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Originally Posted by dumbfairy View Post
Eggs are amazing for breakfast,I love them scrambled with salmon.
They really are! A lot of people can't stomach savory food first thing in the morning, but I love something hearty to start my day!

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My day can't start right w/o a good serving of carbs.

French toast, waffles or a muffin.

And either a cup of coffee/hot chocolate. Or a glass of OJ.

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Lately, natural crunchy peanut butter on grainy toast with black coffee.

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love a good cereal mix! this morning i had all-bran cereal mixed in w/a bit of almond oatmeal crisp . . threw in a big handful of blueberries, vry thinly sliced strawberries + some low-fat milk. ! so delish.
i usually have eggs ovr the weekend. scrambled or sunnyside up ovr toasted multigrain bread, w/green tea + berries on the side.

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I love eggs for breakfast, but i never eat breakfast at home

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I love oatmeal (usually plain or lower sugar) with some kind of citrus and a cup of chai. Although somedays I just want greek yogurt.

" know the black bits on bananas? Are they tarantula's eggs?" - Vince Noir
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^ Same here! The huge sizes of them from Quaker are a dream since you get so much for only about $5.

It's as simple as oatmeal, brown sugar and a scoop of peanut butter. Some days, I'm feeling crazy, and I'll add a handful of raisins.

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Smoked salmon and cream cheese on a toasted french roll with hot back tea (I couldnt eat that every day though)

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I usually have oatmeal with some brown sugar and milk, or almond milk. Or whole grain or rye toast with a bit of butter/jam/ or honey. Or plain yogourt with some berries, bran, and flax.

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The McSkillet breakfast burrito value meal (#10) at my local McDonald's (along with a side of hot cakes; butter and syrup included)... Usually with coffee (3 creams and 3 sugars)...

Banana, 1 poached egg, 1 slice of Canadian bacon, and 1 slice of whole wheat toast... Usually with a glass of milk...

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I'm mostly to not have breakfast but the simple fact that when i wake up im not hungry... but in any case there's always welcome something really light:

1 glass of milk, or 1 fruit, or maybe 1 egg cup.

but not too much for breakfast because i would end up with stomach aches or nauseated for having too much food.

"The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about."
Oscar Wilde
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Favourite breakfast- any of the following: omelette w. mushrooms, bacon and eggs, French toast, toast with orange marmalade

Healthy breakfast: scrambled eggs, fresh fruit.

I'm not really a big breakfast eater though, most of my 'big breakfast' options are usually more of a brunch.


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I'm not a breakfast person but if I could then I would have honey waffles or french pancakes everyday! I usually have scrabbled eggs with chives and herbs or something.

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Today I had an egg white omelete with halloumi and feta cheese folded in and strawberry jam spread on top. good! I love the taste of feta with jam!

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