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Originally Posted by rainrowan
China has artisans and workers as skilled as any in the world. I think this is something that takes time to get the public to turn around.
I agree with Rainrowan, if you ever visit China, you will be amazed by those masterpieces.

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I am sorry that I feel like I should bump into this topic because I always want to say something about "Made in China".

First, I would agree in these few years, the mainland China has gained an poor and almost odious reputation for all the fakes and those mass-produced garments/electronics etc. and most people would say, including those who are Chinese, "made in China sucks". In fact, the national image of China has been greatly damaged by these inferior products (the factory of the World) and political reasons.

But somehow I have always hold a different position and wanted to argue quite a bit. China, unlike her neighbour countries such as Japan and Korea, closed her door to the world under the regime(may I say regime) for 40 years. While the other Asian regions(including Hong Kong and Taiwan) are developing, China stayed behind in modernization and Mao cut the linkage of modern China from her long-standing traditions. While Europe and Japan have kept their luxury taste and fine craftmenship from centuries ago, NO ONE in half a century praticed them anymore. The Art is lost.
If anyone would look at those remaining silk or embroidery or art pieces(if they are not distroyed in "Cultural Revolution"), I don't think anyone would disagree with the fact that, a century plus a few decades, China have the talent and skills for some of the finest things in World, on par with Japan and Europe and some would agree, superior(no offense!).

So on this issue with China's production, people tend to compare her with Japan or Korea who are HIGHLY developed in taste and skills, and I think it is unfair, for comparing a primary schooler to a master-graduate. Most workers are far from skilled, and can never be compared with the exquisiteness China used to produce. In Japan, years are allowed for the top artisians to produce best fabric etc., but since China today is so money-concentrated, they exploited those artisians who should be valued, trying to squeeze the most for profit and more money.

And now, would I feel the stigma when I see luxury goods made in China? Yes, I do. One of my family friends owned the factory who produced Marc by Marc Jacobs and I get them for free every seasons. After knowing how much it costed the to make the clothes, I always wonder how much LVMH paid for the PR and everything else. (well, at least their tags are honest)

And because I know the skills of Chinese workers are not on par with what the Italians or the French are, I would prefer the clothes to be made, honestly in Europe. In today's world, the origin, the mind and the ideas matter the most. It is not say that Chinese designers would not catch up, but I do think it will take longer, several decades perhaps---and I hope, sincerely such days would come.

I am sorry to rant for so long and I thank you all who actually read my boring post. LOL.

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it's true augustus...
the skills really aren't there for garment manufacture on the designer level anywhere in the world in the way that they are in europe - especially in italy...

there is a very good reason why designers from all over the world have been having their things maufactured there for so long...
those factories are often run by families who have been doing this for generations and it is very specific...

also very expensive...

those companies do amazing work...but they charge accordingly...

you know the trick they use right?...

they have the pieces cut, etc...in asia...
and then assemble the garment in italy so they can still use the 'made in italy' label...

tricky tricky...

"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

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Originally Posted by johnnyt
I'm just wondering if designer goods (ie. Prada, Dior Homme) carried a "made in China" tag, would that hinder your opinion of them? I know the quality can still be good. I'm just curious if there is still a stigma attached.

Yes!!!!, I was at Emporio Armani an the tshirt said Made In China I was like WHAT!! I immedialtely threw it back in disgust that is part of the presitge of these companies European Made an Designed.(if its not made in italy,france or england no thanks I can buy china at gap an guess) If this Dior Homme an Prada factory which I highly doubt!!! were to say made in china it would be catistrofic to the brand suicidal I doubt moneyed socialites/mag editors,etc are going to want prada from china. Also it wouldnt be smart because its well known fact that chinese factories will do overruns of the brands product. I.E. you can buy an authentic coach (pricetags,dustbag,allpaperwork,can even return to the store)off the streets in China why because they are produced there an you can buy an overrun or stolen one for under 100 an it retails 4x that stateside!

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My family has jewelry business in China.
With all due respect, but you're telling us that the press have an ulterior motive...

-Jamais fille chaste n'a lu de romans
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Originally Posted by PrinceOfCats
With all due respect, but you're telling us that the press have an ulterior motive...
If what you meant was what I think you meant , and correct me if I misunderstood your question, all media has agendas. Some are political driven, and some are economic interest driven. In the case of China's product, both.

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from what i've seen...the savings aren't passed to the consumer...so I feel like i'm being ripped off even more so than before...hehe

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what isn't made in China these days

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