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Monsoon shoppers please read
Just a quick questionnaire for a university project, thanx in advance!!!
Quoting me will be the best way to answer.
Just skip anything you dont want to answer, although i'll be very grateful for a full set

What age group are you in?


What are your favourite pieces purchased at Monsoon?

What other stores do you shop at besides Monsoon?

What are your preferred colours to dress in?

Approximately, how much do you earn?

Why do you shop at Monsoon?

Do you think the price and quality of clothing at Monsoon is fair?

Do you prefer to shop online, rather then visiting the actual store?

Are you an on-going loyal customer to Monsoon, or just shop there for 'trends'?

Now that the boho trend is soon to evaporate, will you continue shopping at Monsoon?

If you could change one thing about Monsoon, what would it be?

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Unfortunately, I've never even heard of Monsoon. I presume it's a UK thing?

I'll suggest, though, that if you're not already doing so you should also just go to a Monsoon store and survey people on site.

If you just survey people online you're not getting a scientifically accurate sample, since you're implicitly limiting your data to the class of people who not only shop at Monsoon, but also have sufficient technological savvy and access to frequent an online forum such as this one.

You'll also probably get more useful responses, since the shopping experience will be fresh in their minds.

Best of luck with the project!

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Considering Monsoon is literally me and my family's 'arch nemesis' (for personal reasons), needless to say I'll never be going anywhere near it.

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^Ftb....that sounds intriguing........why would a dress shop selling excessive amounts of tafetta and tulle be you and your family's arch nemesis? I'm not actually asking for an answer.....just wondering out loud...

'A fashion that does not reach the streets is not a fashion.'
Coco Chanel.
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I don't relaly shop at Monsoon but I go there occasionally to check out their notebooks/candles/knick knacks cause sometimes they have quite nice stuff to give as little presents but I would never buy clothes there. They're quite hideous.

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