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God Save McQueen
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i can't believe its really over

couture is only a couple months away you guys. and there is always pre-fall if they do shows

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backstage pass
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The best thread ever!!!!!!!!!

Help me much!!!!!!!!

Tanks all...special tanks for Faith!!!!!!!

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it's been fun, guys! another thing to get addicted to ID-ing!
I still have a couple of lists, and partial lists I made that I never got around to posting, so i'll try post them before Faith does the final count.

Zucca SS08 (Paris)
Bruna Sottili
Caroline Demarqui
Cicely Telman
Drielly Oliveira
Elsa Sylvan (C)
Lyoka T
Simona McIntyre
Uliana Tikhova
Valentijn de Hingh (O)
Valeria Pahuliayeva
Yekaterina Simakova
Zia Wagner


Last edited by Faith Akiyama; 08-10-2007 at 08:27 AM.
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There is only Karl
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we should make a top ten list for this season

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fashion insider
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1. I need to find out
3. Valeria Pahuliayeva
4. Cicely Telman
6. Zia Wagner
8. Uliana Tikhova
9. Valeria P.

Great job with the lists, everyone!

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fashion insider
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Thanks everyone for a great thread
and for the cupcakes and bubbly mmmmmmmmmmmm

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It's really making me sad the fact it's finished. Everytime I logged on tfs I first checked this thread to see the castings of the shows. Faith , Mr Dale, julesrules, jssy4eva, thank you all !

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fashion icon
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Thank you to everyone for all their hard work iding this season! as if the month is over already, it went really fast!

"Wear flats. you're short. it's much cooler not to pretend." -Alber Elbaz
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tfs star
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Thank you everybody!, this was so much fun, plus I got to know a lot of new models, and my ID skills improved.

Can't wait 'til next season.

-*.:Suvi, Lara, Coco, Freja, Raquel, Tanya, Kasia, Sasha.:*-
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Well done everyone! I hope I can help next season .

Now for FW08!!

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Unveil Yourself....
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This thread has been so great! Thanks to everyone who contributed!! And never have I been able to recognise so many new faces just one day after fashion week

Beauty is the climactic apotheosis of flowing elegance...
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utterly superfluous
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Well, I certainly do not have much to say that has not already been articulated by others before me. Still, it's the thought that counts so bear with me.

First, I would just like to thank model_mom for finally coming up with a solution that not only reduced the mindless clutter that the Model ID thread can be sometimes, but also that somewhat ensures that we are not re-IDing. Efficiency at its finest! Everyone certainly has their favorite types of models, and favorite models that may not be known to the rest of the forum, so its wonderful to collectively help and ID. What unity we have displayed!

Second, thanks to Faith for taking the time to keep this as bloody well organized as possible. I'm more than aware that we as modelistas are so excited to ID and to be the one that solves the, metaphorically speaking, puzzle that can be a castlist. So thank you for your patience and hard work maintaing this, all the while maintaing your lists (though I'm sure the symbiotic nature of their relationship has helped to make the latter much easier).

Thirdly, thanks to every single member here who ever posted a show list, who ever knew a name that someone else didn't, and who made this thread as amazing as it has been.

Finally, I thought it would be cute to make a little list of what I have learned from this thread. You know, just to be funny and irreverant. Enjoy!

1. I am more convinced than ever that hijacks our IDs. Well, even though we may never get credit, and it still does not prevent them from labeling Daiane as Oxana at Miu Miu (go check before they change it!), at least they're 'getting better.'

2. If you see Alyona Osmanova at a show, Alana Zimmer cannot be that far behind, and visa versa. The same is true with Irina Kulikova and Anabela Belikova.

3. I will most likely forget how to ID Vanessa Milde all over again next season, but luckily Jules will be here to remind me.

4. The moment that I was able to ID a model (quite possibly a very distorted Caroline Demarqui, if I remember correctly) based on the small freckle above her collarbone, I realized that I was probably insane. Yet, I found solace in the notion that everyone else in this thread has probably reach a very similar epiphony.

5. "Patience is a virtue!"

6. Sometimes you can have a Vogue Italia cover, a Prada Resort campaign and a D&G Resort campaign to your name and still not walk that many shows....

7. However expansive one's individual knowledge is, the collective whole of the group will always be more successful!

Cannot wait until next season everyone!

This is a business first; friends second.
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yaars, you are one of the cutest thing in the world.

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Major "hear, hear!" to everything you just posted! Especially #7...

The "pair deals" (Alana/Alyona and Anabela/Irina) definitely amused me to no end this season. Now I wonder which of the new faces will take part in future "couplings."

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fashion elite
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Ugh, this is just so sad. I can't believe I'm taking this so seriously.

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