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He began modeling in 09 I believe. And whether he only just became relevant or not, point is, its too early to tell how far Andrej will go in this industry.

Regarding the interview: I think you and I can just agree to disagree

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hope it is no repost :

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Thanks for posting, Tania!

What language is that interview in? Polish, perhaps? Anyways, can someone translate, please? Thanks

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It's Polish, I'm afraid I don't speak it though. Someone else should be able to help out

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I can try no prob

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^Thank you!!!

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I know i'm late... but oh my God..
he's superbe..

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Thanks for sharing Tania RC
he looks very sexy in a manly way in some pics

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Andrej's work lately is wonderful...

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Beautiful is all I have to say...

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sorry for bad translation. my polish is a bit rusty. i've tried to translate as much of it as i can, but i couldn't get all of the words. stuff in brackets is what ive added and was not iin the interview. if anyone can provide a better translation of some parts-- PLEASE DO SO! i think this is alright and gets across what was happening in the interview. Some bits may come across as a tad condescending, but thats poor translation on my part, in Polish it didn't read that way haha. here you go!

Pejic is the hottest name in fashion in the last few months. From february last year, when he signed a contract with agency Storm Models, the career of the one born in Bosnia and living in Australia, and half Serbian and Croatian has taken on a dizzying speed. While in June (im bad at months in polish so im pretty sure it says june lol) in 2010 he walked in mens shows in London and Paris, including Gaultier, Raf Simons, Paul Smith and John Galliano, everyone was asking "who's the blonde girl?". JPG casted the universal (sort of like, diverse, he can do a lot of different things etc) model in his spring campaign alongside top model karolina Kurkova. The models were dressed the same and looked like women. Andrej interested Marc Jacobs, who casted him in his Marc by Marc Jacobs campaign. He inspired a lot of fashion designers and big photographers. He was in the september (??) Vogue Paris in an editorial by Mert and Marcus and styled by Carine Roitfeld, in the November Italian vogue in front of Steven Meisel's lens and on the cover of Zeit Magazine photographed by Juergen Teller. In October (?- bad at months too!) he walked in JPG's haute couture show, which was the official beginning of the versatile and androgynous model!
We met him in the biggest photography studio in London. Right on time at 9 o'clock at the doors of Spring Studio stood Andrej Pejic. In tight pants and a short fur coat he looked like an eccentric rock star. In fact with long white hair with greenish ends, silver nails and an exceptionatly delicate face, he looked like an ethereal being. Before the session we were wondering about the androgynous sensation, if he turned up at the session, if we would instantly understand why fashion designers cast him in men's and women's shows. He acted like a normal guy, but his face was to different degrees male and female. He worked well and fast, but in quick breaks between shots we were able to talk to Andrej.
VM: do you like posing?
AP: Yeah, a lot. its one of the most creative things which i've ever done.
VM: do you prefer posing as a male or female?
AP: I prefer posing as a person who has a brain. Sometimes only as a (??) Now I know what they want from me. Posing as a woman, I'm sexy and sensual. As a man, I'm (--never seen this word before lol--)
VM: What was your reaction when you first got asked to pose as a woman?
AP: To me it was totally normal
VM: Do you feel like more of a man or more of a woman?
AP: Sometimes I feel like more of a woman, other times I feel male. I'm sure most people think of me as a woman. It doesn't bother me anymore and I feel fine about it (? not too sure about this part). I wear both men's and women's clothes but it's a lot easier to look good in women's clothes. Apart from that men's clothes are a lot more expensive.
VM: Do you wear dresses usually?
AP: When I look good in them I don't have a problem with it. I also wear high heels
VM: Do you wear make up?
AP: Not usually, i'm not a drag queen. I don't want to look unnatural, i'd prefer to be myself. If i shave, i put on make up only at night (I'm pretty sure that's what this says it was a bit blurry)
VM: Where did you get the idea to have silver nails and green hair? (OK i am not sure about that. but that's what it looks like)
AP: I flew to your session straight from New York, the silver nails and green hair are from the Jeremy Scott show
VM: Have you ever thought about having plastic surgery?
AP: Yeah, I've thought about it
VM: You're really thin, do you stick to any kind of special diet?
AP: I eat beans and do pilates
VM: When did you first get interested in fashion?
AP: A lot earlier. I read fashion magazines and and I loved shopping, but I never thought about a modelling career
VM: What started your adventure with modelling?
AP: At a vegetable market a modelling agent accosted me and suggested signing a modelling contract
VM: When did you discover your feminine streak?
AP: When I was still a little boy, I was really interested in my mum's wardrobe. When you're a kid everyone thinks it's sweet. On the other hand, growing up I realised there was a line between being a man and being a woman
VM: And your interest in your mum's wardrobe wasn't that sweet anymore?
AP: Yes. It wasn't normal anymore, that I dressed like a girl and played with dolls. When I was about 10 years old, I did everything I could to act like a normal boy but it was hard
VM: But now you do this with impunity, you walk men's and women's shows. Do you remember your first women;s show?
AP: It was some show in Australia,but the first serious one was Gaultier in Paris for haute cauture
VM: Is there any difference between men's and women's shows?
AP: Women's shows are a lot more demanding. You need to pay attention to how you walk, how you move. In men's shows you just walk and don't need to think about it
VM: Being a man is simpler?
AP: If you're talking about fashion- yes.
VM: How do other models react to you?
AP: They're really friendly. Maybe not like my best friends (used female for friends so he's talking about female models I guess) but they're not bad
VM: Have there ever been moments where you were uncomfortable with your unusual look?
AP: I don't consider my looks unusual, such an opinion is in my view really exaggerated. I only felt uncomfortable when I couldn't live as myself, (couldn't get this last bit)
VM:There are some people who are uncomfortable with your looks. What would you like to tell them?
AP: In reality I don't have any ill feeling toward them regardless how they see me. On every person, their environment plays a big influence on how they see things. The best thing to do is to eliminate these biases, is to educate society from a range of political, economic and (??) teachings. These sorts of close minded opinions can divide and stop our access to a better future.
VM: What sort of influence on your career do (? Cant read this bit) in in women's (? cant read either- too blurry) have?
AP: I think it had a big influence on my career as a whole. There are aspects of fashion that only women have access too- being in "Vogue" only means good things.
VM: (I didn't understand the second part of the question at all so figured there was no point doing the answer haha sorry!)
VM: Your success in the fashion industry means travelling around the world, and working with the best brands. Have these experiences had any influence on your perception on beauty and sexuality?
AP: I have to admit that it's changed my perception of beauty. People who once seemed gorgeous don't seem that attractive anymore. On the other hand people who I once thought looked a bit weird now look really interesting. Rightfully most people's attractiveness (i think) is a result of their intelligence and creativity, and not their outer appearance, and for that reason the definition of attractiveness hasn't changed. (he didnt talk about sexuality per se)
VM: What do you think is the secret of your success?
AP: I simply think the fashion world already saw a lot and were bored with simple solutions. They wanted something different, new, something like me. They need new toys to play with.
VM: You're really busy. Do you have time where you can go out at night with friends?
AP: Like every young person, I go to parties. With friends I go mainly to clubs and to concerts.
VM: If you were to be a rock star, who would you want to be?
AP: I think Pete Burns
VM: What do you think about Lady Gaga?
AP: Her songs could be a bit more intelligent. But i think that she takes the best aspects of music and art from the 70s, 80s and 90s, and makes it into a good whole. I commend her for her creativity. (i dont think i translated this very well lol)
VM: When you're in a club, in high heels, and when a guy wants to buy you a drink, at what moment do you tell him you're a man?
AP: I've been bought a lot of drinks but I've never gone home with anyone who didn't know I was a man. I've realised that for most it isn't a problem. They just order me more drinks.
VM: You don't feel resentful when another man makes jokes about you?
AP: No, as long as its all in the limits of good taste
VM: Are you interested in men or women?
AP: Let me say it this way: to me, love has no barriers
VM: Are you religious?
AP: No, I'm an atheist and a materialist
VM: Thanks for the interview

wow i didnt realise how long this was til i finished.

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Andrej and his mum and his hair lol

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Thanks for trying

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