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I like MK's bag, but that's about were it ends on this one.

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i loooove her bag! (MK)

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Aaah MK looks so good, if only she would get rid of the John Lennon/Harry Potter glasses.. quite like that look though

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Does anybody have any more pictures of Ash from post #49841 (in the blue dress shirt/ 3rd picture) Oh.. and does anyone know who makes her sunnies?


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Love Mk's bag

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me too!

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Love MK's boots!!!

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^me too

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Originally Posted by johnnys_girl09 View Post
Does anybody have any more pictures of Ash from post #49841 (in the blue dress shirt/ 3rd picture) Oh.. and does anyone know who makes her sunnies?
sorry, i don't have the whole outfit of that, but if anybody does have, would be nice

i love really both mk and ashley, love how they think, their style etc...but when it comes to style i prefer ashley...
and i don't know why people tend to say that she dresses 'professional' or not enough daring, when so many times she wears almoust same stuff as mk, and many times both of them said they could easily dress in eachother chlosets...
the difference is that mk kinda throws things and looks far more eccentrick wich is ok, but it does not neccecerely means she's a better dresser or has more style...
when ashley makes an effort she always wears great clothes and looks great in them...and that row thing was more of ashley's idea, and couldn't be better...anyway, guess they're both in some busy period where they don't really try a lot....

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Ash is always adorable!


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Has Ashley gone mad? what is she wearing?

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yay for the new thread.

they havent really been trying to be stylish nowadays. its a probably going to be a trend within itself.

i dont know about you guys but its personally been influencing me.

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So I'm actually really excited about this new thread deal. I feel like it's a new era for the girls. I wish they would freaking do some more public appearances though, they're losing their own personal style street cred, I think! We all know they have it in them, it's just that they're dressing for themselves these days... meaning comfort, not glamor. I don't know... at first, I was fine with the mom jeans from Ashley and heavy coats from Mary-Kate, but I am starting to get really frustrated. I need something new and inspiring.

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I wanna know the bag details too, it looks so buttery slouchy

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Totally agree with everything you said, romantics.
I'm getting bored. They used to wear colour. They used to seriously march to the beat of their own drum. Now I get the sense than for Ashley she just doesn't really care and Mk is dressing like every boring hipster just with more money to burn.
I like when they were younger and....funner. Like, they actually seemed to have fun dressing up. Now it's so bleak.

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