care whether they fit them or not/ steals some beauty from those beautiful dresses and they begin to seem not so well-made and beautiful to me.

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Originally Posted by BerlinRocks View Post
I cannot say whether or not Fashion is boring ... But I can say I have come to a certain point where Fashion less appeals to me ... I won't talk for everyone, and can only talk for myself but I'm at a certain point in my life where I need calm and serenity. Fashion (Industry), therefore, is not something that I feel close to any longer ... I used to love to follow Fashion, and now I feel that field I was really attracted in my youth (I'm not really old!) is something that is completely deconnected from me ... The reality of Money and Trends and Hype and PR are probably the reasons why I'm not feeling any more connections to that world. The brutal reality of Fashion Capitalism is something that is not attractive at all ... And that is why I'm saying I'm talking for my own, but capitalism isn't (and has never been) a model I m attracted to.
Fashion in terms of design, beauty, tailoring and artisanat is something I still like. I still think Fashion plays a major role in someone personality. But I just think that nowadays only money and PR and Fame control this field, and no longer personality or passion or real technics, and amusement and joy ...
Of course, Fashion's always been linked to money and "royalties", but from the late 60s Fashion has opened its door and welcomed more people and perspective. But isn't that openness that actually kill Fashion ? When you leave your door opens to everybody, there are more stupid people that would come than interesting people. And we have reached, in the early 2000s, that point where more and more uninteresting people with excellent comminucation skills and that will to glitter and have their 15min of Fame (than actual sense of creativity and new ideas) are outmanoeuvring with the 21st century capitalist tools ...
All I'm saying seems very old fashioned and romantic ... But, I am at a point, once again, in my life where I need calm and slowness ... And envisage the world on its opposite side ... Because if the world is upside down, why not go and see what's the down, a little ...
I don't understand why people are not trying to see the other possibilities of the world, alternative ... (Hold on, I sound like an activist ...) Why should we Fashion passionate should hear and follow that annoying phrase "This is how it works, just handle it or move ..." what if I don't wanna envisage the world how it is now, and yet don't wanna move ? Should I stay ? Or should I go ?

There are designers out there who don't just play into PR, fame and money. Of course money will always be an issue, you have to pay bills, but there are designers who focus on design, construction and aesthetic, just depends on whether their vision appeals to you.

Aside, I think softgrey makes some good points. If the majority of the fashion industry is now driven by money, the power lies with the consumers. Perhaps the title should be changed to "people are boring, they do not care for new ideas".

Innovation will always be there, but if people do not value it highly and are happy consuming a low quality knock off, then what incentive is there for designers to create things that will not sell? The 'problem' then does not lie within the fashion industry, but with consumer preferences.

In my view there is a lot of choice nowadays when it comes to clothing. The masses may seek to follow the low quality trends because it suits their lifestyle, but there are niche designers which cater to the more interested and adventurous fashion enthusiast. I think people need to extend their view of fashion beyond the large fashion houses that seem to dominate the media and the direction of trends, there are interesting things going on.

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I don't think that new ideas aren't profitable for fashion houses, no matter what you show on runway, at the end of the day people still buy the same basic t-shirt and the same jeans, so for me it doesn't matter what you show in the presentation 'cause most of the people, the ones who make survive a brand, don't buy that expensive Versace dress or that impossible Rei Kawakubo's outfit, being boring it's not a consequense of finantial troubles. To me, big designers/creative directors get lazy with the time, or maybe they just don't have it. This has been a very uninspired boring sad season, where's trash dior, dark mcqueen, theatrical galliano? :,( There's just no inspiration. Globalitation, democratization ans others -ations, should be a boom for new fresh revolutionary ideas, i'm still waiting to see that.


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hedi's debut collection for SL is so proving this discussion

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