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Uniq, Huge Yay to the DVN shoes without a doubt. His shoes this season are wonderful. I am waiting on the black wedge sneaker but the heels on those are the best shape of the season.

Cutxpaste,I can't find the post of the dress. congrats on the win. tell me the post number I'd love to see it.

Leyla, I say Yay to the MJ coat. I prefer a softer, looser silouette to more shapely but it all depends on the wearer.

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Originally Posted by stilettogirl84
I disagree-usually his clothes are so blousy or droopy or something- really unflattering, really horrible to me personally

But I felt that this season, (the fw 07-08) the clothes really followed the women's shapes and were extremely form fitted, streamlined, and slimming (not that the models need that, but you know, humans who buy the clothes ...). It's everytihng he's done in the previous 4 years or so that fall into the shapeless category
we're not tallkign about the same season then...
the coat in question is ss07---so that is the collection i assumed you were referring to...

leyla- you really do need to try it on...
i got a marni coat which seems shapeless---but people fall over themselves with their mouths hanging open when i wear it...i just get all kinds of stares and compliments...
and from people with HIGHLY refined tastes...
i think it has a lot to do with how you will wear it too...
and to be honest...
i think it is more elegant in the longer version than in the bomber style...
the bomber is cute- but the coat is chic...

"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

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leyla, yay to the MJ coat.
I know that MJ is mostly hated on this forum, but I tried the coat on and I love the weight and how it falls.
It's a trapeze shape dress with lots of volume. it's going to look great with a very light tank dress with some strong colors (Softgrey's DKNY dress came to my mind) and a pair of wedges or chunky heels. I am not tall enough to pull off the coat so I got the bomber jacket with the big pockets. I LOVE the fabric. It's tightly knitted linen and it falls very nicely. go for it please! (the price is not too bad either).

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yeah definitely try it on at least.

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Nay on the jacket.

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you know I just noticed that the short black/white version of Jacobs jacket is on both Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman but the first is priced at $1500 and the second is $525 for the same exact jacket.

softgrey, which marni jacket, one from this season? I got the duster and I get the same reaction.

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Decisions, decisions. I saw a friend of mine w/ the white J12 today and it looks so good on him, so now Im thinking, what about the white for me? I dont know, I feel that it's too summery and too flashy in white...I would want (read: need) a black diamond bezel though...


Not sure...

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i would say nay diorling... it is a bit too flashy imo...
the white can be a bit blinding..

but if you want to draw attention to your watch and have something that's not too traditional then it could be a good choice

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Please guys, help me decide on thisebay.com

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what do you guys think of these burberry espadrilles?

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diorling, I have one and love it. I dont think it's that flashy but the diamonds would definatly dress it up and make it more flashy.

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I say nay diorling. It is very tight-tee shirt, Miami beach on a man.

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yay or nay?


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i say nay. the dress is quite common. personally don't like the skirt detail..seems outdated. tho could be nice as a casual summer dress. depending on how it looks on you.

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