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Sales started here yesterday but didn't buy anything yet. I have my eyes on some shoes but I'm waiting for further reductions. Have you gotten anything on sale yet?

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Wow - is it sale time again? Where have the last few months gone? Can't wait to check out what's on sale...I got some really amazing deals last season!

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Cute bag Legyviel, I'm going to check out the sale tomorrow.
Hope I find some good stuff. Like those navy pants with the belt that has been posted a while back. And peach / pale pink shorts.

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Thanks mj and muffintoppp!
About the shortness of the skirt, yeah I noticed that too! I don't mind them being short but some from trf collection looked more like belts than skirts... :p

I also was looking for those navy trousers, or even the silky ones I described seeing earlier but all sizes except xl were gone. good luck and hope you find something good!

btw, the bag was down to 9.99 GBP and was also available in beige, but it felt like beige suede would get dirty very quick so I decided on the blue...

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is sale in germany?

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Originally Posted by splashofcolour View Post
I don't know about elsewhere but in the UK sales I've been to I've seen plenty of things go from original price of £50+ down to as little as £6.99. I don't know whether that's second mark-down or not but whatever stuff doesn't sell out quickly does end up going for really cheap.
indeed, i would certainly go each after each weekend, mostly by the next wednesday you could expect to have another mark-down, they can go really low, but you risk not finding what you want... it's a hit and miss most of the times, you might purchase something for $900 MXN (about 60 Euros) and 3 weeks later you might see the same item for half or less of what you paid, or on some times not see it at all.

Good luck shopping

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i spent about an hour and a half yesterday in the zara sale and tried on millions of different things but then ended up leaving empty handed. their dressses are always wayyyy too long for petite girls and the dresses i really wanted were ofcourse ones withdesigns etc at the hem so i couldnt even get it altered. so annoyed. i really want to raid their shoes though and have tried a few on but wasnt sure at all as i know the prices will decrease again soon.i thnk its if meant to be mine i will end up buying it anyways..oh ps if anyone is stlil looking for the cat print dress they still have it and its on sale!

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Originally Posted by lifeistiffanyblu View Post
.oh ps if anyone is stlil looking for the cat print dress they still have it and its on sale!
true - i got mine 2 weeks ago so they still have it - but now that i have it i don't like it that much oh well, sometimes you have to get something otherwise you'll always ask yourself why you hadn't bought it and regret that

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I scored a tan trench coat with puffed shoulder and a white blazer. The discount is not that great but since this is the first time I managed to find something in my size on sale, I consider myself pretty lucky.

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I'm looking for this bag, which is probably on sale now. Does anyone have the product code by any chance? Or do you know where it's still available? I would really appreciate it


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I went to the sales today a got a nude cable knit cardigan/shrug kinda thing for £14.99 and a sleeveless white blouse from TRF for £7.99, I'll try and get round to posting them soon!

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The sale was a little disappointing here...apart from these sandals...

Pic: my own

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^ those are beautiful, how much were they ?

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Those sandals are so pretty! I saw them in my store and like them a lot but they look super stiff and uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time

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I'm late but thanks to all the people who responded on my bag with the broken handle. I had exams this week but will go to Zara and aks for a refund this week. ::fingers crossed::

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