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Lately I've been eating Kashi's GoLean blueberry waffles... one or two... plenty of protein and fiber. With a waffle I usually have some spray butter, just a hint of sugar-free syrup, and I thaw about 1/4 a cup of blueberries to put on top. It's very energizing. I usually include some egg whites to balance out the sugar from the waffle and blueberries.

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In the summer - Chopped banana withg live yogurt and a drizzle of honey

In the winter - Porridge with a little honey

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some breakfast options I usually eat
-yogurt with sliced banana, blueberries, granola
-egg white omelette with spinach, cheese
-porridge with raisins, soy milk honey or brownsugar
-whole wheat toast
-orange juice and water
-honey nut cherrios with soy milk

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Banana + Whole wheat bread + peanut butter toast or toasted wheat bread or yogurt and cereal or fruits

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I usually have a bagel with either margerine, or sometimes I'll scrape some cream cheese on. (only a tiny bit though, because it's soooo fattening.) Plus a glass of orange juice.

Yesterday I splurged and made pancakes. But that's only once in a blue moon.

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my typical breakfast options usually consist of....

-fruit smoothie
-fruit and eggs
-kashi or bran cold cereal
-fruit, nuts and unsweetened yogurt
-veggie sausages and fruit


-herbal tea
-coffee (reg., cappicinno, straight espresso)


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normally a cup of smoothie, fruit and a coffe or something along those lines

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i had healthy breakfast (well in my standards)
2 cups coffe
1 orange juice
terry's chocolate orange

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I wish my mother didnt make me eat breakfast its a pain in the a*rse, she seems to think that I'll become Dangerously Ill if I don't eat breakfast...silly woman, but here are some of the things I do eat:
1 slice Peanut butter or honey on wholewheat toast or
Porridge with rasins or
Wheetabix w/semi skimmed milk or
Natural yoghurt with walnuts and chopped appple or
and 1 glass of water, 1 glass orange juice and 1 echinica tablet and 1 multi vit tablet

At weekends if I feel like being unhealthy I'll have a croissant.

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I had some delicious banana bread, although since the bread failed to rise it's more of a banana cake

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oats soaked in apple juice instead of milk. tastes like apple flapjack.

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I just had oatmeal made with vanilla soy milk, and I'm finishing a cup of coffee w/cream and a raw sugar. Healthier than my norm.

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I don't really eat breakfast..

But If I do
I grap some fruit and a cup of tea
that will do for me

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Originally Posted by seanutbutter
I had some delicious banana bread, although since the bread failed to rise it's more of a banana cake
I love banana bread! yum

I usually have a bowl of Total cereal or a piece of fruit, like an apple (I heard it gives you energy) and of course a cup of coffee.

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I can't stand cereals or anything like that. Porridge is good but I rather eat it later than the first thing in the morning. Usually after I have woken up, I eat a slice of rye bread with cheese, ham and butter and a cooked egg. It keeps me full until the lunch

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