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Chanel Tribeca Film Festival Artists Dinner on April 24, 2013 in New York City.

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So chic. Her hair is looking better.

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Very chic I agree. I always love when she wears black. I think she's wearing Chanel SS13.
I wish we could have a full lenght shot of her outfit in #709 looks very interesting. I also love her new snakeskin bag.

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Gorgeous I love her makeup

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Yess, the makeup is fab, and I like that whole getup (#710), kinda 90s reinvented, severe-meets-serene... really lovely.

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she looks so ethereal, almost ghostlike, reminds me of Carolyn Bessette Kennedy

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Vanessa Traina @ The Metropolitan Museum of Art's COSTUME INSTITUTE Benefit Celebrating PUNK: Chaos to Couture - May 06, 2013


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Is she wearing Alexander Wang for Balenciaga?

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She's stunning. Vanessa is perfect :O

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She can do no wrong, what a beauty


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Originally Posted by lemeray View Post
Is she wearing Alexander Wang for Balenciaga?
Yes she is.

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Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous

"Quality will be remembered long after price has been forgotten" .Aldo Gucci.
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INTERMISSION II August/September 2010


Photos: John Scarisbrick.
Styling: Vanessa Traina.
Text: Stephanie Lacava.

Vanessa Traina almost became a ballerina. “I really took a liking to it. So, my mom put me at a more serious school to train and get into the San Francisco ballet,” Traina, 25, says of the thirteen years following her two-year-old debut at Ballet with Miss Tilly. Maybe it was the impromptu fashion shows staged in high school with a boy named Alexander Wang or the occasional couture show in Paris, which caused Traina to decide on a different direction. Either way, it’s hard to imagine fashion right now without her. All this recognition, though, was a happy accident. Traina just wants to work as a stylist and consultant or spend time with family and friends like designer Joseph Altuzarra. Oh, yes, and Wang’s still around too.

Stephanie LaCava: Thank you for taking the time for this interview. Where are you right now?

Vanessa Traina: Working in Paris. I’ll be between here and Italy all month. I was just in New York with Joseph (Altuzarra) at his studio working on the spring collection. We were doing knitwear fittings with a look model and making alterations to the samples so he can send them back to the factories. It’s always a mad rush to do as much as we can before they close in August. We also looked at some last minute fabrics and went over the accessories.

SL: You’ve been friends with Joseph for a long time. How did you two first meet?

VT: It was through a mutual friend, three years ago in Paris. She was staying with him so we all met up for drinks at Bar Matisse. We just stood outside and smoked cigarettes and talked all night. It was so natural. When we met I felt like I’d known him my whole life and he felt the same way. Joseph has such a kind heart. He is one of the most genuine people I have ever met, which is why I think we became friendly so quickly. We came to New York at the same time and kind of went through the process of moving together.

SL: When did you make the transition to start working with Joseph?

VT: I interned at French Vogue right after I finished college and Melanie Huynh who was at there at the time is Joseph’s stylist. I was in his first look book and he would always show me his sketches.

SL: What were those original sketches like?

VT: He’s an amazing illustrator.

SL: Has he every sketched you?

VT: He drew a portrait of me and gave it to me as a gift one time. It’s framed in my TV room.

SL: How did you end up walking the runway in the last two shows?

VT: He and Melanie asked me for his first presentation and I couldn’t do it because it conflicted with something else I was working on. The next season, he asked me to do it again and I was more than happy to do so. It was a total rush. I was so nervous. It was cute because a lot of people at the show were friends of ours. My sister and my boyfriend were sitting front row. Everyone was so proud of me. It was a really sweet moment, really fun.

SL: When did your role as a consultant become more formal within the company?

VT: Our relationship is different than most because Joseph and I are so close. As friends, we hang out at least four times a week. Of course, there are other things in our relationship besides fashion. He’s always calling and bouncing ideas off me. It’s so continual that it doesn’t feel like working with him. He wants me to be part of the brand in whatever way I can.

SL: You helped make the introduction between Gaia Repossi and Joseph for the jewelry in his last show. How did this come about?

VT: I’ve known Gaia since I was really young. My mother is friends with her parents. Every summer when I went to Europe our families would have dinner. I introduced her to Alex (Wang) as well. Gaia and I have always wanted to do some sort of collaboration, but there’s nothing set in stone. She’s such a talented artist.

SL: How did you meet Alexander Wang?

VT: I went to high school with Alex in San Francisco so I have been friends with him for about ten years now. Our high school was really small. My sister and I gravitated towards him, because the three of us were already breathing fashion. When we were fifteen, we put on a fashion show. Alex sewed all the clothes.

SL: What were the clothes like?

VT: Mini [laughs] He used to cut up these vintage jeans and make us denim skirts. I still have them—and he’d make us T-shirts. We used to place orders every season with him.

SL: What do you love most about Alex?

VT: I love his attitude towards fashion and life. He really captures the nonchalance of the cool girl in his clothes and he’s a great friend who’s so fun to be around.

SL: It’s so amazing to have close, old friends that you work with, as well. You’ve been with your boyfriend Chad Muska for eight years. How did you two first meet? What’s it like dating a proskater?

VT: I was with some girlfriends and he was with a friend of one of my girlfriends and we met at a restaurant one night in LA. That was eight years ago and it slowly evolved into a relationship. He’s a street skater. They just kind of take off and the city is their playground. I watch him skate and I love it. It’s scary because he flies down staircases or off 20 ft jumps. It’s so sexy watching someone do what they’re so good at. We live together in the West Village, but he also has a studio in Union Square. He’s always been into photography, but he’s been playing around with it a little more and doing some large-scale work, a mix of photographer and painting. I have his pictures hanging in our bedroom. It’s a photo series he did of Kate Moss manipulated and painted different shades of pink.

SL: Do you have any other photography or collections?

VT: My sisters always give me photography as birthday or Christmas gifts. Over the years, I’ve also collected prints from Juergen Teller, Slim Aarons, Bruce Weber, and Ryan McGinley. Maciek Kobielski did a portrait of Chad and me that was in an accessories story in French Vogue a few years ago and we have a really big print of it. I also collect old religious artifacts like Virgin Mary statues. Joseph gave me a really beautiful vintage Mary from the South of France, very bare, elegant and made from wood. I’m trying to picture my apartment I haven’t been there in a while [laughs]

SL: Where else have you been traveling?

VT: I was in Los Angeles a month ago, which is fun because I stay with my sister Samantha out there.

SL: What’s she up to?

VT: She’s the fashion editor at C magazine.

SL: And your other sister, Victoria?

VT: Victoria is working with Proenza Schouler doing consulting for the capsule collection.

SL: She’s in New York too, right?

VT: She’s been living there for eight years. When I was living in LA and she was in New York, we spoke multiple times a day and it always felt like there was a piece of one of us missing. Growing up I actually shared a room with her (at our family house in San Francisco, we still share the same room when we go home for the holidays) so we understand each other very well. Now, we live only ten blocks apart in New York. My sisters are honestly my best friends. My mother (novelist Danielle Steele) was an only child and always dreamt of having sisters and a big family, so she raised us all in a way to really be there for each other. There is something so powerful between close siblings.

SL: What was it like growing up in San Francisco?

VT: San Francisco is very laid back, an almost hippie kind of city, so when I was home I was going to school or house parties on the weekends and just hanging out with my friends. Every few months I would go to New York or Europe with my family. In Paris, I would be going to a couture show or dancing with my sisters at clubs when we were about 15 or so. This dichotomy really helped shape who I am now. I had such a down to earth upbringing with little bursts of culture and excitement every now and then. I have a very large family (8 siblings) so there was always a lot going on at the house in San Francisco. When we were in grade school there were five of us at home on any given weekend and when each of us had three friends over that was automatically nearly twenty kids in the house. There was a kitchen filled with junk food, an arcade in our basement and a swimming pool, which isn’t very common in San Francisco. It was so fun. My mother would write her books at night in her nightgown and sometimes stay in her pajamas all day. She didn’t care if there were five little kids running in and disturbing her while she was working. She loved when we came into her office to hang out with her. When we were younger my parents used to go to a lot of parties. My sisters and I would always sit on the floor in my mom’s bathroom and hang out with her while she got ready, flipping through Vogues and all that stuff. There was a big staircase, and she would then come down the stairs in her black tie looks. We were totally into fashion from such a young age.

SL: How did you begin styling?

VT: My mother actually studied design at Parson’s before she started writing so she always had a thing for fashion, which she definitely passed on to me and my sisters. I did an internship in the fashion department of French Vogue and there was no turning back. Of course I have a long, long way to go, but I am learning so much and I don’t think there is anything else I would rather be doing. When I was a teenager, I did a shoot for Teen Vogue with my sister. Camilla Nickerson styled it and I thought she was like a God. Maybe that was when I decided styling was what I wanted to do. I was so inspired by the way she thought about clothes. I will always remember she was wearing her son’s leather jacket and it looked so perfect and shrunken on her. It made me think about clothes in a different way. After that, I scoured my little brother’s closet to see what I could do with an unexpected piece.

SL: You just modeled in a press kit for one of Louis Vuitton’s accessory lines and the campaign for French company Maje, when did you start modeling?

VT: It started with friends. Even now I don’t really pursue it, but if an opportunity comes up that I think will be fun, I’ll definitely take it. It is interesting to be on both sides of the camera sometimes.

SL: Are there any stylists you would want to work with in the future?

VT: Three years ago I shot a French Vogue editorial with Carine Roitfeld that was definitely a highlight. It was before I did the internship at the magazine. I met her at a dinner party and she called me a few days later. I was freaking out.

SL: Anyone in fashion you’d love to meet?

VT: I’ve never met Tom Ford. I find him to be such a strong force.

SL: How about two sentences to describe your closet?

VT: Oh God.

SL: Don’t worry that doesn’t count.

VT: I keep everything. I don’t get rid of old collections. It’s a mish mash of years of buying clothes. I love Balenciaga. Now, I’m amassing quite the collection of Joseph’s pieces, Alex’s stuff is great for all-the-time wear and I have some cool old Helmut Lang and Margiela. I love them all.

SL: I’ll use a lot of commas.

VT: [laughs]

SL: What do see for the year ahead?

VT: You can’t really plan in this industry, because you never know. If next year is anything like this past year, I am definitely excited to see what will happen. I hope it will be filled with many more shoots and shows and that I will continue to grow and learn with each experience.

SL: And tonight?

VT: Sleep—and read. I just started Patti Smith’s book Just Kids, which I love. Chad usually skates all day so by the time he gets home he’s usually knackered. So we just relax and hang out with each other. I love walking around in Paris, just getting lost. That’s what I love about New York too

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j'adore couture (life in fashion and in print)
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^ shes not pregnant is she? maybe just the angle shes standing.

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