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I really like those digital picture frames out now - I think I'm going to get one for my parents as I'm moving away from home soon

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Holiday Gift Shopping Suggestions
hello everybody,

this is my first post at tfs! first of all, let me say that you really have a great forum here!

i was wondering if you could help me find a christmas gift for my girlfriend?

i`m not looking for something in particular.

should be within a 200 dollar price range it doesn`t has to be clothes.

just pop out everything that comes to your mind or that you would like for yourself. it should just be something special

thanks a lot in advance!


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VS lingerie and some perfume

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Well .. being a personal shopper myself can tell you ... to give IS very much tricky ...

To give something that someone will always treasure requires some investigation ... generally I ask my clients to snap pictures of the wardrobe, songs on the Ipod, stuff in her purse ... books, mags or a snapshot of the gfs room in order to buy something spot on ...

Go and look and get inspired!

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Christmas presents
What have you/are you buying for your nearest and dearest?
So far I have bought: ( for my sister

( and a fred perry polo that I can't get a pic of for my boyfriend.

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That for my mom (it's a tray)
for my best friend. for my fiance also for my fiance

I have a few other odds and ends for others, and I'm really pleased with how much I already have done this year

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Gift Ideas
with Christmas just around the corner and a lack of inspiration...i need help! and im sure im not the only one, folks!
i thought it would be an idea to start a thread where we could help eachother finding the best gift for whatever is the occasion...of course, it should be our OWN idea what to give...but a bit of inspiration and help could help!

maybe just post the person you wanna give a present to, tell us what she/he is interested in?

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oh god, good idea. I'm so bad with presents I'd rather not give anything at all..

all I'm eyeing for this holidays is a telescope for my mother. she's always wanted one and I finally found the one I'll get her.

other than that, I'm pretty lost. I particularly find my sister to be a frustrating case, she's very simple.. clothes or music really do it for her, which is completely opposite to me because that's something I have to choose for the most part.. but anyway, I keep giving her records and clothes every year to the point it's become so meaningless.. I don't know what else could she want... a book is out of the question, she won't read it.. she also doesn't wear accesories, she doesn't even carry a bag sometimes. hmm.

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I tend to make mine personal, something unique. For example, I have a girlfriend who can buy anything she wants, literally. I'm a working girl with 2 degrees I'm still paying off so I cant But she LOOOOVES the Golden Girls. So I tracked down a bottle of perfume that had been used as a prop (perfum still in it) on the show at a LA Prop House. It was perfect - a piece of the show's history and it tied into her love of all fashion & beauty. And it cost be under $50. She said is one of the best things she's even gotten. Just an idea to make it unique.

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thats a great gift.

I had a great gift planned for my boyf but now I have to come up with something new. We're both foodies and Alain Ducasse is just opening up a new eponymous restaurant in London at the Dorchester and my boyfriend was really excited about going but didn't think he would be able to afford it for awhile so I booked us a table and was going to pay for the meal as a gift. However, now it's opened to TERRIBLE reviews and he doesn't want to go! bah! I might try to book at Locatelli instead....

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My thing is that I work in a mall, so I get tons of ideas and then poof, I end up giving stuff that is completely different.

I'm getting everyone in my family a bathrobe from my store-they are very comfortable. I'm getting my brother also a video game or two, I'm going to get my dad a Tiffany beer mug (yes, they do make them) and get my mom to buy a case of his favourite beer (it's a really pricey one), and then get my mom a Coach Madison wristlet in the gold and put a couple of makeup pieces in there. As far as my friends go, I don't have a ton to shop for-most of my friends are from work. I'm getting one of my friends his favourite cologne, another friend a VS Pink fleece, and then for the girls from work, I'm going to make them earrings.

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I might get my boyfriend a MacBook Pro...or I might just give him a wad of cash and tell him to go pay off his credit card debt and that he'd better not let it build up again (yeah, I know, SO not festive). :p

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i was thinking of making my closest peoples custom t shirts or hoodies from

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this is a good thread! sometimes way before christmas i end up finding things (unplanned) that i just know will be perfekt for someone, so i grab them.
like this year, for my mum since shes a ginger, i found this magazine (more like a coffe table book sort of thing) called Androgyny which apparently only comes out every two years, and this issue is the ginger issue! i was so happy when i found it, its perfekt for her (she better like it! )
i like to get personal thing for people too, like my friends, if we have a special joke or something, or i also like to make chachka bags, with lots of cool little things.
also maybe go shopping with the person (not related to christmas shopping) but listen to what they say they like, or hint at, and when you give to them they will be so happy!

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i just got my sister-in-law a giant nars makeup palette. i figure it's something you totally wouldn't buy for yourself, but you'd love to have... nice for traveling so that you don't need to pack a million tubes/compacts/etc.

as far as for your girlfriend, sebo, i'd personally love to get a big bag full of awesome tights

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