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As seen on TV
Whenever I see an informercial I'm always tempted to buy the product being sold, no matter how little use I'd actually have for it
I thought that it would be helpful to have a thread where we could discuss, and/or review different products we've ordered from infomercials, and how well they've actually worked.

I'll go first. When I was younger, I saw an infomercial for NADS, an all natural at home waxing kit. I excitedly ordered the product, and then when I got it, I enthusiastically opened the box, applied a the hot wax to my leg, placed the strip over the wax, and then I pulled against the grain as directed. I expected the process to be pain-free (as promised), but it hurt like hell, so I couldn't finish. I ended up storing the kit in my closet, and then I never used it again. The women in those ads must have nerves of steel.
Apparently I didn't learn from my bad experience, because every time the infomercials for The Magic Bullet and Oxyclean come on, I'm always incredibly tempted to call and order.

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The only "As Seen On TV" product I've tried is one that was supposed to cook eggs in the microwave - a great concept, but unfortunately it didn't work. The eggs actually exploded inside the container, and if that wasn't disastrous enough, the container itself could not be scrubbed clean of the mess!

Some of those commercials (namely the Magic Bullet Blender) are so hard to turn away from, though - I too have been tempted many a time to order one, even though I know I won't like the results.

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I see Proactiv ads on TV and the only thing deceiving is that I thought the product would rid of my scars. I saw too many Before/After photos where they were pizza in the beginning and then, voila skin was über clear. Nay. The pimples and acne went away, but the scars left over remained.

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I love the HD sunglasses. Because somehow sunglasses can make you see in a higher clarity than you should be able to see.

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The father of one of my friends also is lured by these items, as he bought magic bullets for his daughters for christmas last year. She really likes hers I guess! The worst infomercials I always seem to watch are the colon blow one, with that creepy guy with the drawn on mustache and also the one with the guitarist with creepy fingernails, Esteban.

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