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I love that idea! ^ The vogue australia forums have a lot of reselling traffic and it seems to work really well, people just post a thread of what they have to list with links to a flickr album etc. with pictures. It doesn't seem to have caused any problems to the forum operator.

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I hope that it will happen sooon.I have a Balenciaga studded coat that I'd like to sell but I don't trust Ebay and Ioffer at all.So that forum idea sounds great Maybe I should try that Vogue Australia forum .....

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I would recommend Etsy. Its more of a world wide farmers market with everything from clothes to food.


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Can this beat eBay in the future?
Anyone ever tried this free auction site What is your opinion?

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I love the idea Inaya.
And because you probably need some sort of prior involvement with the forum ie no of posts, how long have you been on tfs etc the lying problem wouldn't be as rampant at all. I know I wouldn't want to jeopardize my membership here for something as silly as that.

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Ecrater which I haven't used. I just heard it's an ebay alternative. I may give this site a try.

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I really wish we had a forum on tFS for trading/reselling with other members (with a specific criteria, such as a certain amount of quality posts here) to avoid ebay fees and headaches. I know it'd be hard to manage but I'd be up for helping to run it, if it ever became a possibility here.
that's a great idea, it would be so much easier than ebay!

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Originally Posted by leyla m. View Post
i have a shop of personal things i wanna and need to sell but since my ebay days, paypal is playing up and blocked my account and i just simply dont wanna waste time with them anymore.

which other option do i have?
this is GOOOOOOD stuff i wanna sell!

I feel the same way... I have more bins of great stuff I'd like to sell but I am so frustrated with eBay. The fee's are ridiculous. . . I have $65 in ebay fees this month yet feel like I haven't sold that many things. I'm also fed up with the new policies on feedback, sellers can't leave negatives... what the heck?! I wish there was a legitimate alternative.

I love the idea of a selling forum here, but it would be difficult to run and oversee everything, IMO.

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Great idea, Inaya - I actually had the same thoughts. Tpf has a selling forum so why couldn't we?

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Originally Posted by designerleather View Post
I am also shocked and amazed at how many people who buy my items have deaths in the family or sick mothers. I am starting to feel like the grim reaper.

Hi, I'm extremely sorry not to have been in touch prior to today, but my family has been going through the most awful time over the past several weeks since being told that my mother in law had throat cancer and only had a couple of weeks to live. Then last Monday I was told that my mother had also passed away. I can only apologise for everything and I promise you that I will be forwarding you the payment for this asap in the coming week.

Isn't it so, till now i had two grannies that died and a shocking car crash that landed the bidder in the hospital for weeks. Ebay it's horrible and useless at the moment, but still no there is no website that compares in terms of interest.

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The referenced bidder that I had did finally pay after 3 weeks. But yeah... eBay really sucks in general. I can still do well on there, but it is a TON more work than it should be

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Has anyone tried ?

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Selling on tFs would be great for everyone... buyers and sellers! We'd get people who really want the items and maybe people would be willing to trade too!

I've been selling my stuff on Ebay for awhile now and then they said I couldn't sell anything until my shipping "star" went up past 5.1 or something. I had a 4.9 rating in shipping, thanks to some customer who didn't receive their item probably as fast as they wanted it. Although I had 100% feedback and over 5.5 ratings in other areas, I couldn't sell anything for a YEAR and every month Ebay customer service said "wait another month"...such BS!!!! It wasn't even my fault it was just normal delivery time. I ship things out within a day of payment!

Ok anyway yeah this thread should probably be called "I hate Ebay" hahaha.

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a buying/selling forum is a fabulous do we get one???

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