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I think there's nothing more beautiful than having a small gallery hidden in your house disaplaying the most beautiful shoes and frocks.

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As just a mere mortal, the only category of fashion I'd pay an arm and a leg for... are for precious bags. I'd be contented to just admire items like dresses, shoes and jewelry.

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I found this amazing top at a vintage store that looks just like the top Carey Mulligan wore on her Vogue October 2010 cover. It's really really heavy and I've yet to find an occasion to wear it at, but it was just so pretty and such an amazing price, I couldn't not buy it. Every time I see it in my closet it brings a smile to my face. Even if I never wear it, I don't regret buying it at all.

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If you like a piece of fashion you can take a picture. But buying and not wearing it is just a waste, because some other person could actually use it. Between if people like to look at them they should have them as when they put a picture in a wall but it is usually kept on the wardrobe. I believe it is just a waste of money that could be spent in many more useful things for charity or such. If you can't wear it then don't buy it and if you do buy and like to look at it then buy a mannequin so you can display it as a true art piece.

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I'm guilty too...I have a Ralph Lauren sport coat that is probably from the mid-1970s- very wide lapels and a heavy tweed material...I have never found anywhere to wear it (and may never) but it is all zipped up in a bag in my closet...I can't bear to part with it...

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I must admit i have loads of designer pieces that i never wear but hope they will return to trend oneday. I just cant get rid of them. Bless

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I would never want to collect clothes I couldn't wear! To me it'd seem pointless having something lovely that I couldnt wear. I have a beautiful dress from the 20's which is falling apart at the seams, so I only wear it on special occasions. And I really love it when I do get to wear it.
When it does fall apart I'll take the pattern and make a new dress from it.

I guess if you have a huge amount of disposable income you could seriously collect clothes.


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Originally Posted by Life With Relish View Post
I joined these TFS boards specifically for this thread. I found it through a search trying to find different definitions of "wearable art". This discussion has brought up some really really juicy points! I thought I might contribute a bit...

It seems to me that everyone is actually debating whether fashion is an applied art, a fine art, or a decorative art. It's obvious we have disagreements but it seems to me they stem from how we perceive fashion's place in that dynamic. It can change over time, too, so that makes it even more complicated.

At this debate's heart, though, are really three questions: Do you collect fashion, if so why, and what do you do with your collection?

I think there are greater ramifications for the industry as a whole when one steps back to think about what's "worthy" of collecting... Do designers do their work with that in mind? Do specific lines tend to be more "collectable"? Is there a potential market in the future for more attire that is less practical/wearable?

Could vintage clothing dealers be considered gallery owners? Could clothing be considered soft sculpture, and displayed in museums (or homes) as such? Will the china hutches of the future (that contain rarely used delicate dishes) someday stand side by side with a glass closet display case?

What of all the attire that's already displayed in museums? What is the difference between appreciating the design/crafting of those pieces versus how we appreciate a painting?

Fashion has made social/political commentary just like our other great works of fine art, so what's the difference? Has it not contributed to how we perceive our world just as radically as some of our great artists responsible for impressionism or cubism or other artistic movements?

I think it's interesting to ponder. It's simply how we understand fashion's function (or lack thereof) that colors our collecting sensibilities. And I'd venture to guess that fashion may be developing new functions (or unapologetic lack of it) more and more everyday...
I think Ralph Lauren sometimes does this. Things that are highly collectible from include his southwest pieces from the 90's. As well as his bear series. Also done in the 90's.
And yes. Fashion definitely pushes boundaries. I would kill for a piece from the perry ellis grunge collection that got marc jacobs fired. I'm a male so pretty sure I wouldn't be able to wear it but I would love it because of what it means to me.

"The one thing that always scares me is to be like the Miss America of the moment, because next year there is a new Miss America" - Alber
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yes i would. sometimes clothes, shoes and bags are so masterfully done, embroidered, embellished, it'd be such a waste to actually wear it.

if i'd have the money (and space), i would have totally bought some runway pieces just for display.

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Rare vintage stuff, exclusive edition bags & shoes and, of course, haute couture are without any doubts deserve to be collected.

Furthermore, every time I talk about my favourite forms of art I always mention fashion: I think most of people underappreciate it. Designers create their pieces with passion, idea, energy and fantasy; fashion is always moving forward: how could it not be defined as art?..

When I'm good I'm very good, but when I'm bad I'm better. - Mae West

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