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girl who fell to earth
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i think these little limited edition poketo artist wallets are cool ideas for relatively inexpensive gifts

i started a thread on them the other day

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flaunt the imperfection
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Holiday gift giving ideas 2008
Not sure if we have this thread yet...
we usually do one every year...

my first one is keeping in mind the economy and everyone's tight budgets...
also keeping in mind the organic/green trend...

from whole foods...
gifts from your kitchen...
complete with recipes and gift tags you can down load


"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

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inspired contemplation
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We do have a gift giving thread already....though it's from last year....

I've been stuck on what to get some people (mainly my boyfriend's dad) but I think I'm going to get him a Stendig wall calendar. I've actually seen some great (and affordable) gifts at Crate and Barrel. Also, some really unique things on etsy. Like steampunk cufflinks. Or how about custom stationary cards? Most of my gifts are consisting of small luxuries (ie cashmere socks). I suppose these might seem frivolous but I think they are comforting. I've also done some 'homemade' gifts (ie sort out itunes for my mom and make her a guide on how to use it)

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girl who fell to earth
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i know we've got some other gift threads somewhere around here... but it's that time of year again....

anyone have any good gift ideas for this year?

i've already picked up a few DVDs as gifts but I always want to get something unique and unexpected... and preferably not too expensive...

i haven't really gotten out there in the shopping trenches yet... but it would be good if we could all share what we've been picking up for gifts for the people in our lives...
maybe we'll inspire each other

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fashion insider
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Hi all let's get this thread movin.. It's soooo close to Christmas and I'm getting nervous about gifts as I haven't bought any yet!

So I have some ideas.. for my parents I was thinking of doing a joint gift, a handheld vacuum cleaner. I have 2 younger siblings so this will be great so they don't have to carry a big vacuum around our house.

Anyone have cheap ideas for parents? I am wondering if I should get them something individually.

I have a 13 year old brother. I'm getting him a PS3 controller cause he asked for it. He's an easy one!

I have a 10 year old sister, this one's kinda tough. Hoping for some ideas!!
She loves fashion, clothes, singing, drawing, painting, eating, shopping, music..
She already has an ipod, she has tons of clothes, and I don't want to get her anything that will make a big mess.
Should I get her Uggs? I personally don't like them but she's in 4th grade and she doesn't have any warm boots. What do you all think?
Any other suggestions?

Also for my BF I'm thinking of getting a Michael Kors watch ($170) or a handheld vacuum cleaner since I always make a mess in his car and room, plus it's cheaper! ($50) What to do?

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girl who fell to earth
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^Macy's has a sale going on for the next few days and you can get a % off on watches... maybe 20%??
you might want to take advantage of that if you can if you want to get him the watch...
it all depends on how much you want to spend...
a watch would be nicer to receive than the vacuum cleaner probably... :p
(I actually took advantage of the deal at macy's yesterday.. my mom got me one of the gold tone stainless steel michael kors watches as one of my christmas gifts... i'd been looking for a chunky gold watch for a while and that seemed like a good option that wouldn't break the bank)

Uggs could be nice for your little sister... i have a pair that i only really wear around the house now as slippers...
they're much more acceptable on kids i think :p

parents are always tough..
i just bought my dad a couple different kinds of golf tees...
one was sort of bendy and the other was called "unbreakable"...
i don't know... they both got good reviews on amazon and i'm not a golfer...
inexpensive and i know he'll get use out of them.

i got my sister some personalized monogrammed plates and a monogrammed tray from this site:
i'm kind of cringing at how much it came out to... but it will be well worth it if she likes them

i still have more gifts that i need to buy for my sisters and have to find something for my mom... we'll see...

any gift ideas or links to holiday gift guides on blogs etc would be great

here's a link to a list on a blog that gave me the idea for the plates/tray:

i think the first idea on there is great ... and i've read that book and it's sequel..
very entertaining

i'll try to do some more searching for gift ideas later...
was going to do that for myself anyway, so i'll share potentially worthwhile finds on here
i actually have to run out now

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girl who fell to earth
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another idea for parent gifts....
often one of the things they want is to spend more time with you...
so if you can get tickets for some sort of show/concert/event/museum etc that you can go to together and have an outing that could be a good gift...

or a gift certificate to a restaurant that they love and you can go along (or not :p)
or a gift certificate to a gourmet market if they're foodies...

trying to think of more....
will be back

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backstage pass
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Hey pinkprincess!
I always feel like gifts for the parents are hard! Now that I've been living away from my parents for a while, it's difficult to see what they "need" or what they've been into lately. I think the best presents for parents are things that they may use on a regular basis or something useful for them. That handheld vacuum sounds pretty good! When I'm stumped, I usually give them clothes (jackets or sweaters) that they would probably wear. What I love about parents though, they are not too picky about gifts. Well at least my dad isn't. He loves everything I give him. Sometimes, my mom, not so much, but usually she likes them.

I have a younger sister as well. Usually, I get her a handbag because she gets easily jealous with the fact that I buy new ones ALL the time. My younger sister is in high school so I get her a nice school bag or something where she could carry to school and feel happy with.
How is she with gift cards? Sometimes when I'm stumped with my sister, I just give her a nice gift card to her favorite store and then drive her over to the mall. She's happy that way as well.
OMG... I got a message from my younger sister yesterday and this is what she wrote:
"I know what I want for Christmas! What's your budget?"
I got scared already...

I remember you posted that picture of the Michael Kors watch! It's amazing! I think it's great! It's always been really difficult for me when it comes to buying BF's gifts or my guy friends' gifts. It usually comes down to accessories as well because who wouldn't like them?

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girl who fell to earth
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a good gift for film lovers:

film movement's dvd of the month club, you get an award winning film in the mail every month (often independent or foreign films from what i gather) and get to keep the dvd...

also after doing some internet browsing and googling i bought a few things on
they have gifts organized in categories (for sister, daughter, father, mother, brother, bestie, coworker etc) which is helpful when browsing....
i got stainless steel water bottles for my sisters... $20 each but they're eco friendly and kind of quirky and fun.. pic attached from

also, they have these nesting russian doll melamine plates...
i actually bought these as a gift for a cousin of mine last year from a different website and i believe that site also has a larger version.. more of a serving plate i guess?
anyway, those plates turned out to be a great gift and my cousin uses them all the time.. so cute and different.. they make you smile

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front row
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So far I've only bought 2 hp laptops for my brothers and a parka for my mom.
The laptops still aren't ready, so I'm a little worried.

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This is what I'm thinking of getting for pressies...

Mom: L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream and Nuxe Creme Fraiche Light
Dad: Designer tie and a funny Japanese nose hair removal device, he'll love it
Brother: Not sure yet... Maybe a scarf?
Boyfriend: Black dress shirt and a stuffed monkey (we love stuffed toys, we already have a turtle and a tiger) Maybe a hair straightener too?
Boyfriend's mother: Something nice from L'Occitane... Maybe the hand cream as well!

Personal blog: THE STRANGER
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I'm finding it really hard to decide what to get my boyfriend and my brother.

I already bought my boyfriend Call of Duty MW2 but I wanted to buy him something else too, I was thinking a Ted Baker gift set but I wanted to get him a fragrance. Since Christian Dior changed their 'Higher' forumla to something he now hates and apparently only Boots in the UK stock Dior on the high street! I was going to buy him Christian Lacroix's new one from Avon but my Avon Lady quit so I'm stuck...I was leaning toward a Prada or maybe CK gift set but I can't decide.

And brother ugh, his birthday was only about 2 or 3 weeks ago and his girlfriend has stolen all the best gift ideas.

Jessica Stam - Sasha Pivovarova - Lily Donaldson
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waking up this thread.
I am almost done with all my shopping for christmas, but my hubbies birthday is just around the corner after christmas.
What do you guys give/get this year?

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I like dylanscandy bar , sugarfina , and shopkitson for stocking stuffers.As for expensive gifts I like to buy really nice makeup for people.

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