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Ponytrot,who is the guy in the first picture of #14 post?So hot................

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forgot about the crediting!

coacd.blogspot and

Emil- i don't know who he is but he is quite the cutie!

...actually he's not Karl's bodyguard is he? (that one that also models for karl )

World enough and time...

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another article! - her role as muse for Karl

Section: Features, Tastemaker, pg. 68 - Times Magazine

It's a tough job, being muse to Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel, but Amanda Harlech
carries it off with effortless aplomb

"Do we like that word, taste?" asks Amanda Harlech, 44, muse to Karl Lagerfeld
at Chanel, as I explain the nature of this article. "Because I don't think what
I do is as despotic as inflicting people with my taste. If anything, it would
be to show that everybody's personal vision is valid."

This is a humble self-assessment from the woman whose style has influenced
fashion and its followers since she started working at Harpers & Queen as
junior fashion editor back in 1984. She was John Galliano's muse for 13 years
and her current influential role as the "driving spirit of the house of Chanel"
is stronger than ever.

"To me, Amanda is the modern Chanel," says Lagerfeld. "That is why I like to
look at her and work with her and talk with her. She is not a fashion victim.
Style is the opposite of fashion victim."

We lunch on a sunny day in the courtyard of the Paris Ritz, where she has a
permanent suite, as Coco Chanel once did. Harlech looks the epitome of Chanel
chic: black high-waisted trousers and twinset, red Manolos, inky-black hair
teased into a "do" from that morning's Japanese Vogue shoot, and huge dark
glasses that cover her blue eyes and much of her fine-boned face.

Part of the reason Harlech is able to avoid becoming a slave to the enclosed
world of fashion is that she leads the perfect double life, dividing her time
between Paris and her home in Shropshire, which she shares with her children
from her marriage to Lord Harlech -Tallulah, 16, and Jasset, 18 -her boyfriend
Neil Gittins, who farms the land, and seven horses, three dogs and two cats.
But she can be sure of a daily fax from Lagerfeld. "It comes through the night
and I find it after breakfast. We don't do e-mail, because it's too impersonal
-I can hear his voice in the written word."

Despite being a talented pianist, actress, artist and writer, Harlech decided
to follow the fashion path. "In my need to communicate," she explains, "I felt
it was better, quicker and easier to work in fashion."

Harlech grew up in a house in Regent's Park, where "the sound of the zoo woke
me up in the morning", and where she would play dress-up with her two brothers
and next-door neighbour, Jasper Conran. "In the dressing-up box was my mother's
wedding dress, the most wonderful black Christian Dior pleated dress, which I'm
afraid I turned into a witch's outfit for Hallowe'en," she explains.

After reading English at Oxford, Harlech met Harpers & Queen stylist Sophie
Hicks, who asked her to help out on a fashion shoot. She spent a month making
tea on the magazine, but was quickly made junior fashion editor, shooting with
up-and-coming photographers including Mario Testino and Andrew Macpherson. But
after four years at Harpers, Harlech began to get frustrated. "I found it more
and more difficult to find the clothes I wanted to photograph without radically
cutting, twisting, pinning and laddering them," she explains. "I felt that
editorial should lead and not just follow or duplicate."

She was then introduced by a friend to fledgling designer John Galliano, who
was at that point still a student at Central St Martins. "We just agreed about
everything," she explains. "I remember being completely stunned by his
drawings, his delicacy and emotion." The pair collaborated for 13 years, from
Galliano's first show until he signed the Christian Dior contract, which is
when things became a little complicated.

It was at this point that, like a fairy godfather, Lagerfeld stepped in.

They had already met at some of the wild dinner parties Lagerfeld had thrown
in the 18th-century splendour of his Paris house during Fashion Week. "Karl
knew I was having problems on a contractual level and said he wanted to work
with me, but he also understood the special relationship I had with John,"
explains Harlech. "He suggested Chanel draw me up a contract so that Dior would
take me more seriously. But they didn't -they just laughed and said they
thought there was a typing error."

So, in 1997, Harlech began as the new English girl in this intensely French
fashion house. "I was very quiet for the first year," she explains. "I was so
in awe of Chanel that, to be honest, I felt like a secret weapon that had
failed. But then it suddenly clicked that I should just go back to being
myself, which freed me to be able to work, to talk and to be me."

Harlech explains the difference between working with the two designers.

With Galliano, she was involved in everything from handbags to shoes to
describing a world. "Working with Karl was a lot more abstract; it was design
taken to its highest level," she explains. "And he works at high speed, like a
jet-fighter pilot."

The role of the muse is a rather mysterious one, but Harlech explains that, as
well as clothes, she is involved in all aspects of Lagerfeld's creativity, from
his book publishing company and his photography to the private houses he

The night before our interview, I had watched the 2004 Cruise collection -
girls in perfect blazers, tweed and pleated chiffon on a boat meandering down
the Seine at sunset. The boat had been given the Chanel treatment: giant logos,
neutral carpet, wicker armchairs with cream cushions, champagne, canapes.
Harlech's day had been spent at fittings in the morning, then with Lagerfeld
for four hours as he began working on next season's ready-to-wear collection.

Backstage at the shows, Harlech works as a calming device. "I've done so many
shows that, in a crisis, I'm a good Florence Nightingale," she says.

"It's up to these terrified 16-year-old girls to carry Karl's idea out on
their slender shoulders, so I tell them they're beautiful and not to catch
their heel in the hem." After the show, Lagerfeld is inundated with press, TV
cameras and booms, so Harlech will speak to those who can't get to him.

What she doesn't do, unlike many muses, is trawl second-hand clothes shops
looking for inspiration, because with Lagerfeld it's pointless. "Karl's seen it
all before; he has an incredibly photographic memory," she says.

"He knows exactly every reference."

Harlech's next Parisian engagement was the haute couture show, which she
describes as "glory, glory wonderment". "For Karl, the couture is about how
much finer and lighter it can get," she says. "It's the stuff of dreams.

They are dream dresses that give you goosebumps as they go past."

Strangely, and despite her effortless relationship with clothes, Harlech has
never felt the need to design. "I can't," she says. "I don't think I've got the
original idea. But I'm really good on the second beat. It always staggers me
that Karl can see a line and then the line changes to something else. His
evolution of the perfect Chanel suit is a quest that he's on and he's
constantly redefining and refining that. The fashion is the assimilation of
clothes for the body of the moment, and Karl does that brilliantly." And then,
with her own sprinkling of fairy dust, Harlech wears it beautifully.

Copyright (C) The Times, 2004

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2007/8 Chanel Cruise Show


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She is what I want to look like when I'm her age.

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She's amazing!

With Carl at the 2007 Monte Carlo Rose Ball {gettyimages}
Attached Images
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"Chanel house icon Lady Amanda Harlech and MDC No 1 male model Brad Kroenig"


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I had no idea there was a thread on her. I LOVE her style. Always put together but manages to be edgy at the same time.

Thanks for all the pics!


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Absolute perfection.. Does anyone know what date she was born? I have an obsession with starsigns and muses!

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new pictures!!!

man, i need to like- marry one of her sons or something!!

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With Karl at the Valentino Gala - 7-7-07 (Getty)

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Does anyone have the pictures that accompanied the article on Lady Amanda in Vogue? I am looking for a particular picture of her in white breeches, but I would also like to revisit her Shropshire home as it was captured in those photos...

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Here's a link to a preview pic of Amanda in the new GAP ad campaign

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^thanks so much Karina!


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i'm almost ready..
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i saw a photo of her in vogue once....she was outdoors....i can barely remember what it looked like but i remember it being captivating

i havent read the articles in this thread so i actually have no idea who she is, but she wears some beautiful clothes

thanks for all the photos

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