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Overview of reconfiguration
Plan to Reconfigure Forums For Better Flow


The moderation team leaders have put a lot of work into thinking about the best way to structure the discussions at TFS. Our mission is to try and increase the quality of the forums by grouping similar discussions. We all know there are topics that overlap and that organizing these discussions can be sliced many ways and all can be correct. We have put a great deal of thought into the best way to reorganize and want to share our ideas with you.

The plan is to move some forums (their location on the page, ie. up or down), merge some forums and even make the Creative Team forum it's own category. One of the things we were trying to accomplish is to give a more pleasing overall look, we plan to do this by having 4 forums per category (with one exception). Other then being esthetically pleasing, this change will make the site more user-friendly (better groupings) and make the whole site easier to understand and navigate.

In order to be a sophisticated fashion community, one of our goals is to make sure the quality of discussions stays on par with tFS' image. Some other little changes include, splitting Body & Soul so that Soul is the first forum in the Sidewalk Café. Here members can discuss serious personal issues as you would with a friend over a coffee. It will include topics covering jobs, relationships, self-esteem, etc and fun topics like 'your latest crush'.

The closing of the Favorites is due to low traffic. With the many new forums we have gotten lately, making it easier to find new homes for most of the favorites threads. Those left will find a home in our new entertainment forum.

We have looked at the areas of tFS which were clogged and the ones which are slow and have distributed things more evenly and effectively. This is an effort to create a more even flow of traffic throughout the entire board, to distribute the thoughtful and valuable topics and to encourage more thoughtful posts throughout the forums which add value to the content of tFS.


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the Entertainment Spot
We are going to change the Spot to the Entertainment Spot. In this process we are going to empty out the Favorites by moving threads to fitting forums. All the threads leftover (mainly topics discussing film, TV, books, travel) will be merged with the "new" Entertainment Spot.

The "new" Entertainment Spot will be moved on the forum listing page so that it is the very last forum at the bottom. This will give the "old" spot some much needed focus and direction and encourage more thoughtful posts which add value to the site. The games subforum will remain.

The Sidewalk Café
Our goal is that the Sidewalk Café will be the area of the site for topics that are not directly related to fashion but are things you might talk to a friend about over a cup of coffee at a café (perhaps after a lovely day of shows or shopping). Examples of discussions we expect to have here are about film, music, travel, relationships, etc...

Star Style
The Star Style forum will be moved down below Personal Style in the Style Spot. No other changes are being made, just the location of the forum on the page. This will bring more traffic into the Style Spot and balance the traffic flow of the forums.

Body & Soul
the Body & Soul forum will be split up. Body threads will be merged into Skin & Hair Care, which will become Skin, Hair & Body Care. This puts all the physical looks discussions together.

Heart & Soul
The 1st forum in the Sidewalk Café will become our Heart & Soul forum. This means that Sidewalk Café opens with a forum to discuss serious personal issues like job, relationship, self-esteem, etc and also fun topics like 'your latest crush'.

Creative Team
The Creative Team will become a whole new category instead of a forum with sub-forums. We will be merging a few of the forums so this category will only have 4 forums (like most of the others).

*The name of the Creative Team category will change to Visualizing Fashion.

the Fashion Industry
The name of the Fashion Industry category is going to need to be changed because there are discussions in other categories that are part of the fashion industry. The entire board is for' the fashion industry', but not necessarily about 'the fashion industry', moving Star Style out of this section does not mean they are not industry related.

For example the above category (Visualizing Fashion) is certainly part of the fashion industry but will now be its own category. The Fashion Industry will now be The Front Row.


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Overview of Changes

** -things that have moved
blue -names that have changed

Designers and Collections
Careers and Education
Suppporting Cast

behind the lens(photography/Editors/Stylists/Hairstylist/Makeup Artists)
magazines (reviews/scans)
art & design(illustration, art direction, graphic design, architecture, industrial design)
ad campaigns

Shoes Shoes Shoes
Shop Til You Drop

Personal Style
Star Style ** (moved)
Skin, Hair and
Body Care
Paint That Face

Heart & Soul **(moved)
Rumour Has It
Art of Noise
Spot **(moved)

**we are looking to accomplish these goals within the next week**

Other things we are working on:
Andy is going to work on way to refine the search engine so information is more easily found. He says he can work on ways to group the threads similar to they currently are using some search techniques (ie. all threads with the word Favorites in the title can be grouped).

Andy is also looking into finding a way to customize/filter the 'new posts' page so you can limit this to the forums that you view most. This will allow you a quick way to see all the 'new posts' in the forums you read most from one click!

In Closing

As with many things in life change is hard to handle. We have put A LOT of thought into this (with you all) over the last couple of months. Some of the changes we all agree on and some of them we just had to decide the best solution for now.


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Let the Transformation begin...

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sounds great. Thanks for all the hard work.

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sounds fab!! thanks mods for making tfs so wonderful!!

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