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I have the same problem. Although I love browsing for stuff online, I have never actually ordered anything! I don't have a credit card either and am scared of being cheated, etc. I feel like I am missing out, I have found some wonderful pieces on ebay, but have had to just let them pass...

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I wouldn't buy clothes online unless it was something I could be completely sure of in regards to fit and quality. I bought the Dr. Marten's boots I am getting online, but then, a size 6 Dr. Marten boot is pretty consistent. Both pairs of Docs. I've had in the past were size 6 and fit the same way, and I trust the quality of the merchandise.

Most other wearables, I would seriously hesitate about buying online. I prefer to try things on, look at the construction, and not have the hassle of mail-in returns if it isn't right.

Things like books and CDs I will definitely buy online, and I have bought some other sundries (sports equipment, dishes, craft supplies) off of e-Bay. I buy what videos and DVDs I ever get online, frequently secondhand. is choice.

I'd consider ordering sewing patterns online if the prices were good, but typically I just wait for sales at one or the other of my favorite fabric and sewing shops or troll garage sales and thrift shops for vintage.

Oddly, I am content to buy LUSH stuff online, scent un-sniffed, but mainly because I used to shop in their brick-and-mortar shop in York when I lived there, and have liked practically everything I have ever gotten from them, so I will risk trying new things from them. Other perfumes that I am familiar with, I might buy online. When I need to replenish my Chanel #19, I would order it online if I could get a better price on it than I could here in town.

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If you have a debit card you can use that too if it has a credit card logo. I buy tons of stuff online. I shop more online than I do in real stores. I know my measurments and buy accordingly. With other stuff, I know what I'm getting for the most part and so I feel pretty confident in the merchandise. I always make sure there is a good return policy if I havent tried anything by that brand on before or am not sure of the fabric.

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I LIVE of of shopping online. I never had a problem and if anything, its easier. You don't have much options if you don't have a credit card. I usually use my debit card. There are some places that you can prob send them a check or money order but you have to wait for it to be cleared before they ship your item. Usually it takes weeks because theres a hold on the check

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I've bought a few peices on Ebay, but I play very safe. I only buy basic stuff (accessories, tshirts) and only by those designers whose cut I know. Or I buy a piece that I've tried on in a store but could not afford it. So far it's been good, never got a fake item.

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If you're nervous about shopping online, I suggest you avoid EBay in favor of business like Urban Outfitters, Bluefly, etc.

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I find that Ebay offers better prices for clothes such as Miss Sixy (new, with tags, never been worn) but you have to be careful of if the clothes will fit.

My suggestion is to go to a store in your area that sales the same product and try it on, then make sure that you order the right size!

I'm not scared to order online. Ebay has been very good to me!

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Could you sugguest some online shopping link for me? Except ebay.

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Well, dont know about most of you, but if anyone is looking for some urban footwear, someone I know just made a website called ,
He told me they also sell manaloes, but I think he meant the 'ghetto fabulous' type. Still if that your thing you shold check it out!

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New Zealand made ugg boots

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Shop for the latest in mens and womens designer clothing at

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Living in the north of scotland, there aren't many good shops at home! So I usually rely on online shopping! Ebay for the vintage, and net-a-porter and topshop are good for me, i also found another site - it has a few great belts and kaftans - v kate and sienna! Where does everyone do their online shopping?

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There is also, and And which is based in the UK.

The former is more conservative whilst the latter focuses more on designer items with various esoteric ones thrown in.

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One could also try Personally i have bought anything, but one never knows.

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