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Originally Posted by ediewho View Post
LetThemEatCake the 3 Clinique steps didn't work for me either... the soap was terrible with my skin
Same. Especially step 2 was a total overkill.

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Originally Posted by adorkablejulie View Post
Clinique All About Eyes didn't work for me either. I had no reaction to it, but it just didn't do much at all. I threw it in the garbage about a week after I purchased it. It had a horrible chemical smell and I definitely wasn't about to put that on my eyes.
I know..didn't work for me either.

But the worst thing I've ever done with my skin was not doing anything for 2 weeks cause I was sick and didn't get out of my skin's so rough I look like a sailor

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Esteé Lauder nutritious Vita-Mineral make up SPF 10...its not a bad one but i used a color that let my face totally orange... not up to my pale skin... It didn't resist much the whole day... it didn't convince me despite the color bad choice...

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ahhh SO many products! johnson and johnson makeup removing whipes, loreal moisturizers, clarins cleansers.... but probably the worst was a facial mask from Chanel-recommended by a friend of mine.. I got a severe allergic reaction that stayed for a whole week !
I had a similar reaction from st.ives scrub..although everyone I know swears by it. I guess I have a very sensitive skin

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^I can't stand makeup removing wipes either. I bought a pack to try out once, and ended up using them as nail polish remover wipes... That's how harsh they are

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OK, I have sensitive skin, which is apparently common in East Asian skin (we think I'm from Souther China-near Vietnam) but I didn't know that until like April, so I've tried a bunch of cr*ppy stuff.
Probably the biggest regret was the Clean & Clear Soft system. The skin around my mouth is the most sensitive, and it just aggravated it and dried it out so it looked like drool lines
Also Neutrogena's The Wave was really bad. My older brother called it the "facial Swiffer". I forgot what I was using with it. I also used a moisturizing, cream-like facial wash from them with a St. Ives Apricot scrub, but I can't remember if it irritated my skin.
And just like LetThemEatCake I had trouble with Clinique's 3 Step System. I think I used "normal" about 2 years ago, and something dried my skin up. It was probably the purple toner, or maybe the so-called Best Lotion Ever-the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion or whatever. I don't think it was that bad though.

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well, here are some products that definitely did not work for me...

rimmel oil-free foundation (worsens acne/skin, trust me)
acnefree 3 step kit
pur minerals blush and bronzer (very weak imo, you have to apply so much for hardly any effect)

i love aveeno products, and neutrogena rapid clear treatment pads. that's what i stick to now that i know what works

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Himalaya Herbals Neem Face Wash, omg, it's so drying! My skin felt so tightened and uncomfortable

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The facial moisturizer thread reminded me to post this...

My mother & I spent almost $300 at Biotherm together once. I didn't know about Makeupalley back then and the SA was super nice... (Okay and I'll admit. Sasha Pivovarova's face was all over the store. Who could resist that?) After we started using the products for a while we were super disappointed.

Their entire Biosource line will burn your skin. Especially the products for combination skin (the green line). Their cleanser makes your face ridiculously dry. I hate having to apply moisturizer straight after cleansing... I like giving my skin a little time to "breathe."
Their toner STINGS to death. I checked the ingredients and all I could say was HOLY CRAP... a massive long list that took up half of the packaging to list... including a bunch of shady ingredients that I can't remember. Mario Badescu's famous Aloe Vera Toner is 10 times cheaper and works 1000 times better. (Ingredients: Deionized Water, Aloe Vera,Methylparaben) So really... Why on earth does Biotherm always add a bunch of unnecessary crap to their products?

From now on I am going to slowly change my entire skincare collection to Mario Badescu and Nuxe products!

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^I think you should look into Murad as well. Pretty good products, I've heard

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Wow a lot of bad reviews about Clinique 3 Step! A friend of mine had a facial to help with problem skin and the Beautician told her that Clinique is probably the worst thing you can put on your skin!

I had a really horrible experience with the Dermalogica Medibac clearing system. I thought it would help but it made my breakout a hundred times worse and my skin red and itchy. Never again!

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all clinique products.. this brand is a disaster to my skin.. beginning from 3step program to any compact powder i got. even blush is terrible. mascaras are quite ok though

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I had a problem with Clinique's Dramatically Different lotion as well. I swiped it from my mom's "gift with purchase" sample, so it didn't cost me anything, but I didn't trust any moisturizer for a long time after that. I thought any moisturizer would give my teenage, acne-prone skin the same problem.

I also used Noxzema face wash for awhile. I thought that that tingling sensation was a good thing.

Man, I was a gullible consumer. Now I stick to Cetaphil and Aveeno.

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I tried Milani bronzer and it made me break out so bad... Physician's Formula works way better on my sensitive skin.

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I second all the bad things said about Clinique 3Steps.

That thing is awful! First the II did really well and after one week or something it made my skin break out. Well, I thought that it might be to gentle for me and tried the III which was a lot worse because the gel clogged my pores and I became so many blackheads it was even redicilous.

It needed 3 months to get rid or all the bad things Clinique had done to my skin!

Anyway, not all the Clinique products are bad, the Turnabout concentrate was quite ok ^.^

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