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Promotion of your Blogs / Web Sites / E-zines / Stores, etc. Not Allowed.
The Fashion Spot's main purpose is to provide a place for conversation, camaraderie and information to be shared. We consider it a community with a common interest in fashion first, and a fashion archive, secondly. It is and never was intended as a place for promoting sales of anything, nor a place to promote outside websites.

Here are specific quotes from our Community Rules (which can be found at the bottom of every forum page) that give the general rules:
4. Reference to other sites is required when crediting the members of another forum or a blog for a news story, an image or an announcement, etc. However, links to other forums and blogs are not permitted and will be automatically removed without discussion by Moderators.
5. Absolutely no advertisements, chain letters, spam, promotional material and links to such material are allowed. Members may not promote their own businesses, blogs, web sites, etc. in our threads.

6. Soliciting members to sell or purchase anything is strictly prohibited … even personal and/or fashion related items. This is a discussion forum. Please note: The “Shop ‘Til You Drop” forum has a thread for eBay and other auction sites and it is the only exception to this rule. All sales posted in this thread must take place via the auction site and not via tFS. For specific rules see the first post of the thread:

So ... to clarify exactly our position about what you may and may not post and where you may post it ... we have compiled a more concise list:
The Fashion spot is a discussion forum and as such, we encourage every member to participate and contribute pictures and articles. However, we do not allow the active promotion of personal sites/blogs/businesses in the threads.

The following is not allowed;
  • Members may not post links to their own sites in posts, nor direct traffic to that site.
  • Members may not start threads about their sites.
  • Members may not have a site logo as an avatar.
  • Regular and/or repeated posting images/articles from a blog or commercial site (includes etsy and e-bay stores,etc., even in the e-bay thread) and repeated mention or invitations to that site is not allowed.
  • Excessive posts of any type that are clearly for the purpose of self promotion are considered to be spam and will be removed.
We do allow members to share their links to their *personal blogs (but not to their *commercial sites) in the following places:
  • Members may provide a link to their blog in their personal profile.
  • Members may also have a link to their blog in their signature.
  • Members may post a link (one time) to their blog in the tFS Member Blogs thread in the personal style forum.
*A member's blog or site will be considered "commercial" if it contains any of these:
  • Offers to sell any item(s) or services, even personal items
  • Affiliate links to advertisers or commercial sites
  • Advertisements
  • Promotional giveaways
Members may, on occasion, post images or articles from their personal sites, if it is strictly on topic and if they add meaningful content to the an ongoing thread. As required with any images or articles you post, you should credit them to your original source (not your blog). If an article was written by you or if a photo was taken by you, please just credit yourself. Do not post a link.
We reserve the right to determine whether or not any link to or comment about a link/web site/blog/forum/ etc. is in the best interest of the Fashion Spot forums and it's members and to make certain exceptions to the above.

If you are not sure if what you want to post is allowed ... just contact any moderator for that particular forum .... and ask. The mods are happy to answer any questions you have.

Mod Squad Team Leader

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Join Date: Jan 2003
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Gender: femme
Posts: 22,625

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