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i too would really support moving the "latest threads..latst videos" box to the bottom of the page. please...

also, is it just me [and forgive me..i dont know any of the technical terms] or is the alignment a bit off.? it seems that the actual forum {where all our messages come up near our avatars etc} is very far to the left and there's quite a significant gap to the right..---->>

i think with the old layout it was a bit more centered, no.? anyway...that's not a big concern...just a little question.

and thanks everyone for all the hard work. please dont think it goes unnoticed or unappreciated..

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Originally Posted by *Bianca* View Post
the logo up the top with the darker figure now makes me think of some sort of dictatorship... looks very serious.
That's funny ... because it 's the exact same figure that we had before ... just a tad larger. And it was always grey, untill the hollidays, which is when they put the colored dots up ... so they've only been there for about 14 weeks. I think that we don't pay attention to things, until we are put on notice, like this ... then we take a good look and start noticing things.

We won't have a chance to vote on skins ... this is the corporate identity ... at least for now. We might be able to get them to move the videos down, however ... not sure.

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I think i will like these new changes though i am still not very used to it!

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It just takes time. I'm not very used to it yet either but thgnns will be changed here and there until everything is perfect. For the most part the changes arent too major in comparison to the last time tfs went under a skin change. That was definetly something getting used to! But this is okay...theres always an adjustment period

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this is so weird...

the fact i forgot today was the upgrade, and now i come back after a few drinks im like, wtf?!

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Originally Posted by Meg View Post
don't worry fourbolt we're working on some of the glitches like the home page thing.
Not worried at all, but maybe a glitch thread would be helpful to find potential bugs?

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i noticed the alignment difference too, or perhaps it's just more obvious with the grey background?

i really like the new homepage. it looks so professional! nice work you guys!

i too would prefer the latest threads/videos/articles blurb to be at the bottom of the page, if at all possible.


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I love the new layout for the most part! The color scheme is very nice. But, I cannot say that I am a huge fan of the table. I think it is a good idea, but for the most part it looks out of place. I think I'd prefer it to be at the bottom of the page, or gone altogether. It messes up the feel of the site, and looks too broken up.

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I'm also for removing/moving/changing the "latest threads/videos/articles" box. It makes the pages load more slowly, does not really serve a purpose in my eyes, and is just a plain eyesore..

It it wasn't so big or prominently placed, it wouldn't be so bad. It would even be better if all you did was get rid of the changing images that cycle through every few seconds .

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New Look

I usually don't complain, but now I have to.
This new look is driving me crazy! I understand that you need money, but putting these adds in the header... It is so annoying to change pages etc even now when I'm writing this message this stupid ad that is moving in the header is so disturbing, because it keeps changing.

This new look is bad, realllly bad! I'm sorry, but I want my old fashion spot back, because if it remains the same, I don't know how long I want to stay here


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I really like what has happened to the main page of tFS, but to be 100% honest, I think the new layout is a downgrade.

The top bar with the "Latest Threads/Videos/Articles" is highly unnecessary. Users can easily access new posts, so there really is not great use of having a tab for new threads.

Also, I know the videos and articles are a new feature of tFS (Which I think is great by the way), but I think all that could just be left on the main page.

I know that this bar is only visible on individual threads, and on any forum page it's resized and placed on the far right hand of the page. But instead of the large table, you get the "tFS cover story", and the two large ads around it, and the quick links. There is just a bit too much going on

I'm sure it could easily be moved elsewhere? Maybe moving the table down to the bottom where it isn't taking as much space?

Just sharing my view

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I think it's cool with new content but have to agree with those who think the latest threads table is annoying where it is now.

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But instead of the large table, you get the "tFS cover story", and the two large ads around it, and the quick links. There is just a bit too much going on
I don't see any of that, but that may be the Flash content I have blocked out.

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the front page is quite nice, but I agree that the latest threads, videos, etc bar at the top is a little unnecessary. oh well, new layouts always take a while to get used to, I'm sure this will just be the same.

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I can't give profile comments or change ava. And threads open so slowly. I don't like latest stuff and front page I need to login many times because i didn't realize i'm in because there is no sign it (there is only username and password stuff) before I go usercp.

I like grey.

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