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Mr. Magic
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Kim Kraglund
He looks like male Eugenia Volodina. Tall, dark, and that shady eyes
And just today featured by Unique Copenhagen.

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front row
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Phenomenal face! Saw him on Unique's blog and my jaw dropped.

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Mr. Magic
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Height: 187
Size: 50
Chest: 102
Waist: 81
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown green
Shoes: 46

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You are right about Volodina thing, I see that too

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Mr. Magic
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CPH Vision/Terminal-2 Press Shows SS12 Copenhagen


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Mr. Magic
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Signed with RED NYC.

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Oh hello there hottie so true about Volodina... they definitely look related

Either way, great face, nice features... I'm sure we'll see more of him in the upcoming months...

Your clothes are all made by Balmain...
and there's diamonds and pearls in your hair...
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Mr. Magic
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backstage pass
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great pix! thanks...

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Mr. Magic
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Heeeey guuyys cool to be here!

My name is Kim and Iím from a small town outside Copenhagen, Denmark. Iím 20 years old born in november and about to turn 21 (Party legally in Nyc yeah!)

If I were to describe myself in 3 words I would say; Energetic, happy and open-minded I think that life is about enjoying it so thatís what I do!

I love hanging out with my friends and playing sports I love the competition and the concentration it requires and, of course, mocking the loser if I win!!

I enjoy going out as well but travelling, collecting new memories and meeting new people is what I love doing the most!

So thanks for having me and I hope youíll enjoy! Peace out

Discovered during a lunchbreak!

I got discovered in school by a girl attending the same school. She approached me during lunchbreak and asked me if she could take pictures of me. I was a bit hesitant about it but I decided to give it a go and so we met up at her place and started to shoot almost immediatly. I clearly remember how awkward I felt during the shoot I was NOT prepared to do this but we carried on at her house and in public whereas the public part was painfull, haha.

Despite that I had great fun and we occasionally would have shoots some of wich she would pair me with other guys or girls. A girl from one of the shoots wanted to go pro so she sent her portfolio around to different agencies, one of the agencies saw me in her pictures and asked for my number and rang me up. It was after that call I decided to try and do this all the way.

So thank you Lyla Hougaard! Youíve opened up a world to me of travelling and new experiences and that is the favorite thing about modelling, for me.

Working with photographers: establishing the chemistry

What do I like most when Iím working with a photographer, I guess the whole playup to getting on the same note and establishing the chemistry between model and photographer, and especially shooting when the chemistry is established, thatís when itís fun to work, and thatís when it works.

As to shooting naked I havenít done so yet and I doubt I will ever do. Iíve declined requests to do so many times and I think itís gonna stay that way, sorry!

The catwalks and the backstages

I havenít done too many shows yet, actually only 4 for Leviís, Diesel Project and David Andersen and T2 during danish FW but I am doing the shows in January in Milan/Paris.

I like walking shows though, you get a really cool rush before walking in before the crowd. And the backstage of a show is always an interresting place to be. Everyoneís hurrying and stressing around so it gives the place a really cool energy, as it only goes on for around 20 mins. Oh yeah and just before going on the runway weíre actually quite often given liquour to calm our nerves. Not too much though! . Did I mention i like walking shows?

Modeling world: women still rule this business?

Well, honestly Iím a new kid on the block so Iím no expert, but yeah, women runs this business for sure. I definetly think the girls gets more attention, at least thatís what Iím hearing from the insiders.

Any favorite model inspired you?

Iím sorry but I donít have any, there could be top 5 girls or guys in front of me and I would have no idea who they are

A fashionista?

Iím not super fashion when it comes to just hanging around, but I do care about what I wear and how it looks I guess Iím casually-fashionably-dressed? haha, wow anyways for me thereís nothing wrong with a pair of baggy pants/jogs and a tanktop and hoodie if Iím alone just relaxing for sure!

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

Well, if they got really wild and it was something I would wanna get away from, I would
a) Pretend I couldnít speak english
b) Put the attention on him saying ďOh my god heís got a bomb!!Ē
c) Look in the sky going, is that a bird? a plane?

But I doubt I would resolve to any of that. I think I would handle it quite casually trying to acknowledge everyone as much as possible, for sure!

Dating X Love

I feel strongly about staying faithful in a relationship, and floating freely as single!


Iím all about sports, new sports, old sports, winter sports, summer sports you name it! Iím in

Atracting someoneīs attention

Besides spilling hot coffee on their lab or hypnotizing? Iím pretty good at starting up a conversation and if i see someone I want to talk with, I donít hesitate.

Having fun, enjoying life

Well, I am a party animal so I do love going out I always enjoy life the most when Iím travelling and seeing new places though.

Craziest thing in a summertime season

As for craziest nasiest things when my friends and I play sports it often (always) involves punishment, so if you lose you have to make an embarassing call, eat something disgusting or simply pay the dinner for the winners. My worst punishment? I had to lick a bald cat down its spine uuuhhh, and another time moon through a car-window all the way through town.

Fav artists

My favorite artist is Lyla Hougaard, she is the photographer that discovered me and Iíve never met anyone so passionate about anything and thatís really beautiful and inspiring. As for music Iím currently listening to Richie Kotzen, Neil Young and Nephew.

Fav food

Iím an absolute sucker for Lobster, Monkfish and a great steak

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments (lol!
I always wear slim (insert the small underwear thatís low rise please?)

Guilty pleasure

Chocolate and red wine (Can I say sex? hahaha)

If you werenīt a model youīd beÖ

Probably still in school, but if not, a sociologist

An unforgettable moment

Stepping out of the airport in NYC, a place I had only seen in tv and news and never thought I would experience.


Life is good

Contact info

RED Models

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Mr. Magic
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Model of the Week : Kim Kraglund

Red Model Management


189cm (6í2.5″)

Place of Origin:
Hoersholm, Denmark

Ethnic Origin:


How discovered:
I got discovered in school during lunch break by another student.

Favorite things:
Traveling, cooking and sports.

Favorite music, band:
I think Iím very open when it comes to music, if it sounds good to me I listen to it no matter what the genre is. I mostly listen to rock though.

I donít really have one hobby, I tend to find something new and challenging but when Iíve learned it I pick up something else, whatís that called? Probably something bad, hah! Anyways Iím currently trying to learn to play hacky sack properly and when I get back home Iíve still to learn to play saxophone better.

Favorite piece of clothing:
That would be my necklace. It is a uniquely curved gold cross on a white-silver chain, it means alot to me and I only take it off if I have to. I got the chain from my best friend since childhood and the cross was given to me by my father, I wear it for good luck.

Whatís your idea of fun?
I do enjoy nightlife, but I enjoy sports more. Iím not particuarly good at any but Iím above average in all and I love the way it connects me and my friends and then separates us again because I mock them if I win, hah!

Favorite modeling experience so far?
Going to Trieste, close to Croatia for a show, it was a beautiful location and right next to a beach, it was very different from what Iíve tried before and a great experience indeed.

Whatís the best thing about your hometown/country?
Denmark is beautiful and very peaceful so definitely relaxing.

Favorite artist (any kind):
How cheesy this ever may sound itís my dear friend and the photographer that discovered me, Lyla Hougaard. Iíve never met anyone with so much passion for anything and I find that very beautiful and inspiring.

Place you would love to visit:
Iíd love to go to Serbia, that would make my traveling experiences exciting and different.

Currently youíre obsessed with/about:
Besides making that stupid hacky sack bounce correctly, Iím currently watching a lot of old movies and a lot of South Park, weird combination, I know.

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Mr. Magic
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Courtesy of Michael Epps photography

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Ph: Sean P. Watters

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facebook / Michael Epps Photography

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fashion insider
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a lil bit Tomas Skoloudik vibe here

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