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I really love the colour.
Victoria looks amazing.
I think that it's one of her best looks in 2012

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yeah she looked ridic at wimbledon. The outfit just was not (imo) venue appropriate. Head to toe in her own label was waaaaay too much 'look at me! look at me!'.

anyhoo. she looks great in #868 but I cant decide about the seatbuckle straps on the dress. hot or wrong?....

& LOL at davids constant posing. He is worse than her.

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(July 9) in London, England.


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has this woman ever smiled?

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^yes. she has such a beautiful smile!

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I think the dress at Wimbledon was perfect, fantastic color for the final match of the best tennis tournament, and she wasn't head to toe in her own label, the boots were Tom Ford. And most certainly not overdressed (perhaps the boots), she was sitting in the Royal Box, everyone there was really turned out. The woman next to hear had a full on Celine look. Not that it matters to VB if she is in the RB or not,s he would always come dressed to the max. Also she looked stunning, when they showed her on TV, she was glowing.

And the latest candids, she really looks even better, the make-up is perfection, that dress really suits her, and the hairstyle while i am sick of it, it works with this dress. I dont know what it is, she has been looking so different lately, almost looks like she does during pregnancies, although she probably just got some rest. ( woman has enough kids as it is)

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She is a very poor designer to me honest...I can't find a piece from her collection that I truly like and all the dresses seem the same, at least the dresses she wears!

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Nonsense. She has signature silhouettes but if you compare year by year there is a lot of variety.

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It's nice to see her in such a lovely bright colour. She looks fabulous.

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Originally Posted by MartiniKiss View Post
I love that "he's mine" gesture

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Love the color and style of her dress at the Fuller party. However, David's eyebrows are scaring me.

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I agree; it is very nice to see her in a brighter colour and showing a little more skin. She looks fabulous - what perfectly square shoulders she has!

Occasionally I'd like to see her in a looser, more flowing silhouette, with maybe some flat sandals, and her hair down, and smiling. Am I asking too much?

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Loved her look at Wimbledon and this wonderful dress with the cross-strap back.

Her hairstyle is timeless and she wears it well. Having said this, she will probably change it tomorrow morning and upset me all over again...

She does have a wonderful smile, though I am not at all bothered that we don't see toothy grinning snaps of her - I'm here for the clothes, hair, shoes, and bags...

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Concerning the Wimbledon snaps: I've always had the feeling that she's a bit shy by nature so maybe she was a bit too aware of herself and seemed a bit tense because of that. She knew there would be lots of press there trying to take pictures that would sell tabloids. Hence why she might've frozen and ended up looking "posey" or whatever the most green arrowed comment on the daily mail page was. She dressed up in something that she felt she would be comfortable and I think that's what's important.

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Who wore it better?

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