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The Influence of Coco Chanel on Fashion
I am interested in hearing people's opinions on the influence of this iconic figure on the fashion trends of early twentieth century and how her work has transformed fashion over the years.

My question has both a personal and well as an academic element so sources, books and articles that address the issue are also welcome.

Many thanks,
I look forward to hearing people's insight!

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Well .. I think her heritage is still very current ... she may not have invented sportswear but she's very much credited for bringing it to the spotlight and making it mainstream ...

Another thing which is very very very now ... is the tan. lol. Peope back then would NEVER tan because it would be very much declasse being only a thing of the working class and in these days the obsession to look tanned has been taken to new heights

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I think Gab's did a great things for womens fashion. Using non traditional fabrics and cuts in her designs, Changing the expected silhouette to something more casual. I guess when i think of what she accomplished I cant help thinking about the liberation of women.

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I actually recently read a very long essay on her life and while its very sad that she was'nt the happiest of women of the time, she was a very confident and sure of herself woman.

And perhaps for me, in addition to her skills, of which there has never been any doubt, I think her attitude definitely contributed to her success.

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She was largely responsible for moving women into more comfortable clothing ... getting rid of the corset (that's a huge one!!), using softer, more giving fabrics (she used jersey from men's underwear originally), menswear inspired sportswear, cardigans, less fuss and flouce. The fashion of the 20's happened because of her influence, I would say.

Almost everhthing that we wear today can be directly or indirectly attributed to her. I mean ... the Chanel Style jacket is always around, remains fashionable and comes and goes as a trend. The pencil skirt ... hers. Norma Kamali was heralded for using jersey in her garments to make them easy to wear and comfortable, but Coco was there about 6 decades before. And let's not forget about Chanel No. 5 .... it's still one of the best selling fragrances ... and it was her very first.

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