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A really interesting topic. I think with social media, it is about branding as much as direct sales. The designer labels spend a lot of money on couture collections which they mostly don't make their money back on but it is all part of their branding. I suppose the fact that millions of people 'like' them even if they can't afford to buy them makes them more desirable. I wonder whether anyone is influenced by number of 'likes' when they are buying something.

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I guess what the brands are targeting here is not sale of their clothing lines (which they ruthlessly advertise) but the sale of their perfume, sunglasses, collaboration lines, underwear lines, jean brands, key chains and other cheaper items which have their name on it. These are more accessible to the middle and lower classes than anything they will present out on the catwalk, and generate quite a profit. People don't buy these cheaper items for a need, they buy them for the want of being associated with a coveted brand. Hence, prominence on social media will fuel these sales with the help of their target audiences.

In my opinion anyway

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I think having a strong presence on social media doesn't really do much for luxury brands. It's great for advertising in the present day, ie: letting the world know you're having a sale on this day, this must-have item arrives on that day, or you get a discount when mentioning you saw this online, or simply putting your name out there (which can work immensely if you're a smaller designer or retailer). But other than that, I don't see the point.

At the end of the day, fashion is a BUSINESS. It needs money to make it through the next day, it needs money to come up with the next product. It's a million times easier (and quicker) to pledge our allegiance to our favorite brands by simply clicking the Like button on FB, but does that bring in any substantial revenue? I want to say No. On the other hand, it's a million times harder to pledge our allegiance to our favorite brands by leaving our houses, marching into Barneys and dropping hundreds and thousands of dollars of that must-have piece of "luxury"...and having to repeat that next season, and the season after that, and the seaon after that.

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^ Yeah exactly. At the end of the day social media is just that, media. A Twitter/Facebook/Whatever account is no different than a billboard downtown. Some will see it, some won't. Some will react to it, some won't.

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I do digital marketing for a living....most of the time brand look at the following count...It takes a lot of time and effort to explain that it means nothing to them. I usually tell people I can get them hundred thousand followers over night with a few hundreds dollar but non of them will buy a single product....or I can get them 100 fans who love and will be their brand ambassadors. They will tell everyone in their circles how much they love the brand....And if the brand prefers the first option, I tell them to find another consultant.

Popularity is not influence.

Most of the time if your followers are not your target market, you have very little influence.

Social media is about being social and connecting with people. It is about relationship. You can have thousands friends and still be lonely. It is all about the relationships that you invested in.I love brand that care and listen to fan like Brooks Brothers

Another good experience I had with fashion brand is Burberry. Once I trashed the brand for being anti-social and ignoring message from fans. within a few hours, Burberry Social Media Director wrote me and email. That was impressive especially I am not a big blogger.

If you find my answer helpful check out Thumble App and my Blog

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There have only been very, very few *luxury* brands who have had success with social media and the one that comes to mind immediately is Oscar de la Renta. @OscarPRGirl and all her other avenues through Tumblr, Pinterest, Vimeo, Instagram, etc...have really revolutionized that world. But few other lux brands have jumped on board to do similar things, probably because they want to keep things exclusive.

I know CHANEL would have great success if they did something similar.

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Originally Posted by CommanderTMugler View Post
Oh ok, it was a different article, but I do believe this can tie into this discussion.
My first thought was that that article is the dumbest, most specious thing I've ever read. But then, I'm not on Facebook.

The natural conclusion to draw would be that the best way to increase the success of lifestyle brands would be to cut off all other avenues for self-expression. Hmmm, is this for real ... is this why China has been such a great market for luxury??

I take every opportunity for self-expression, and I am also fairly brand-loyal. I am loyal to a brand if the brand is loyal to my values and/or aesthetic, or if it just works for me, not because in buying it I feel that I'm hitching my wagon to a star. I just don't identify with what this article says in the very least. Is he full of it, or am I that far out of the mainstream?

There's a need for more individuality today, and my job is to cater to women, not dictate to them.
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