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Your shopping rituals?
If you are reading this you probably get a pretty good adrenaline rush going shopping. All those pretty things lined up, in the open or hidden away, waiting for you to discover them and take them home. You can spend hours chasing the shopping dragon, right?

Sometimes, maybe it becomes overwhelming and you have to catch your breath.

How do you pace yourself? Do you have any rituals in your shopping trips? Places you go, times of day, things you do to take a break and recharge? Do you shop alone, with friends, with family? Shopping, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

Me, I like to walk from neighborhood to neighborhood and stop in various cafes, restaurants and bars for refreshment, accumulating purchases as I go. It's hard to find anyone who likes both walking and shopping as much as I do, so I do a lot of solo shopping. When I find a good shopping partner, though, I have been known to compromise and take a taxi.

During the week, I like to shop on my lunch break, just check into my "regular" downtown stores and see what's new, or if those new Vans came in yet. On weekends, I can make an afternoon out of wandering around the city. It also counts as exercise and meal times, and I sometimes can stay in touch with out-of-town friends and relations by phone while walking. It's a lifestyle!

I am sure many of you are far more sophisticated shoppers than I am, so out with it! What are your rituals, and how do they enhance your shopping life?

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my shopping style...
If I'm by myself, I usually just browse in and out of stores as I go... I'll walk through a store and size up everything it has to offer... sometimes, I try stuff on, if I have the time... and sometimes, I just find something I like and put it on the cashwrap to pay... I shop a lot on my breaks because I work at a mall, so it makes it easier to shop... I, too, like to make a day out of shopping/walking/eating somewhere... it's more fun that way. just going to the mall or a store can be boring. it makes you feel like you're going to the grocery store or something and it takes the fun out of it. I also do a lot of online shopping... when I'm with people, we do the whole lunch and walk around thing... that's about it... there's not much to it, I guess. I just enjoy it. I shop in my sleep. haha.

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Here in the bonnie Heartland there are very few areas traversable by foot, and a poorly-run, completely useless public transportation system; you're nearly out of luck without a car, or, better yet, an SUV Shopping to most means a trip to one of our several large malls, none of which I've visited for years, with no exaggeration. I usually haunt a small district located inconveniently far from home, one which covers maybe two city blocks (with some exaggeration) - the fact that the best, ie, the only decent vintage store around is located within makes it well worth my while :p

no fun
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I prefer shopping during weekday mornings/early afternoon because I HATE crowds. It's better because the SA's usually treat you better and you won't feel like you're fighting for anything.
I generally take a quick scan inside the store and note the price of items i like. After comparison shopping, i'll go back to the place w/ the best deal or seomthing I've decided that I want right after or I'll just go back there another day to pick it up.
Comparison shopping is important for me..(student) and i generally like to hit the clearance racks in the back of the store before anything..because there are awesome goodies waiting for you to pick up at a great price.
I'm not into trends anyways..and i suually pick up classic pieces on sales racks.

I usually shop w/o any expectations to buy something..i find that you end up getting more unexpected good deals and items that way. (unless ..say prom shopping or shopping for a wedding or something)

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What a fun idea for a thread. I've actually changed my shopping style recently. I now have a list of items that I'm looking for and I'm willing to spend more on them. I also have a monthly budget. Its working out great because I used to end up with alot of bargains, but with some serious gaps in my wardrobe. I also don't like shopping with others anymore. I prefer to shop alone and while shopping to stop by in a cafe for a drink or a light snack. My favorite area to shop is outdoors in Georgetown, it is fun to be outside and get some fresh air while shopping. I prefer boutiques to chain stores but for work clothes I tend to shop at the outlets - Saks and Neimans mostly.

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I almost always shop alone. Occasionally my sister and I will meet up, but it's usually just me. I like it that way because I can take my time in and out of the stores and not have to hear "Why do we have to go in there?" "You're really going to buy that?" etc. Shopping relaxes me so much. Even when I spend hours chasing down that perfect shoe or handbag thinking I'm going to go crazy if I can't find it. I love it. The malls around here really don't have that great of a food court, so I usually pass and wait until I'm done shopping to re-fuel. I love going in the middle of the week. I avoid shopping as much as possible on the weekends.. The crowds just scare me!

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I too prefer to shop alone. I used to shop with friends up until my mid teens, when I realized that shopping with friends influenced my style (if they didn't like the outfit then I usually wouldn't get it even if it was great etc.) plus my friends had a habit of finding the best pieces first, and I didn't want to buy the same stuff as they did. Now that I shop alone (and have for years) my style is more unique and mostly only influenced by my own personal taste. As an added bonus, I get to spend as much time as I like in a boutique, without having to worry about a friend snapping something I like right under my nose.
I don't really have any particular shopping rituals, I usually just get a bottle of water and walk around aimlessly. I'm also not a big fan of trying stuff on, so I usually just buy stuff at random because it's such a pain to get undressed all the time (especially during winter when I have a ton of clothes on)

edit: I forgot to mention the most important thing of all: I never go shopping during weekends or after 4.30pm on weekdays. Every joe schmo is out and about then, and I absolutely hate crowds. I'm not interrested in waiting in line to get help or to get a changing room, so I shop during the day. Shopping streets and malls are an absolute horror during weekends.

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This is weird how many of us hate other people in stores. I am lucky enough to have days off during the weekday and I hit the stores early, like 10-10:30. I too hate a lot of people in the stores and waiting in line to try stuff on. Soem weekends at Zara you need to wait like 30 minutes, and i'm not lying, to get into a fitting room. I always need to stop for or have coffee with me, a cafe mocha or a frapp depending upon the time of year.
Also, I used to be stupid and think that the girls were really friendly when they would take five minutes to stand around and go 'you look soooo cute in that, do you know I have that and I wear it all the time' Now I just smile like I'm amused at their bullshit.
I also stop myslef and say o.k. so this is cheap and a good deal but will I really wear it or not? That saves me money.
To tell the truth I'm kind of sick of the whole shopping mall and major stores on major streets kind of thing. I haven't been in a gap or an Urban Outfitters in months. I buy basics from stores, like plain t-shirts and jeans but I am addicted to finding stuff that makes my wardrobe unique at thrift shops and e-bay. I can't even begin to tell you guys about how much I get complimented for stuff that I've found there and I love the hunt.

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Hi, I always like to shop alone, I will only go with friends if i have no itention to buy anything period. When you go shop with friends, you cannot take your time, or leave quick like you would like. Mostly I never go shopping to just browse and buy something if I like what I see, I usually go out shopping knowing what piece I'm looking, if I saw it on the runway or something. I barely ever try anything on, I usually buy the same brands so I know what to buy. And always dress comfortably! Its so weird to go completely decked out in nice clothes and go shopping.

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I find that I buy less if I shop with friends as I can get a second (or third) opinion. It's nice to have someone else step back and examine you (as mirrors aren't always reliable!) and tell you candidly if a piece is flattering or not.

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to be honest, i'm not much of a shopper! i don't like shopping for long hours because i just can't stgand it for some reason. too much browsing irritates me, and if i shop alone, i get lonely. sometimes the salespeople who try to shove their sales down my throat annoy me. i prefer to go shopping with something in mind, something i'm looking for. rarely do i make impulse purchases lol. i guess because i've been raised in a very frugal family and we never go shopping for the sake of shopping.

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I'm pretty much with most of the people here in the sense that I enjoy going alone and I like taking my time. I like being able to browse through the stores without a bunch of other people in there with me, but at the same time, I hate it when I'm the only one in the store cuz I feel like it's really awkward with just me and the sales people. Sales are awesome, though I tend to stay away from them (unfortunately) because I can't handle the crowds that flock into sales. I don't want to feel like I'm competing with other people to get the best stuff.

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I shop alone. Yeah, I said it. ALONE. No mom, no girlfriends,etc. I just don't like anyones opinion but my own when it comes to the way my pants fit my arse

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^ me too.. (shopping alone)

I'm most comfortable when I'm shopping alone... because then I can go at my own pace...

I usually don't stop too much to for drinks etc. though, but occasionally I will grab a smoothie or something like that to go.

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I usually shop with my man............and more often than not. If I show him two outfits...he will pick the one that is NOT my favorite. Then when I say I like the other better he gets mad and asks "Then why did you ask me to begin with"

He hates shopping with me.

My ritual is that usually I see something that I want...and will spend WEEKS researching it online to find deals, and then I will go see it in the store like two or three times to get a feel if I really need/want it bad enough.

Then I'll finally break down and buy it.

I'll also..............go to the mall............go to every single store I like...and not buy anything............until Ive gone through them case I see something I like better in the next store. I hate dealing with returning items.

Then at the end..........I go back to the store and get the thing I saw that I liked the most that day.

Again..............drives the man crazy.

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