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Originally Posted by meme527
to be blunt i think advertising uses sex to sell things
any flavor of sexuality will do. and realism be damned.

only ignorant people will think that all lesbians or all gay men are into fashion/not into fashion, look like rosie/look like portia (whether male or female)...
unfortunately, ignorant marketing is heading the 'gay way' i have posted a topic with a related 'market analysis' somewhere in the advertising section at creative team section

completly agree with adorefaith, impossible to market lesbians and ugly to feed the ghetto caricature, much more since its not even existing.. i have seen gay women wear everything, from margiela to dior and diesel.. doesnt mean a thing but the marketing directors will keep pushing the issue, much more since gay/fashion mags are all the new publishing craze. (i believe its not a EU thing, right?) so these pages must get some targeted advertising and so, it is.. lets create a new market, its what i call 'marketing the gay' ..its absurd, sexist and idiotic

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well even though most of you think that marketing the gay is impossible i have some some parts i agree with this tha gay women wear everthing and that sexual preference is not the one that defines somebodys fashion style...
well, on individual base i agree, but i am not livin alone and isolated from society, and people that are around me influence a lotta things i do and shop how i got it, most of the people that listen to hip hop (or any kinda music) dress in a look-a-like kinda caps, bling blings with their nick/names etc they are omnipresent in hip hop...what makes these people to dress in the similar way is the culture. feeling of belonging to one culture is makin them dress similar as the people with whom they share interests and if we define gay in marketing as a gay culture can then marketing the gay be possible?

(im sorry, im quite tired and explainin my thoughts in english is hard now, will do better next time

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Originally Posted by Golden rush if we define gay in marketing as a gay culture can then marketing the gay be possible?
i understand the parallel you've drawn..
i just dont think it is quite the same situation...

without bringing my own views into play here, a lot of people (gay or otherwise) will tell you that their sexuality is an innate part of their identity... that it is not a CHOICE..

to enjoy hip-hop music/dance/etc, however, or be a part of that 'culture' is more likely a conscious choice... if you look at it from a communications theory perspective (which is more my thing..!), it follows along the lines of something we call symbolic convergence...

people with a shared fantasy...and a shared reality... tend to form a cohesive group together... they enjoy the same things, find beauty in similar looks, shapes, etc.. like the same music.. whatever the example.. it could be something as basic as wanting to emulate Snoop Dog -- this then influences the entire 'culture'.. their dress, language, style, etc.. fashion being a big part of this..

something like sexuality differs, in my opinion... while there is still a certain 'culture' that exists, it is much broader.. and there are a greater number of people, i would think, who do not categorize themselves within the boundaries of the 'culture', or group.. which is why you will find it so much harder to point out a lesbian woman on the street than you will to point out a woman who is part of the hip hop culture...

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speaking as a gay (i use that term loosely cos i can't even catergorize myself) girl, these 'butch' women are probably tomboys that grew up n stayed that way...speaking as a 'reformed tomboy' myself, i remember refusing to wear skirts and dresses cos it was too "girly" n i was too "tough" to be all girly... there ARE lesbians out there who are only attracted to specific looks too (i.e. femmes, butches, andros, etc)...or maybe these women who are attracted to the butchy lesbians are so because they can't fully accept being with a woman; so being with a woman that resembles a man makes things easier?...

yes, so reformed tomboy n all but that doesn't mean i'm decked out in dior homme. in fact, i'm always in skirts and wear alot of colour.... i digress but i went to this lesbian party once (i'm usually at the "straight clubs") and my lesbian friend made me change my outfit cos i was too "straight looking"... she made me pull on a pair of pants so i'd "blend in"... if i was going to a gay party, i "had to look gay" she said...

excuse me if i'm all over the place, its such a vast concept and almost impossible to be concise, which i'm trying to be...

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