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I heard if you drink caffeine in the morning (coffee), it speeds up the metabolism.

That's just what I heard though! I could be very wrong.

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Is 2 cups a day too much?

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i'm addicted to coffee!
i heard that it's not as bad as people think... it has lots of antioxidants.
don't know if it's true or false, but it's great to think that coffee is healthy, if your drink lots of it!

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Originally Posted by Ithillien View Post
People always think I'm weird because I don't drink coffee or tea at all but I'm just really not bothered about it, I thought I'd like it more when I got older but so far still no interest.

I HATE the taste of coffee. I always have. My colleagues routinely take the mick out me for being the only one at work who doesn't drink coffee. In my teens, I thought I'd grow to like it in my twenties, but am 23 now, and still hate it. I have about two glasses of green tea every day, though.

My personal coffee is hot chocolate. I drink about 3 glasses of chocolate every say. :p

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I have become a caffeine addict. Coffee and Diet Coke is all I drink. All day. I never have water anymore because I figure the coffee counts.

And then I get those headaches.

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This week I was reading about a medical study that said drinking coffee, while it does increase high blood pressure in women it was also found to significantly reduce depression in women aged 20 and up.

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^Good to hear. Exactly what I need atm.

Caffeine intensifies my workouts. Sources include, but are not limited to: deeply brewed coffee from a press, gunpowder green tea, black tea, and unsweetened dark chocolate.

For those who don't know, caffeine is a stimulant; much like the speed or coke. Like all classes of stimulants, it suppresses the appetite. The more you know...

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Originally Posted by tayloryepp View Post
I heard if you drink caffeine in the morning (coffee), it speeds up the metabolism.

That's just what I heard though! I could be very wrong.
yup, that's true *weight talk*

for me, caffeine is dandy, in moderate amounts of course. keep in mind i drink it black so definitely just one starbucks grande per day!


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I used to drink coffee, but I don't anymore. In my case, it was definitely the foe at the end. Sometimes it would give me energy and make me feel good, other time it was like I had OD'ed on caffeine, so my heart would beat like crazy (one time it lasted 8 hours), my palms would be sweating, I could not stop moving my hands, shaking my legs, so awful ... never knew for sure what I would get. Then I switched to tea. I love peppermint tea, camomile tea and every now and then I have green tea. And thank god I don't miss coffee, as much as I used to love it. But it is kinda random to go from a drink which gives you energy to tea which just calms you down and chills you

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Coffee also supposedly helps to reduce Parkinson's Disease

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I drink coffee by the liter when I study, whenever I don't. The only time I crave an espresso is after dinner! However, when I have an espresso-maker at home (which I will when I move back to France next year), I drink four cups a day

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Total coffee fiend. I know it sounds over dramatic, but I can definitely attest to "caffeine withdrawal" symptoms, quite often getting man's worst migraines from lack of it. I love it so much though. Extra cream or milk (until it's light, but not cold) and one sweet 'n low hits the spot just right!

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I drink one or two cups in the morning to help me wake up. I actually love the taste and smell.
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I need caffeine...
Or I'd faint.

I usually have a cup of coffee (black, no sugar) daily and limit my diet coke intake to a few sips.

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Caffeine usually makes me tired or when I'm using it for late night study sessions, it doesn't give me energy but I can't go to sleep... So I steer away from caffeine unless it's finals

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