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Consignment Stores
I have previously created a thread selling out you wadrobe. I was refering to ebay, but I hate Ebay!!!!!!!!!. Is there any other way to sell your clothes? 99% new. Does anybody know anything about consignment stores in Chicago? and by the way how do they work?

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I'm interested in this as well. I'm wondering about the pricing and percentages that consignment stores offer. Anyone have experience working with INA or Fisch for the Hip in New York. Thanks.

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I live in CA, specifically Orange County.
What I have heard is that the shop takes 50% and you get the rest.
Which seems a little much IMO...
Kora if I may ask- why do you hate ebay so much?

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50%? That sounds like a rip off, but I have yet to find a shop that takes less.

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I'm in NYC and have quite a few designer things to sell, but all the consignment stores take 50%, and it's just not worth it. Ebay is full of fakes, so I don't think I'd get fair value. I'm actually considering listing a few things on There's no fee for listing (like ebay) and no one taking a commission (like a consignment store).

I have so much stuff, I could practically open my own consignment store.

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you might be able to do alright on ebay. I've sold my designer stuff on ebay and other items I've given to consignment shops because it's less of a hassle worrying over lesser pieces

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oh! darling
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We have at least 5 different consignment stores in my town.

I'd rather go there than thrift stores because I can expect to find decent things rather than rummaging through a lot of NO's. God, they are my favorite.

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i adore my consignment shop too. The lady that runs it has excellent taste, so I always find something great. However, I do agree that 50 percent is a bit much, that's what she takes too.

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i love how the people in this thread are complaining about 50% split...

in nyc a lot of consignment shops take 60%...
and there is one that is for vintage that only gives you 1/3 of what they will sell it for...

talk about annoying!...

"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

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so can someone explain to me this whole consignment deal,
i have a vague idea.

what i'm trying to do is get rid of some of my designer clothing,
but i want money upfront for it, because i'm trying to raise funds for my move to París. is there something like this in NYC?

i'm a male, so i think this will probably be harder then i had a lot of designer girls clothing.

any help will be truly appreciated

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I put some items in the consignment store near where I live, I was only able to sell one out of the four items I had.The place I go to, you get 40% of the profits.

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dorien- i don't know of too many places that will give you cash up front..
the definition of consignment is that you leave the clothes with the store and they try to sell them for you...
if they don't sell- they give them back...

and there are far fewer places for menswear-
you could try tokyo joe's in the east village though...
good luck...

"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

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To the original poster I would def try Craigslist. I sold lots of my old Louboutin about 4 pairs this way and got great money for them. Take lots of photos and keep posting.

Also if you have like twitter or something you can advertise that way. I have sold bags via twitter just by putting a link to my craigslist post in my tweet.

I also sell on eBay but have been for years so I have a little following.

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recently there has been a wave of really awesome online consignment shopping. i discovered these, and once you sign up to get in, the finds are pretty astounding.
therealreal my favorite so far...

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