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great post embrace......

Fashion goes a bit further. We use it to develop our personal 'brand', to express our individuality, to show that we belong to a certain group, to convey messages, to advertise corporate identity, to show off our wealth and status, to complement our bodily features, to show, to disguise, to attract and distract...

What is there not to love of such an intricate phenomenon, that influences us at so many levels. Socially we are driven by prejudice and guess what? We can influence the way people think of us, by choosing the right clothing. Our clothes can even influence our self-conciousness and self-awareness. Clothing can make the difference in feeling happy or sad, bold or shy, strong or sensitive.
such great insights here...

"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

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I love how a nice outfit can really bring out the confidence in a person. I have appreciation for the quality and craftsmenship that goes into beautiful luxe items. Whenever I, for some reason, feel down, fashion always brings me back into happiness. For that reason alone, I always have my world revolve around fashion, and vice-versa.

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Makes me feel good. It was really the only thing I could focus on when I was pregnant and bored. I would sit on Olsens Anonymous all day saying, when I'm not pregnant anymore, I'm going to dress like MK! Then I started watching fashion shows. Honestly, Karl's clog wearing prairie chic Chanel collection started the hard-core obsession.

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Looking Up
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As cliché as it might sound fashion IS a form of expression. Whether it's personality, ideas, thoughts or moods fashion is one of the most interesting ways to project yourself.
Fashion has the ability to influence without bounds and can be used in endless ways to affect someone.
The ability to emit a very specific personality is one of the most difficult but rewarding things ever, and fashion is my favourite way to do that.
Whether it's just expressing "beauty"/"what makes a woman look nice" or depicting a fantastic new creature, fashion can give you all sorts of visions that can be both exciting as well frightening.

And I do agree that fashion can be art. I don't think there is a definite line between fashion and art. Sometimes it's art, sometimes it isn't.

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I love fashion in the same way I love painting, sculptures, music, theater.
Fashion is art, and for me a dress by McQueen has the same value as a painting by Picasso, Mondrian or Warhol.
It makes me dream, it makes me happy.

Is everybody in? Is everybody in? Everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin...
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Why do I love fashion? Oh, for so many reason. It's beautiful to look at, yes, but then again fashion it not about looking good - it's looking like yourself. Or like that person you want to be today, or tonight, or tomorrow. That's what I love about it - by simply putting on a dress, you can turn into anyone. It might be yourself, it might be Bette Davis, but it's expression and no one can take that away from you.

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I'm absolute fanatic. but i've never asked myself what is it about fashion I actually like. I have an interest in the way I look and I'm constantly thinking about how I can dress myself in new ways and styles but this definitely isnt where my passion for the subject lies.

For me fashion is about creating an 'otherness' The collections that had the most profound effect on me have to be Galliano for Dior circa 2004. His designs were utterly feminine, totally surreal, and at times incredibly modern. So to dissect this I would have to say as a man its about creating that absolute fantasy of being woman. and that would be why I find fashion so alluring, because it can create a life that simply doesn't exist and for the best part allows you to believe something or someone can be better than it really is.

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I have a love/hate relationship with fashion. When I love it, I like what dressing well does for me. Others (strangers) treat me with more respect and kindness. I admit that sometimes I like the extra attention too. When I'm well-dressed, people notice -- even in a big city. Maybe even moreso in a big city since life seems so much more frazzled and difficult there.

On the other hand, there are times when I couldn't care less about fashion. That usually happens when I'm focused on something important (or I'm just feeling lazy ). It is nice to not stand out so much from the crowd at times too.

A long time ago, I read an interesting statistic that said a little less than 2% of the world's population cares about fashion in any way, shape, or form. I wish that I could cite that source, but it's been too long and I don't remember where I read it. I only mention it because I thought it interesting at the time (and still do).

Overall, I love fashion more than not. I find fashion fun and (for me) nothing too serious to fret over. It's just another outlet -- sometimes a creative one and sometimes I use fashion as a means to personally enjoy pretty, shiny things that caught my eye.

My Blog
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For me, fashion is art. Art is a chance to express yourself however you please. Fashion trends is something I couldn't give a rat's backside about. What matters more is expressing yourself through the medium of fashion however you please. Even a simple T-shirt and jeans look has some expression to it. You can even take looks and add your own twist to them. Think a cute dress with cute sandals or pumps? Go with the same cute dress, but add a motorcycle jacket and some Dr. Martens 1460 boots to the look. If you prefer rubber clogs over a basic pair of sneakers or some flip-flops, it's your call.

I look at it more along the lines of expression. You get into fashion because you have an eye and a heart for expressing yourself through wearing a simple set of clothes. Even with fashions that I've yay'ed, nay'ed, absolute yay'ed, or absolute nay'ed; and even with fashions I've went on extended spats about (jeans tucked into boots, skulls, peep-toe boots, the '80s in general... all the styles people famously seen me trash on tFS), it's still fashion. And because it's fashion, you are allowed a chance to express yourself however you please.

That's why I care so much about fashion. I'm no longer qualified to spiritually talk fashion on here, but I do admire and respect just what fashion. It's been that way for me since collecting sale papers in the mid-1990s, saving images of fashions to my PC since the mid-late 1990s, and blogging about fashions in fashion-themed topics since last year. It's simple- do you want to just wear clothes, or do you want to wear clothes while expressing yourself and establishing your own identity (whether people like it or not)? That's what it all boils down to me. And on this outspoken note, THAT is why I care about fashion.

Dress (and Shop) with Confidence! Visit: StyleSpace by JBM, my main blog's fashion posts, and my FB fan page today!
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Sometimes fashion is all we have.

The higher the heel, the closer to heaven.
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It's fun, another way of express myself, makes world and my life better

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It's ever shifting and always exciting. It's a never ending supply of endless inspiration, tradition, and purely ****ed up ideas. It's sexy, dirty, elegant and all too often - cheesy! It encompasses all the things in life that I find the most fulfilling.

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fashion insider
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Love doesn't have to have a reason, you just do, there is no logic to it; ok, kidding, let me try to decipher why:

- aesthetics
- being respected
- a way of life
- coveting luxury
- craftsmanship

"It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers".
James Thurber
"The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it."
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I find fashion very exciting. It's constantly evolving and expanding in every direction possible, because of all the people from different backgrounds with different outlooks on life contributing to the industry. I love how there are always individuals who try to use fashion as a way to make a point, to send a message, who try to use fashion to change society for the better.

The clothes a person wears often say something about them and influence the way others react to them and interact with them. Clothes can tell you what someone's favourite colour is, where they shop, whether or not they are sure of themselves. Not that you should judge someone by what clothes they've got on their back but it amazes me how good a sense of a person's character you can get just by looking at what they're wearing. You can figure out what kind of job they have, if they have any religious faith or none at all, what kind of music they've got on their iPod. As for high fashion, I'm always very much excited to see what they come up with next, who comes up short and who exceeds all expectations and where they draw inspiration from. It's very interesting to see how the high street shops translate high fashion collections and trends into clothing that will be sold to the masses.

A lot of people think the fashion industry is intellectually-limiting and vain. Whenever I tell someone that I want to go into fashion their reply is usually, "Oh, but you're so bright!" People have this idea of everyone who's interested in fashion being a self-absorbed airhead when really a lot are the opposite. I don't think that fashion is that much vainer or self-indulgent than other artistic industries, it's just more openly so, and I think that in a way that's necessary. When fashion really addresses an issue it reaches millions of people, not just those directly involved, and it's always interesting to find out how people who aren't necessarily "fashion-conscious" (but are open-minded) view fashion.

The thing I love most about fashion is that sheer excitement I get when I'm viewing a new collection or talking about one, when I see a brilliant editorial for the first time or read a great interview, when I get to try on or even buy a piece that I really love, designer or not.

Why do I love fashion?

It is such an beautiful form of expression and the industry itself, even with all its (many) flaws, is so dynamic and constantly thrilling.

Witty Witty Bang Bang
My new-ish fashion-related blog.
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Hmm..what to say that it dosent sound already said.
I have no idea...
i always loved fashion, i just didnt know it. Always loved playing dress up, drawing clothes when i was little. Nobody paid attention to it, and my path lead me to fashion highschool. I realized that i have huge passion for fashion on my 3rd year of fashion design. It's funny, cuz my family had different expectations from me and i kinda pick my own highschool cuz i loved to draw. That was all i knew.
Now i know what i want and i know just a thought of having my own runway shows makes my heart warm, makes me cry, cuz i want it so much!
Designing clothes is a perfect job if you are ment to do it, and i believe i am.
Now i'm working hard on college to learn how to sew and tailor better, how to be better and more ready for the world. I try to reply on competitons and give my best. I don't like to brag i just like to walk quiet and make my dream come true.

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