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1 Week Ago
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Faux v. Fur ... Fashion's hairiest debate
Faux v fur — fashion’s hairiest debate

More and more brands are rejecting real fur, but is the alternative any more ethical?

By Charlie Porter


It's a copyright violation to post the article, but it's definitely worth following the link and reading, as it discusses the costs of faux fur on the environment.

I personally don't see the need for either.


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1 Week Ago
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^When I click on the link it takes me to a subscription page. I can access it from a google search though.

Thanks for starting the thread, HeatherAnne! I read the article two days ago and the part that interested me the most was the fact that Gucci is looking to develop faux fur made of biogradable fabric. Until that happens, I'm with you, there's no need for fur, real or synthetic.

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1 Week Ago
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Here's another article ... by Mark Oaten, CEO of the International Fur Trade Federation in Huffington Post so it has to biased ... but nor more biased than PETA ... and it puts forth a good point: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/mark..._11294686.html
A real fur coat can last for 30 years and with a bit of clever restyling need never go out of fashion. Plus it offers extraordinary comfort and warmth. Fakes on the other hand are 'disposable fashion' and hang around in most wardrobes for no more than five years or so, if they're lucky.

So while the fake furs sit on landfills alongside plastic rubbish bags poisoning the world, natural fur either stays in the coat closet (perhaps being updated by a furrier from time to time - and what fake fur can claim to receive that sort of attention?) or quietly biodegrades.
Kill animals or kill the environment? Seems like fur (real or faux) is pretty harmful and unnecessary for warmth in this modern age.

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1 Week Ago
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Maybe the best compromise is to promote furs from animals that people actually eats or wears clothes from. I don't see anything wrong with lambskin fur, sheep fur/Shearling, Goat fur. I think today furriers can develop ways to work with those 3 categories.

I think the problem with fur is maybe a matter of "personification". A fox is not a domestic animal so, no matter how hard PETA will find ways to show it to people, those same people can't relate to it. The same for mink. A mink is quite cute but how many people know what an actual mink look like?

On top of that, fur involves a lot of jobs and some part of the world are still living out of that.

At the end of the day, the consumer is the one who respond and influence the industry. And obviously, the vast majority of consumers wants fur and for me the most honest way to do it is by using the same sources as the ones for the bags and clothes.

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6 Days Ago
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Faux fur is terrible for the environment...especially the way it's manufactured.
At least with real fur it's 100% biodegradable (obviously as long as you remove the inner silk lining etc)

I'm from Australia where fur is really unnecessary to wear but it amazes me that more fox fur isn't used because fox is a MAJOR foreign pest in Australia. We are ethically obliged to kill all foxes here no matter how cute they look because they are killing SO MUCH of our native fauna. It's really bad! I have a farm in rural Victoria but now live in the Australian Capital Territory and the damage foxes do to native bird and small mammal communities is devastating.

I've always thought about creating fox fur coats and other items used from the wild pest foxes killed by hunters here. It perfectly balances out the ethical problems because it's not using farmed animals and it's helping the Australian biodiversity.

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5 Days Ago
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I you're promptly going to wear fur: vintage fur.

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