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I like the idea of a blog and a blogger. A person who tells their story and share it online and gets feedback. There are many bloggers that have influenced, inspired and enlighten me, which I appriciate. However, the mass of bloggers are just clones of each other. Just a bunch of silly girls wanting to dress up and become famous for it. At least that is how most people think about style blogs, which is of course a shame.

I guess what I try to say is that I think blogs are a great medium to expose oneself, I just don't like the execution many bloggers choose to do.

So thumbs up for genuine blogs that actually tell a real story because I'm tired of the so called clones that make a fool of themselves.

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For me, I have a love/hate relationship with blogs. There are bloggers that I love and bloggers that I dislike thoroughly. I love seeing outfits on blogs that have their certain truth and uniqueness--like I feel that this is how the blogger really dresses, unrestricted and completely bare, unpretentious. Some bloggers on the other hand (I know a few girls like this), they like to look down on people when they do not follow "trends". For the record, these girls dress head to toe in Forever 21, havaianas and juicy couture-- they can wear whatever they like, but I hate seeing them post as if their style is superior to everyone else's and bragging to others how fashion forward they are because of their blog or the fact they got a pair of juicy slippers.

Basically, I believe some people are a gift to blogging and others are a sore.

Also, there was this one instance that a "famous" fashion blogger from my country stated in a video log that people in our country should dress more like her. I've seen tons of people dress better than her on the street. She basically feels fashion forward because of the amount of F21 & H&M there is in her closet.

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This is an interesting thread. And personally, I have a blog. I know I'm not the most stylish person out there, or the most eloquent. And I know, when I started my blog my freshman year of high school, I was terrible. I didn't know anything and going back and looking at my first posts make me cringe. But now, I feel as if I've improved some, and every post or thought I have isnít a highlight-copy-paste of every other fashion blogger.
Itís rough to critique bloggers, because especially the ones that are younger (like me) are just doing it for fun and to learn about themselves. Many of the people who follow others just havenít found their voice yet. Personally, there are many blogs that I donít like, but luckily, they are easily ignored.

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Must all fashion blogs be about the clothes that the blogger is wearing today or did yesterday? I frankly could not care less about someone's wardrobe or new bags they found on sale. But I guess this kind of blogs have a huge audience, mostly teenage girls. However I believe that fashion blogs don't have to be all about self-made photographs and personal style. If somebody is good at writing, a fashion blog can become more like an online magazine. I hope my blog is going in that direction.

Unique magazine/blog about fashion industry, my personal work experience and much more.
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There isn't any sort of how-to guide on being a fashion blogger. I can tell you that most of what most fashion and beauty bloggers I follow primarily discuss certain interesting outfits, not so much on a daily style guide. There are those who love showing off recent buys and new in items. Maybe the one thing I wonder is what is one's daily style like as opposed to what is featured in blogs. I'm sure a femme would probably wear something like denim Bermuda jean shorts and some gladiator thong sandals even if a fashion blogger mostly showcases certain interesting and unique looks. Be honest- don't you ever wonder if (especially with femme fashion bloggers) certain femmes wear shoes other than their Louboutin pumps, Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" booties, Forever 21 wedge sandals, or shoes like those?

One of the advantages of fashion blogging is that it's personal. A lot of what you share is only restricted by you. That's why I discuss my own fashion topics in my blog- I'm in charge of myself making points regarding certain fashion items. Like in the past, I know I would get railed on tFS just because I make a certain comment regarding over-the-knee boots or denim short shorts with tights that some don't like. People read your blog and see your opinions on certain fashion items. Therefore, people get to see your ideas and your fashion thoughts even if readers don't necessarily agree with them.

In the past, I've gotten maybe two comments where someone didn't agree with opinions I posted in my blog. One was when I used to dislike the leggings-under-skirt look from the mid-2000s. Another time was when I used to didn't like jeans tucked into boots. You tend to get certain comments often times in response to your thoughts on certain looks.

But still- a fashion blog, just like almost any other, is more a journal and a collection of your own personal style. You are in charge of your own showcase of style. Don't want to dabble with recent trends? Don't have to. Want to take shots at popular fashion items you can't stand? Go right ahead. It's your fashion blog with your own opinions. Be yourself!

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Personally, I get bored if I have to skim page by page through a blog chock-full of commentary and webcam photos of said bloggers latest buys from local market. CAAAAAAAAAAARES! I like eye candy!

And, as previously posted, I cannot stress enough that I would not mind being bribed. Calling all fashion houses.

Last edited by MulletProof; 06-02-2012 at 10:02 PM. Reason: please see the rules of this section and tFS policy on self-promotion to avoid removal.
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There are a lot of things I like about fashion blogging and a lot I hate too (excessive iPhone angle pics for one) and for the most part I blog for me, what I love to look at, items I drool over, fantasy fashions, models, celebs, whatever takes my fancy in the moment. So I'm not blogging for 'cred' I guess? But I love the hobby.

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I think it's intriguing how spectacularly blogs have evolved, even in the last year or two - most have started off as something quite standard, but then spin off into something very personal and distinctive, as the person concerned finds their own voice and style. Twitter has had a massive impact, in terms of diverting a lot of the high-speed content into new channels - leaving blogs (generally) to become more reflective and relaxed.

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I put this article in the "It Girl" thread, but I think it works here too, as it's about photographers/bloggers during NYFW:

Fashion: Donít you recognize me? Death: You should know that I donít see very well and I canít wear glasses. Fashion: Iím Fashion, your sister. Death: My sister? Fashion: Yes. You and I together keep undoing and changing things down here on earth although you go about it in one way and I another. Giacomo Leopardi, ďDialogue Between Fashion and Death.Ēabridged
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Looking Up
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So what do you guys like read/see on fashion blogs?

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Well usually, I just want to see the blogger himself/herself just showcase his/her style to the public-at-large in that person's own way. Personal style blogs should just be a lovely showcase of one's style. Change things up sometimes to broaden your range of style. Some are into trends, some wear what most others wear... doesn't matter. Just be yourself. Also, some bloggers feel there's greater merit in wearing clothese you're actually going to wear instead of just putting a post together for an outfit you're probably going to rarely wear. That, too is a key factor in what I read; but I am in no way discriminatory about only liking blogs that feature those who honestly wear what they honestly wear.

Then you have the non-personal posts- like posts about certain fashion shows or any of the various inspiration posts. I usually just take note of certain styles shown at certain fashion shows or just try to figure out what kind of inspiration is being shown. I am usually not sure if someone is trying to come up with one look based on a bunch of pictures, or if one is trying to just share a bunch of random pictures that somehow lead to a certain look or set of looks.

So these are things I look for in most fashion blogs and in blogs that discuss fashion.

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For me it is a matter of personal taste, I do not like:

- 100 pictures of the same outfit from slightly different angles, this is the epitome of dull
- Blogs just about fashion & outfit posts, again, blogs should encourage discussion
- Anonymous blogs

I think blogs should be personal, opinionated and should draw the reader in. But the content has to be good too. I flick through SO many blogs and they are just...dull. To be frank, I don't want to waste my time reading less than stellar writing. Maybe that's just me being a callous journalist!

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I have no problem with personal style blogs, where all those beautiful rich girls dress in the latest trends. I think they are a simple way see what's current and how things actually look in everyday life. Personal fashion blogs only become irritating for me when those bloggers, instead of having light fun, start to lose all sense of perspective and use words like "curating" applied to their wardrobes.

I really do not like blogs about fashion, if we exclude Style Bubble(probably the best fashion blogger in the world), the magazines can rest assure that there is still not a significant amount of amateur blogging out there that can replace a proper fashion journalist.

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Ironically, I mostly like to read blogs from fashion insiders IE. Liberty London Girl, Fashion Editor At Large. I also follow blogs run by fashion students or working designers and stylists which usually have a point of view.

There is one blogger I used to read who is always photographed and invited for the fashion shows. Even though the blog was outfit heavy, there were at least posts on beauty, traveling, etc. Now the blog only consists of 'paparazzi' shots of her outfits worn for the shows that day with the clothing brands listed and nothing else.

Sorry, but it's lazy to only blog about outfit posts of yourself (taken from other street style websites no less) and expect readers to keep coming back. If you are invited to all these amazing shows isn't it worth it to comment on the designers, backstage, or something more substantial than just posting outfits? It seems embarrassing just to be continually self-promoting yourself without actually doing anything interesting. Just my opinion.

Last edited by Avant Garde; 26-02-2012 at 08:16 PM.
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I agree.. that has happened to almost all (if not all) the style blogs I used to subscribe to.
They used to have entertaining content but now that a lot of them have agents and contracts, etc it's all about the 1000+outfit pics with brand list, and the occasional "MY PICKS FOR SPRING/FALL/ETC!!" with a bunch of sponsored links... very sad.

I also follow the insider blogs, FEAL is a favorite. I also love Shala Monroque's blog.

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