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moved to appropriate forum...

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What Should Blazers or Sports Coats be made out of
What would be the best material for a single Blazer or Sports coat, something you would wear with Jeans or Slacks, Im thinking either Velvet or Suede, Im trying to avoid Cordoroy with every breathe in my body, Perhaps I should just stick to regular cotton ?

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What about gabardine or cashmere? Does it need to be for every season?

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Preferably wool. Cotton at a pinch. Nothing else.

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Yeah, I'd say go with a classic wool, virgin wool if possible (it's softer)

Velvet is nice to have, but you need more classic jackets before you go for the more trendy stuff.

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I want something I know Ill enjoy wearing though, I don't want to wear a blazer that makes me feel so typical, I think Ill go with velvet though. It will probably match alot of my clothes in a subtle way but make me stand out. Although cashmere is a interesting suggestion Ill probably look into that, if I can find a cashmere blazer this season.

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Anybody else totally digging blazers for this fall? This past cami trend has inspired me to invest in more blazers.

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Gap has the best blazers. Velvet, corduroy, jeans, khaki.. Whatever, you name it, they have it. Or if you want a nice clean fitting jacket, Banana Republic is the place for you.


"When your life goes up in smoke, then you know it's time for a promotion" --Nigel in The Devil Wears Prada.
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for me, it's theory's hayward style blazer... i love it. the fit is amazing. i can dress it up or down. i've heard you can find good blazers at american eagle too though...

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How much would a Helmut Lang blazer retail for? I'm also thinking of Raf Simons. I need a blazer, hoodies, and knit sweaters as the winter season is coming.

Prince - Raf Simons maybe? But I'm not sure about his prices.

And for those of you who are looking for something more affordable, in the $190 price range - A/X for the slim cut.

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oh! darling
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Alexa Chung wore a lovely blazer today.

I wonder where to find a decent, casual blazer to wear over clothes... that doesn't have shoulder pads in it.

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^ ZARA has some good quality blazers for a decent price. They also go on sale.

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if like me, you have trouble with zara sizing...the xs is waaayy too big!!...then go to topshop..i find their blazers are nice as well. ive also gotten a blazer from the little boys section in m&s lol...and its pretty cool when i rol up the sleeves cuz its all stripped lining...ive gotten tons of compliments on it and people wouldn't believe its a boys blazer!

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urban outfitters has nice blazers as well. I have to say that I love this trend but its just a little too overexposed at the moment.

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^ really? i was just there a couple days ago and couldn't find any! it must just be my location. hopefully i'll be able to find a nice blazer soon, though.
i saw this gorgeous one on a vintage site (i forget the name) but sadly, it was sold out.

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