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I have had some great service from the Temperley store in London. I went with my boyfriend on my birthday, the SA was lovely, offered us both a drink, made sure my boyfriend took a seat whilst I tried some of the Alice by Temperley stuff on and was very helpful with sizes. I only spent £70, which I am sure to them is practically loose change but they were charming, wrapped everything beautifully and complimented me on my (£34.99) dress. My boyfriend hates fashion himself and was wearing a very old Paul Smith tshirt and a pair of Tesco jeans, I think the only designer item I was wearing was a vintage Burberry headband.

The best part of this story is that I commented on their Facebook page that they had been lovely, and they sent me their Aztec scarf and a beautiful candle as a thank you gift

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The best customer service to me were:

Céline, Avenue Montaigne in Paris: As I was on my way to the boutique, it started raining like crazy and I had no umbrella. Mind you, when I stepped into the store, I looked like I had taken a shower with my clothes on I apologized to the door guy because he had just been sweeping the water on the floor just before I arrived He was nice, gave me a huge smile and said it was ok. I was looking for a bag, so I started looking at what they had and a few minutes lated this super cute japanese lady with a thick accent approached me and offered her help. Sadly, the bag I wanted was sold out in Paris. She showed me other options but I didn't like any of them and ended up buying a pair of sunglasses. She was really nice to me and I enjoyed spending time at the boutique. Another good point, I loved what the female SAs were wearing!

Hermès, Nantes: they opened not too long ago and I've been a loyal customer ever since the very first days. Absolutely EVERY SINGLE SA is nice there. The boutique is always crowded but my lovely SA always has time for me. She has the cutest British accent and always gives me good advices. Ah, I just love her

Bonus point for the super hot female SA who works at the Prada boutique, Avenue Montaigne

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Worst customer service was at Fendi. I had just bought a pair of shoes earlier that day, yet a gentleman wanted me to try on a pair of heels because I eyed them for a few long seconds. I made it clear: "I'm going to try them on, but I have no intention of buying them." He insisted that once I did try them on that I'd want them. I tried them on, walked around, and put them back in the box. I told him thank you for his help anyway, and he was incredibly rude. Didn't even look up as I was leaving and was slamming the shoes back in the box to put them in correctly. Unreal.

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^ Please, that's ridiculous ... the guy should be reported to the manager.

A lot of shoe SAs like to 'play' with shoes with their customers ... but they understand that's what they're doing and that the chances are definitely less than 50% that it will pay off.

Nordstrom does this, apparently as a matter of policy ... they bring out extra shoes just for fun. I would love to be told the point of this exercise, though, because the ones they bring me are always beyond wild and never in keeping with my taste ... I do believe in bold shoes ... maybe they don't get the difference between bold and wild

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Well it's time to share my favorite experiences

I went into the shop looking for the steve messenger then a SA took it off the shelve telling me stuff about the treatment of the leather and stuff and as I was totally fascinated with the bag the other SA asking me in a very rude, arrogant way "you know how much it costs, right?". I don't think she expected me to know it costs 4000 as she was a little suprised. But I actually thought of buying the bag and it was very arrogant of her to think I wouldn't buy it just because I don't look like a rich spoiled kid.

Jil Sander
I was looking for a pair of pants and although she noticed I wouldn't buy anything she was very helpful and polite. She was telling me everything I wanted to know and wasn't the kind of SA that tells the prices as if I couldn't afford it (which happens to me quite often).

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